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Narwhals Ate My Duck
Posted - 2011.07.08 20:25:00 - [1]

Double Down [DDWN] is recruiting!
Join 'DDWN Pub' Channel in game to chat.

Twisted EvilDouble Down is primarily involved in Class 6 wormhole life. Specializing in Wormhole PVPTwisted Evil

M.O. (The TL; DR version)
We live in C6 WH, Fly Expensive ships, enjoy killing towers in other WH systems.

Do you want to go solo and hunt in low sec? GO AHEAD! Would you like to form extremely structured groups and work as a finely tuned killing machine? GO AHEAD! If your feeling frisky you could even form a small fleet and hunt unsuspecting prey in WH space. On the other hand if your feeling on edge, nothing is keeping you from forming a nano-fleet and roaming null security. The sky is the limit! Pure-PVP-goodness is the idea here. Our FC's have played on average over 4 years of Eve-Online each. Participating in world-shaping events of all sorts from 2004 to today.

We currently hold a 'C6' system complete with all the amenities you'll need to be at home. Multiple daily ops into our Static WH. ISK shares reaching hundreds of millions in ISK per member for a few hours of work. If you have been wanting to jump into wormhole life Double Down is the corp for you! With a modest 10% corp tax on group ops and ratting. Your wallet will explode!

Laid back pretty much says it all. We log in to PVP or PVE when we can and have an alliance of over 400 living with us in the same WH. Meaning there will ALWAYS be enough people on to get stuff going. In most cases Ops will be already organized or underway for you when you log in. We have all the necessary 3rd party tools for wormhole life, guides and spread-sheet's for keeping everything organized and FAIR. Our directors and leadership have lived almost exclusively in 'C5'-'C6' wormhole systems for over 15 months. Learning the 'ins and outs' of this aspect of Eve-Online. They are more then willing to show you what they have learned from their time inside w-space. Which is one reason why this a great place for even inexperienced pilots. Living space is available in one of our secure, defended, and long term fueled DDWN Corporate POS'. We maintain a NBSI policy and do our best to keep that blue list empty.

What [DDWN] is looking for:

  • Tengu's will make you money faster then anything else in the game. Legion's are hot right now in PVP, so the ability to pilot both of these will not be a requirement but is STRONGLY encouraged.

  • Pilots must have at least 7.5 million skill points.

  • Lower SP pilots may apply and will be reviewed on a player to player basis.

  • Pilots with skill points primarily allocated to combat skills.

  • Limited API submission required.

  • Valid email account for Google docs Share required.

  • Use and Love Team Speak 3.

  • Skills and willingness to scan signatures in a wormhole daily.

  • Willingness to participate in group PVP ops.

  • Skills for large remote repairs and energy transfers, decent armor tanking skills also a must.

  • Gas harvesting, Hacking, Archaeology, and Salvaging skills not required but recommended.

  • Capital skills are a plus.

  • FC skills are a plus.

What [DDWN] can do for you

  • 5-100 man PVP ops well organized and executed with high efficiency.

  • Provide a home in W-Space to learn and grow.

  • Provide regular WH Invasion Ops, Mercenary Contracts and other target rich environments for combat pilots.

  • Leadership with a clear long term goal.

  • Create an environment for new players to learn. As well as somewhere experienced players can try new aspects of eve, possibly lead other players.

  • Make your killboard record look good.

  • Make you more ISKies.

We are the action packed, laid back, open ended, do what you want but work as a team. Corporation of your dreams. Join Double-Down Today.

Advent's Reach
Posted - 2011.07.08 22:51:00 - [2]

I'm interested. I would hit you up in-game if I wasn't stepping out to work right now but here we go.

-37mil SP
-Flies both Tengu and Legion
-WH experience and acceptance of WH lifestyle
-Interested in both lots of pvp and lots of ISK
-Cap skills aren't far off (BS 5 in both Cal and Amarr with many of the relevant skills)

Send a mail or whatever if you need more. I'll send my API when I get back from work. Very interested in living in WHs again with a group that knows what they are doing.

Narwhals Ate My Duck
Posted - 2011.07.09 22:19:00 - [3]

Bump for more new friends! Limited slots available and currently filling up.

Join 'DDWN Pub' in game to chat.

Narwhals Ate My Duck
Posted - 2011.07.12 01:33:00 - [4]


Narwhals Ate My Duck
Posted - 2011.07.12 14:08:00 - [5]


Just a few slots still open. Looking for primarily USTZ combat pilots.

Mr Dogg
Narwhals Ate My Duck
Posted - 2011.07.18 16:41:00 - [6]

Still recruiting for a limited time.

Join 'DDWN Pub'

Mr Dogg
Narwhals Ate My Duck
Posted - 2011.08.08 15:03:00 - [7]


Posted - 2011.09.09 15:53:00 - [8]

OOOO......OOOOO pick me! pick me! *Raises hands* YARRRR!!


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