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Selene Valkros
Posted - 2011.07.11 00:34:00 - [1]

Patriot Games: Xun Arms Jumps the Fence From Suvee to KK

Life goes on and continues to be interesting for the Khanid based Caldari weapons manufacturer, the Xun Armaments Corporation (XAC). As our readers may recall, several months ago XAC their long time parent affiliate, the Sukuuvestaa Mega-Corporation, were embroiled in controversy regarding the XAC core investment group a syndicate known as “the Ascendancy”. After a rigorous investigation spearheaded by the Caldari Providence Directorate (CPD), it was disclosed that this 'Ascendancy', whose membership was largely comprised of exiled Amarr nobility, many of which hailing from House Xun, was in reality a subversive shadow group using monies embezzled from Xun Armaments to fuel a shadow war against liberal elements within the Amarr Empire. In a series of lightening raids led by the CPD, the vast majority of these proclaimed “terrorists” were rounded up in a State wide manhunt, with the CEO of Xun Arms, the Lady Cora Xun, being hailed as a “hero of the State” for exposing the traitors to the authorities.

But even as Sukuuvesta and XAC were being absolved of involvement by State officials during the inquiry, all was not well. Frictions at the management level between Sukuuvestaa’s oversight committee and XAC’s new ownership group, the remnant of House Xun dubbed the ‘New Xun Regime”, began to manifest. In the wake of the fallout from the affair, and given the change in circumstances for XAC, re-licensing negotiations between the two now unfamiliar corporations were strained as Suvee attempted to use XAC’s weak financial position to try and leverage previously unprecedented concessions from the reeling weapons manufacturer to avoid a lapse in licensing rights. With the purse strings of the Ascendancy severed, XAC was forced to rely heavily on their comparatively small Contract Security division and began soliciting a multitude of new security contracts from other corporations in an effort to shore up their financial shortfall. Chief among these contractors was SuVee’s long time rival, the monolithic Kaalakiota Mega-Corporation, whose operations extend far beyond Caldari borders deep into the Amarr Empire. None pleased by Xun Armaments display of defiance and bravado, relations between Xun Arms and Suvee rapidly devolved from strained to resentful. Unwilling or unable to reach an agreement, Sukuuvestaa’s licensing agreements were allowed to lapse leaving Xun Arms at loose ends.

Then, approximately three months ago, daunted by SuVee’s dogged injunctions and limitless legal resources, and with all legal recourse exhausted, Xun Arms officially became an arms manufacturer unable to manufacture and market Caldari, military grade munitions and weapon systems anywhere within treaty territories. With no salvation in sight, the end appearing to be nigh. In a surprise move orchestrated quietly behind the scenes, XAC had one more card up its sleeve. Using a sizeable portion of their remaining assets; the intrepid Xun Armaments Corporation officially joined the upstart industrial consortium, the Fallen Angels Alliance, moving nearly all operations and assets out of empire space, deep into the Querious Region.

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Selene Valkros
Posted - 2011.07.11 00:37:00 - [2]

Operating far beyond the public eye of the mainstream media, little to nothing was reported during XAC’s time in Querious. Sources within the Kingdom were able to confirm that XAC’s corporate offices remained open for business in a reduced capacity while Xun registered transports, however infrequent, were sighted within the Khanid region from time to time. Then, about two weeks ago, the Khanid Navy was put on high alert in response to a mass exodus of several corporate alliances confirmed to be working in tandem within the Querious region, chief among them: Fallen Angels, Vanguard Imperium, and Everto Rex Regis. Rumors of a major falling out with AtlasDOT, Cascade Imminent and Krysis Alliances leading to a territorial dispute, then all out war circulated throughout empire space, but no details were forthcoming from any returning Alliance officials. What little is know is that less than one week later, several IHUB broadcast beacons within Querious began transmitting new IFF codes indicating significant sovereignty claim changes to the Concord Registration Bureau.

Upon their return to Khanid space, Xun Arms entered immediately into intense negotiations with Kaalakiota, snubbing all Sukuuvestaa’s inquiries. After several days of prolonged deliberation, joint management emerged hand in hand announcing a new, long term licensing agreement, and a series of lucrative front-end loaded extraterritorial Kaalakiota defense contracts aimed at enabling the arms manufacturer to spin off its corporate Security Division into a full fledged, State registered, paramilitary contractor.

In a joint press conference, Kaalakiota PR chief coordinator, Niteloho Koirolen, had this to say: “KK is extremely pleased to announce a successful resolution to negotiations with the Xun Armaments Corporation. Their Patriotism to the State, coupled with their intrepid, innovative corporate strategies makes them an attractive addition to the Kaalakiota family. Furthermore, in support of our esteemed CEO and Executor, Tibus Heth, and his “State First” policies, KK is at this time opting to farm it’s foreign security contracts out to State registered corporations exclusively. XAC’s relative close proximity to our Amarr Empire field offices combined with their knowledge and influence within the region make them the forerunner for our needs, while at the same time, allowing us to extend the Kaalakiota brand at long last into the Khanid region. It is our hope that, with Lady Cora Xun's leadership, her new private, paramilitary force will be able to advance the agenda of our two corporations and the State mutually. In the meantime, their industrial concern, Xun Arms, will once again be able to continue providing superior quality Caldari weapon systems and munitions to their faithful clients abroad.

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Selene Valkros
Posted - 2011.07.11 00:39:00 - [3]

During the follow up, the Lady Cora Xun offered these words with her traditional fire and verve: “It is quite simple actually. The polarization of direction, policies and corporate culture that served to sever the New Xun Regime and our corporate assets from Sukuuvesta axiomatically served to galvanize a mutual respect with Kaalakiota, leading both parties into a partnership with purpose. SuVee’s relationship with the former Ascendancy was based on a completely different set of principles, principles that House Xun under my stewardship no longer support. In virtually every way, as a voice and political force of will behind a proud, resurgent State, as an innovator in science, research and development, as an undisputed leader in weapons technology, and as an aggressive, extraterritorial power, mighty Kaalakiota mirrors Xun Arms deepest passions and commitments. It is both an honor and a privilege to affiliate ourselves with Chief Executive Officer, Tibus Heth’s model Mega-Corporation, paragons of our most glorious and fascist State.” When probed for details regarding the future of Xun Arms in conjunction with the exciting news of a new Xun subsidiary launch, her response was brief but telling: “This has been a long time dream of mine, in particular. I have long since envisioned a contractual, private military force, specializing in myriad of tactical related services on a large scale in our future. Until now, limited resources, coupled with XAC demanding my undivided attention have conspired against this initiative. However, the capital freedom this new partnership with KK affords our stakeholders, along with their unanimous support in reallocation of our executive staff to facilitate such a change now assures that this can be pursued with the attention and resources such an aggressive undertaking commands. I do no wish to usurp the significance of this announcement with the details. Suffice to say, it will be something quite extraordinary, something worthy of association with Kaalakiota.”

The breakthrough deal ushers in a resounding end to more than 40 years of partnership between SuVee and House Xun. Sukuuvestaa is reportedly displeased with the current state of affairs as Chief Coordinator of Public Relations, Oilenen Inuki went on record stating: “We here at Suvee firmly believe in the strength of our people's ability to innovate and expand across known space and know that a mutual partnership between XAC and Suvee would have been of benefit to both parties. However, it seems XAC has seen fit to find a new path. We wish both parties well, and urge Xun Arms in the future to refrain from recklessly embarking on ventures with negligent and egregious use of joint assets without proper oversight.'

As an aside to the announcement, when asked about their future with the now disbanded Fallen Angels corporate consortium who have since reunited under the banner of “Self Destruct”, setting course for the Syndicate region, CEO Cora Xun replied, “That topic is currently before the Board and all options are being considered. We value our friendship with all the membership Corporations of our former Alliance, but with all the changes circling both the Alliance and XAC itself, there is now a definite fork in the road. Until a careful deliberation is taken and a decision is reached by the shareholders on a direction that best serves our immediate agenda, I have no comment.”

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