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Posted - 2011.07.05 15:54:00 - [1]

Edited by: Kholiah on 07/07/2011 10:53:43
Edited by: Kholiah on 05/07/2011 16:56:17
I'm trying the trust mechanism and the retrieving of HTTP_EVE.. headers.

I did as follows

The homepage view function

def index(request): # Home page view function
_ret = HttpResponse()
_ret['eve.trustme'] = ' site needs to be trusted.'
for k,v in request.META.iteritems():
_ret.write("<p>%s = %s</p>" % (k,v))
return _ret

I checked with a headers tamper and 'eve.trustme' is present and received by the browser.

From IGB I trusted my site

I go to that page and after reloading i would see the HTTP_EVE... headers but i can see only the standard everypage headers, no HTTP_EVE...

Using the tamperer i sent a custom headers to the request object (as sent by browser) and my custom headers is shown....

I tried also using
<body onload = "CCPEVE.requestTrust('')">
but same effect, no HTTP_EVE... headers.

Using php insted does not give me any problems and shows all HTTP_EVE... headers

<? ini_alter("session.use_cookies","1");
if (!(strpos($HTTP_USER_AGENT,"EVE-IGB")===false))
header("eve.trustme: allow me to access your pilot information.");

<? ob_end_flush(); ?>

Do I miss something?
If someone already did this before, can i see the code or an example?

Thanks to everyone

Callean Drevus
Icosahedron Crafts and Shipping
Silent Infinity
Posted - 2011.07.05 17:06:00 - [2]

Edited by: Callean Drevus on 05/07/2011 17:07:24
The HTTP_EVE headers might not be the HTTP_EVE headers in python. PHP adds the HTTP_ part, so it might have something to do with that.

I'm just talking off the top of my hat here, I know this is the case, but for all I know python might add the HTTP_ too :P I'm not really familiar with python.

Posted - 2011.07.05 17:18:00 - [3]

Thanks for the answer, with the 'for' loop i print all the variables, HTTP_ and not, but no one contains 'eve' or my pilot information...

Posted - 2011.07.07 10:57:00 - [4]

The problem was that i use a NGINX web server where the directive "underscores_in_headers" is off by default, enabling that solve the problem.



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