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Cpt Greagor
Liquid Relief
Posted - 2011.07.11 11:43:00 - [61]

Omg. I may actually turn on CQ for this.

Beckie DeLey
Posted - 2011.07.11 13:38:00 - [62]

That's hilarious.

Randomize All
Posted - 2011.07.11 13:57:00 - [63]

Why does every link to an Eve youtube video suggest that awful mintchip woman as the next thing I would want to watch?

War Kitten
Panda McLegion
Posted - 2011.07.11 14:18:00 - [64]

The CQ video screen needs a youtube interface. I might re-enable it then.

Nah, probably not.

Hakaru Ishiwara
Republic Military School
Posted - 2011.07.11 14:21:00 - [65]

Edited by: Hakaru Ishiwara on 11/07/2011 14:22:05
Make this legit CCP! Figure out an AUR fee scale for video quality or even CCP-produced video. Up-charge for live, streaming events! So many possibilities to bilk milk your customers for additional revenue... it makes me giddy (and fearless) thinking about CCP's debt reduction possibilities.

edit: engrish.

Ingvar Angst
Nasty Pope Holding Corp
Talocan United
Posted - 2011.07.11 14:45:00 - [66]

Dear CCP.

Before you bring the hammer down on the concept, please consider the positive replies in this thread. My personal opinions of Incarna have just gone from a disinterested indifference to something that may just actually turn out to be fun.

Now... If I could take a couple Jimmy Buffett videos and get them in there, with sound... yeah, that would fail to suck on a near-epic level.

Cipher Jones
Posted - 2011.07.11 15:18:00 - [67]

Waiting for the Blue bar on this one CCP.

Its exactly the same as changing your jukebox in terms of EULA, and they have no qualms with that. As a matter of fact the Eve forums were the first place I read about how to change the jukebox.

Karl Planck
Labyrinth Obtaining Chaotic Kangaroos
Posted - 2011.07.11 15:37:00 - [68]

yea, i have to +1 this

This is indeed a pretty awesome work-in. We need a blue bar on this. I can't think of a reason NOT to have this

Titus Phook
Posted - 2011.07.11 16:41:00 - [69]

Edited by: Titus Phook on 11/07/2011 16:42:06
Originally by: panterus29

strange enough that footage still seems to have the alliance tournament in progress text across the top of the screen apparently has been going on for some time already

The alliance tournament feed is still currently scrolling across the top of the screen in CQ so I wouldn't take that as an indication of how long ago that vid was done, if you look closely the next feed that appears is one that appeared on the ingame news a couple of days back.

Still it's epic that this can be done, just hoping CCP don't drop the hammer on it, it's a feature the CQ could do with as it's pretty damn featureless at the moment.

Karl Planck
Labyrinth Obtaining Chaotic Kangaroos
Posted - 2011.07.11 19:21:00 - [70]

This is filled with to much awesomeness, back to the top with you

Titus Phook
Posted - 2011.07.11 19:29:00 - [71]

Karl Planck
Labyrinth Obtaining Chaotic Kangaroos
Posted - 2011.07.11 19:43:00 - [72]

Originally by: Titus Phook
Clear Skies in the cq

OK that ****ing it. We need a rampage on the forums for this. THIS IS PURE ****ING WIN. Sure SEEMS like some dev's put this in there for a reason. I might be getting trolled, in which case +100/10, if not though, this needs to be confirmed that it is allowed

Vengeance Imperium
The Remnant Legion
Posted - 2011.07.11 19:50:00 - [73]

Confirming you must pay $99 Dollars a year for a commercial license to do this.

Also costs 50,000 Aurum.

Titus Phook
Posted - 2011.07.11 19:57:00 - [74]

It's not a troll, involves some renaming and swapping of files, probably a banning offence though CCP don't really like people poking around in the client and replacing stuff.

T'amber Anomandari Demaleon
Posted - 2011.07.11 20:01:00 - [75]

Live Cam from Caldari Prime straight to your CQ for only 110,000 Aurum!

Trukar Jym
Posted - 2011.07.11 20:27:00 - [76]

Edited by: Trukar Jym on 11/07/2011 20:28:03

It looks like ship spinning is back ingame.

Alizandro Goderaski
The Concordiat
Concordiat Alliance
Posted - 2011.07.12 04:54:00 - [77]

Back to the top with you, thread.

Zeta Function
Posted - 2011.07.12 06:45:00 - [78]

Posted - 2011.07.12 17:23:00 - [79]

Why was this on page 3?

Cpt Greagor
Liquid Relief
Posted - 2011.07.12 17:28:00 - [80]

CCP, would you be so kind as to tell us this is ok please? Neutral

Cipher Jones
Posted - 2011.07.12 17:34:00 - [81]

Originally by: Cpt Greagor
CCP, would you be so kind as to tell us this is ok please? Neutral

Golly gosh this thread needs a blue bar. Maybe if a fanboi asks?

Posted - 2011.07.12 17:39:00 - [82]

Absolutely awesome.

I'd love to be able to pipe in my own, arbitrary video... Maybe pull something from an RSS feed, or subscribe to a YouTube channel.

Blacque Nebulae
Posted - 2011.07.12 20:47:00 - [83]

I support this bigtimeCool

Posted - 2011.07.12 20:49:00 - [84]

seems no one already said it so ;
Originally by: "may minutes"
CCP wants to do video tutorials on the main screen in the CQ, and generally expand the main screen functionality

Firebird Squadron
Posted - 2011.07.14 03:26:00 - [85]

Incarna 1.02 got delayed to put this in, yeah?

Rockstar from Mars
Posted - 2011.07.14 04:02:00 - [86]

This seriously needs to be in CQ.

Mentis Seorsum
Posted - 2011.07.14 08:29:00 - [87]

Edited by: Franny on 14/07/2011 08:35:42
I might watch CQ video
on 1 acct

now to convert my movie collection to EVE-TV ;)
I might finish next year

edited cause I spell gud

Ciar Meara
Virtus Vindice
Posted - 2011.07.14 08:40:00 - [88]

Seeing this again reminded me of some questions I have

1. Can .blk files me streamed
2. Can the CQ only show .blk files
3. How about upgrading the old mp3 player in eve to stream eve radio

If yes to all of the above:

4. Streaming eve-tv from the guys that brought you eve-radio?
5. More people creating content like clear skies or something totally different but awesome?

Dr Karsun
Coffee Lovers Brewing Club
Posted - 2011.07.14 08:44:00 - [89]

MOST awesome thing EVAH! I want to watch whatever I like on that screen! CCP make an app allowing that without a problem!

Ingvar Angst
Nasty Pope Holding Corp
Talocan United
Posted - 2011.07.14 12:02:00 - [90]

Next thing needed... the remote control for the T.V.

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