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Total Mayhem.
Northern Coalition.
Posted - 2011.07.06 22:20:00 - [1]

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About me I will always love low sec pvp more than anything in this game however it lack luster right now and I've retreated to 0.0. I've never done faction warfare as such i'm not 100 percent certain of its mechanics and i'm just throwing this out there as my idea revolves around faction warfare.

TL;DR Milita pays out members ISK based on pvp kills. Amount of ISK paid is determined by rank and how long militia captures and holds bunkers.

Ok lets get to it The militia which you choose to fight for will award you ISK based on your RANK with in that militia. Your rank is determined by how many PVP kills you get - not npc kills.
Your rank earns you a pay out once a week which is a percentage of what the militia made in profits for the week. The militia's profits can be increased or decreased by controlling/loosing bunkers. The longer you claim a bunker the more resources your militia obtains(and does some npc role playing stuff with it). NPC's in the militia will pay out members of the militia based on their rank.

What this hopes to achieve

New players When i bring friends to this game they do not end up playing simply because there is no sense of direction. I would hope new comers to EVE will see this as an opportunity to be a part of something, make friends, pvp, and actually make ISK doing it!

WAR = Money Increasing Fw player base will increase player interaction which will Increase ship explosions which will increase things to loot and salvage which will increase trading opportunity' which will increase logistics moving in and out of lowsec/highsec which will increase pirate activity... and now the wheel starts over.

Problem: Big alliances/corps joining a faction in attempts to "powerhouse" some ISK.
Solution: Good increased activity, players hate bigger alliance/corp and band together to crush them! On a side note make payouts similar to that of Planetary interaction. For those just getting into the game it is a mild source of income - maybe 10-20 mill a week. For those more serious there is some what of a CAP before they start having to get a lot of alts and it becoming very tedious making it not worth while for bigger groups to try to grief the system.

Problem: Rank farming each other with alts (killing each other repeatedly to gain rank)
Solution: Assign value to the ships you kill - like killboard points. So to gain rank effectively you need to kill bigger ships then noobships. Which cost more money which become less desirable to kill each other with. Which becomes tedious after doing it with low cost ships. You see where I'm going with this?

Problem: Faction win trading - letting each faction cap the bunkers for x amount of time and then handing it over to generate isk.
Solution: This is eve carnage will always overpower greed. And as i said before make the ISK pay outs similar to that of PI. The higher ranked players who earn more ISK might like this and want to win trade - but the lower ranked players will fight! they want that ISK!

Well let me know what you think. Post anything you can see happening as an exploit so i can think of something to counter act it.
i didnt proof read this. sorry for any grammar ill edit things as i see them.


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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