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Argahata Nasran
Posted - 2011.07.09 16:10:00 - [1]

I've followed instructions to get a dump file for the eve client that keep crashing but for some reason i can't locate it in the computer under the place i've seen in this place -

I have Windows 7 64Bit. Inside AppData-CCP-EVE i have 3 files. e_program files(x86)_ccp_eve and ccp_eve_tranquility and a file called history. No dump file.

Anyone can explain why this happening?

Posted - 2011.07.09 20:20:00 - [2]


Argahata Nasran
Posted - 2011.07.10 05:48:00 - [3]

No one can help me?

CCP Atlas

Posted - 2011.07.10 08:32:00 - [4]


Try running eve with the minidump flag enabled and see it you'll get the .dmp file in the proper place.

Create a shortcut to eve.exe with /minidump

For example: "C:\Program Files (x86)\CCP\EVE\eve.exe" /minidump

Posted - 2011.07.10 15:18:00 - [5]

...No, it -still- doesn't work. I've done as you've asked even reinstalled the game when i do this shortcut it still doesn't show me any crash file.

Posted - 2011.07.10 17:50:00 - [6]

Atlas...? any other suggestions?

Argahata Nasran
Posted - 2011.07.11 13:04:00 - [7]

...This is getting rediclous? I don't live in a place where i can contact you on the phone, can i find another way to properly get an ansered wiwthout few days of delays?

Argahata Nasran
Posted - 2011.07.12 12:45:00 - [8]

Last chance before i cancel my subscription. Anyone here in CPP willing to help me?

Glyken Touchon
Independent Alchemists
Posted - 2011.07.12 13:02:00 - [9]

here's where mine are (win7 64bit):

computer>local disk>users>*my_username*>appdata>local>crashdumps

some of these are hidden folders by default though, so they won't show up in the list- you have to type them in.


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