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RabC Nesbitt
Posted - 2011.07.07 18:44:00 - [61]

The latest shenanigans have merely served as a catalyst to help me see how bored I've become with Eve over the last 8 or 9 months. (Quite frankly the only thing that kept me going was the NC defence against PL in Tribute).

When I started playing I'd rather hoped Eve would be (or evolve) into an online/electronic version of that old masterpiece Traveller

Sadly, it looks like Eve will never approach that level of sophistication (and CCP, Eve is not, despite your marketing, a sandbox by any stretch of the imagination).

Maybe some other product will excel in 5-10 years time?...

My GTC card runs out on 26 July.
Me and my main are offski.

Clear skies all.

Renan Ruivo
Vera Cruz Alliance
Posted - 2011.07.07 18:56:00 - [62]

Originally by: Yoa Loother
Originally by: Renan Ruivo
Is it just my impression?

Nope, this time it´s different!
I totally blame CCP and their callous insistence on this unpolished client. And the total disregard of the player base´s input towards the shaping of EVE´s vision&future.

I´ve been playing for about 6 years(last alt account here) and had my share of burn outs and time-outs, but this patch is by far the worst. Mostly because of CCP´s general blindness and incompetence, I´m not sure at all I´ll even return again. ugh

Well, i wouldn't be quite so blunt.. but what you speak is at least partly the truth for myself as well. Maybe you can call it broken expectations, since i really had high hopes for the summer expansion. However if you ignore all the fuzz, the expansion didn't really added anything.

You can say that summer and winter expansions bring the necessary fuel to keep on playing for another 6 months. But this expansion added nothing of value.

Don't get me wrong. Incarna (the project) is nice. What sucks is Incarna (the expansion). Not even a gift ship this time, hehe..

Malak Alraheem
Posted - 2011.07.07 19:01:00 - [63]

The footprint and stability of the latest client 'upgrade' put my plans that I had spent months (and a couple billion non-plex isk)on hold as it made it nearly impossible to run the three clients anywhere near what they were before. Even two clients was suddenly pushing it. To that end I am now back to my single account which runs out at the end of the month.

Add to that all the bugs that never get squashed I feel like the effort has all been wasted for what is now clearly a step away from what the game was and is, with a hope for a future that doesn't even seem likely (hell, even CCP didn't know how they were going to pull this stuff off during the tournament IX interviews on DUST).

The last account runs out at the end of the month. I'll check back with a trial account in a few months and see if the bugs are squashed at all, but I'mnot going to pay another dime if this crap continues.

Posted - 2011.07.07 19:02:00 - [64]

I started playing a lot more recently now that I discovered what incursions are like. I never bothered with them up until one hit my home system last week...mostly I was just logging in, doing some PI crap and changing skills aside from a once a month pvp roam.

Trinity Corporate Services
Terran United Federation
Posted - 2011.07.07 19:05:00 - [65]

I am having a hard time to find time for EVE. I mean I form an alliance ready for my next project then I got a job and with that and family I just not cutting it. So now I am in high sec spinning my mining ships until I have time ofr 0.0 to pvp and stuff.

Posted - 2011.07.07 19:49:00 - [66]

Edited by: Fumbleface on 07/07/2011 20:06:18

I'm training up skills for carrier right now, when I'm done with that I will wait for a new test server mirror then log on to fool around with my new Carrier for a bit then unsub from Eve.

Garreth Vlox
Obsidian Inc.
Posted - 2011.07.07 19:52:00 - [67]

Originally by: Renan Ruivo
For some reason i can't bring myself to play EVE anymore. This has happened to me before, and i stopped playing for a couple of months.

At this moment i really can't find any reasons to launch the game client. I simply can't. Specially after trying some other MMO's like Age of Conan, and trying new things on Star Trek Online. I feel as if somehow the latest weeks have really made me quite depressed about EVE.

But, like i said, this is something that has happened before and that i also knew it would happen again sooner or later. I can't play a game non-stop for over one year Smile. However, i also noticed that a lot of my friends lost the motivation to play as well, and the space around my home has been pretty empty and devoid of visitors. It is as if a large chunk of the playerbase lost the motivation and the fire to play.

Is it just my impression?

i can't speak to everyone else's reasons, but for me my play time started declining when they released the PI expac, i stuck around but that made 2 patches in a row designed to make the game harder and more time consuming, then after incarna and zulu's screw you for not being smart enough to appreciate virtual pants costing more than real life clothes, i lost faith in CCP, then came their PR statement and for about 20 mins i was thrilled, then i read their following blogs about how we wont see anymore of the incarna features for "awhile" and then i remembered the last time i heard that answer it was almost 2 years ago at this point when they were giving us a date for the fixing of lag and dominion, awhile became 18 months and then dominion was swept under the carpet with pi and walking in stations being better, i just cant justify playing this game when all they use it for is a quick buck to fund their other stuff, I've started playing rift and perpetuum and between the monthly additions they do in rift to add content and the amazing lvl of customer service from perpetuum i just don't see any reason to stick with eve, im down to 1 account now from 5 a year ago and i don't know how much longer ill have even that, i just cant believe they killed eve to fund 2 other games, they have almost 0 preorders for dust and no interest in their other work in progress.

Kalestia Barrak
Posted - 2011.07.07 19:57:00 - [68]

I stopped after Incursion. Figured that if CCP was resorting to disincentives in order to get people to use their feature, then it was time.

This is my last remaining alt, running down the clock.

I still have hopes that EVE will lure be back in, but I'm skeptical. Null-sec alliance warfare is too much of a time commitment to do anymore, and without that, there isn't much to do. As I posted earlier today, EVE is devoid of any sort of classical content, unless you like Extravaganza missions. Rolling Eyes

EVE owes it's success due to the fact that it stands apart from other MMOs, but it hasn't learned any lessons from other MMOs in what works either. It's why EVE continues to be a niche game and lacks broader appeal. CCP could address this, and they could do it in a way that still left the core feel and mechanics of the game intact. But for reasons unbeknownst to be, there isn't a plan that I'm aware of that addresses that.

Posted - 2011.07.07 20:52:00 - [69]

Figuring out how to fit and fly different ships for pvp, is what really got me enthused for eve. The idea of planning and then executing these plans sounded like great fun. The problem with the game is that 99% of the kills have very little do with how the ship was fit or flown. Because when you are fighting 3v1 odds you are going to lose regardless.

I joined fw and hoped that going into fw plexes would help me avoid getting blobbed and bring in some decent fights. This method does prevent you from getting blobbed but it takes a long time to find fights. You find only about 1 fight per 2 hours of waiting and warping around solo.

I could join a gang, of course, but then your chances of finding similar sized gangs for a decent fight becomes less and less.

I used to join large gangs that would catch people on gates etc. But that got pretty boring. When my most important ship fitting is a sensor booster that helps you lock fast enough to get on the killmail before the enemy explodes, the game is pretty bad.

So after a few nights of passing up other activities to play eve only to fly my ship around and around never finding any action other than blobs I decided it wasn’t worth my time. Why figure out ship fittings and tactics to fly the ship when none of that will matter in the actual game?

Someday I know ccp will try to make fw work well for quality small gang pvp. But as of now fw was ccp’s only attempt to try to bring quality small scale pvp, and it remains broken.

Right now it seems they like mechanics that encourage people to blob up so CCP can advertise some 2000 v 2000 player battle. While I agree that is neat, not everyone wants to wait months for a single big battle.

I am buying plex and I will let my account sit unsubbed for however long it takes. If CCP gets something that yields decent small gang pvp I will resub. But that does not appear on any sort of roadmap that I can see.
This latest mt deal thing doesn’t really effect me much.
Although it’s depressing that CCP tries to associate eve with scuzzy people like mittani etc. I think CCP plays that “Yay for me I am a scumbag” angle a bit much with their pr and it really turns me off. So it doesn’t help that they started bringing mittani into the whole issue and even had mittani at the ccp press conference.

Of course, he was there because they know eve is his life and he will do anything to kiss up to them. But the scumbaggery is still a turn off.

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