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Atlantean Defense Fleet
Motivated and Determined
Posted - 2011.07.07 22:11:00 - [1]

Edited by: Deterro on 07/07/2011 22:16:08
I do not have much time as my ship took heavy damage and I must attend the repairs immediately.

Today, on the seventh of July, YC 113 at approximately 1820, Eden Central time, Slave Tama01 was sighted in the Zith solar system of the incursion-struck Subhatoub constellation. I was in a capsuleer fleet at the time in the neighboring system, engaging Nation's forces in a Nation Rebirth Facility when we were informed via SYNE comms as well as other contacts of Slave Tama's presence. We managed to form a rather large fleet quite fast, and engaged at Zith's Sun, where the Nation Commander had in fact asked us to engage her. the first planet, awaiting further reinforcements.

At some point, we received intel that Nation frigates, namely Schmael Medullas, were actively pursuiting capsuleers who fled the scene and remained at 'safespots', tackling them and engaging. After a short period of time, a wormhole was generated right where the fleet was standing by, in planet one. At first, we were able to handle the incoming warships adequately and fairly comfortably. After several Nightmare-class battleships were destroyed by our fleet, Sansha brought in reinforcements en masse, andafter realising that the warships were second generation vessels, something new for this kind of commander-based attack via artificial wormhole, and sustaining heavy fire, the fleet, led by HardinSalvor, made a tactical retreat to the neighbouring system of Tew. There, we waited for additional reinforcements and once our numbers ranked at about a hundred, we reentered Zith and engaged the remaining Nation vessels, including a Revenant-class "Nation" supercarrier, flown by Slave Tama herself. Throughout the fight, Tama's messages (which I did not have the time to access via my logs yet) were suggesting that Master Kuvakei was determined in keeping this system and that he wanted to take a large step into pushing back capsuleers.

Capsuleers have been fairly successful at defeating dozens of Kuvakei's incursions, and it seems that the Sansha mastermind has set forth a new, yet to be determined plan with which he hopes to tip the balance to his favour. The system of Zith may or may not have an important role in this, as the assault was backed by hundreds of Generation Two warships including TWO Kundalini Manifests.

At the same time, the minmatar system of Hebisa was struck by Citizen Astur in a much lighter fashion, labeled by many capsuleers as a diversion that split our forces across two distant systems. CONCORD as well as the Republic Navy were on-site according to our allies in Matari space and assisted in the takedown of at least one Revenant-class warship, and another one destroyed almost exclusively by capsuleers.

Our fleet was not as lucky, as we were facing overwhelming amounts of firepower, and once the first Basilisk-class logistics cruiser was destroyed, several more followed, due to their heavy dependency on "chaining" and this resulted in further losses and the eventual decision of the Fleet Commande (HardinSalvor) to withdraw. A wise choice if you ask me, as Sansha's underlings were determined in sending their message: We are here, capsuleers, and we will defeat you.

Atlantean Defense Fleet
Motivated and Determined
Posted - 2011.07.07 22:15:00 - [2]

Should we increase our awareness against Nation? Definitely, especially after the recent addtions to their tactics fo hunting down pilots in safespots and deploying Fighters and Fighter bombers in high security space (see: Hebisa incursion by Slave Heavenbund02 on 06.07.113). Should we stand down to Kuvakei because of this overwhelming assault? Definitely not. I suspect that this was an attack that Nation will have trouble reproducing, and even if they do, if CONCORD and the Empire Navies finally aid capsuleers either by directly intervening on a systematic basis or by allowing the deployment of select capital-class capsuleer vessels that will enable us to fight back with greater might the incoming capital ships. Even if they do not, we have proven our ability to quickly adapt to enemy tactics and we will continue to do so until Kuvakei is no longer a threat.

Please, pilots, we need more of you. Today's fleet was 100-man strong, but it was not enough. Additional logistics, electronic warfare, as well as traditional hard-hitting warships will be needed, should Kuvakei strike again.

Fly Safe.

Additional Notes: It was noted that Slave Tama had issues with bypassing soe CONCORD mechanisms, but seemed to have succeeded in doing so. Further investigation of this issue must be conducted immediately.

The Synenose Accord
Posted - 2011.07.07 22:20:00 - [3]

Edited by: Ninavask on 07/07/2011 22:20:52
With my crew of 8,000, roughly seven eight hundred of these brave souls among the countless dead, I must add this to what Deterro as said. Do not take the Sansha lightly new eden. They are a threat, and need to be dealt with harshly. No one is safe from Kuvakei's forces.


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