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Alain Colcer
Quantum Cats Syndicate
Posted - 2011.07.10 00:45:00 - [91]

I feel shocked and revolted after the closing statements of the meeting from Tamur Theorabies.

In short his suggestions were to openly support the idea of Empress Sarum taking control of the Federation, and bring "enlightment" to the common citizen.

Monsieur Theorabies, i respected you as an individual who regardless of bloodline, was focused on making the Federation a better place. I can no longer consider you a good politician as it is clear your goals differ from the basic foundations of our society.

You will be hearing from me soon, and from some friends in the Federal Intelligence Office.

Alain Octirant
Federal Nationalist Party
Posted - 2011.07.10 00:48:00 - [92]

He what?

Theorabies, have you gone mad?

Tamur Theorabies
Gallente Independent Progressive Alternative
Posted - 2011.07.10 02:51:00 - [93]

The following welcome words were delivered during the Day of Tolerance YC113.07.09 by Tamur Theorabies.

Ladies and gentlemen, capsuleers and commoners, thank you for taking part in this important conference, the very first intergalactic Day of Tolerance.

Our venue, the auditorium here on the lovely Lisbaetanne Center for Advanced Studies station will be open 'til 04AM. Between the lectures and presentations we will have panel discussions between the capsuleers attendants... I would kindly ask the audience without capsuleer impants not to disturb the panel discussions.

Now, why do I say this conference is so important? That is because New Eden is in need of harmony and unity. Maybe today we can advance these goals with open, frank discussion as our tool.

Through our joint efforts we may be able to start a new era our ancestors only dreamed of. Today our goal is to engage in some advanced and courageous intellectual pursuits. We are going to put an end to prejudice and select the path of far-sightedness instead! We have all much in common and we just need to focus on that. Forget the superficial differences!

I have a good feeling about this day...

I hope this event will catalyse a reaction between peace and reason, build lasting friendships and destroy misunderstandings... in the Federation and in the whole New Eden!

Tamur Theorabies
Gallente Independent Progressive Alternative
Posted - 2011.07.10 02:54:00 - [94]

The following speech was delivered by Maria Crases during the Day of Tolerance YC113.07.09.

Good day to you all and thank you for coming.

When I was asked to come here I wondered what my one voice would do?

But now at this moment it feels like that voice is the thunder itself. All these people here means something. The cluster is changing, in time hopefully we can all be at peace with each other and I hope to be that first drop of water in all your hearts that will extingish the fire of hate.

Over the last three months since I have poked my head into the stars I have seen so much hate but so much more love. And some people have given me a family more then I could have dreamed for.

I feel more then ever like a child of the stars. I was born gallente, raised amarr but welcome with the matari. My holder is or was Khanid and I learned so much of the Caldari. In the three months I have seen and felt some much but its only a fraction of what there is too see.

I was asked to come here but now I see more then ever that this is a rare destiny being offered all of us.

My ex holder taught me the faith but he also told me I need to listen to that little voice in my heart. When I see us all fighting each other I ache a little inside. We are all cut from the same cloth, we have so much to learn from each other.

The Matari are proud and relentless warriors with a spirit I can't begin to measure. The Caldari are cunning and wise, with tactics and tricks some of us have never dreamed of. The Gallenteans are full of art and song that they give to the cluster... And lastly the Amarr are the elder race that wants to teach. We have so much we can give each other.

And I hope that maybe after today when you look at the face of the person besides you, you see what they can offer you as a friend, then as the race you're at war with.

Thank you everyone.

Tamur Theorabies
Gallente Independent Progressive Alternative
Posted - 2011.07.10 02:59:00 - [95]

Edited by: Tamur Theorabies on 10/07/2011 03:00:26
The following speech was delivered by Jade Constantine during the first intergalactic Day of Tolerance YC113.07.09.

The word tolerance is so often an ironically contentious one.

What is it to be tolerant of difference? Is it weakness? Is it contrition? Or is it to be open-minded and bold in one's own worldview and comfortable with the notion that others might believe and desire different objectives and cultural values.

One has one to see the debates sparked by the announcement of an event like this to see the accusations of intolerance and closed-minded ignorance flying back and forth in a circus of internal feedback.

Tolerance itself becomes a target - something to be fought over: who is the most tolerant, who is the least, it's all rather amusing in a dark kind of way and there are questions that must be asked: Is it right to be tolerant of a religion that enslaves? Is it right to be tolerant of violent insurgency? Is it right to be tolerant of different opinions? Is it right to be tolerant of different customs?

The truth is this aspect of debate is doomed to failure before it can begin. Nobody would or should agree universally what should be tolerated because such intellectual imperialism is hilariously intolerant by its nature.

One cannot enforce or mandate tolerance. One cannot legislate the way to an open society even. The act of doing so is deeply intolerant of the free notions amongst those legislated.

So how can it be achieved? How can this mythical state of open-minded coexistence between ideals and aspiration be realized in New Eden, in capsuleer or planetside society?

Well, I believe that Gallente Culture has a part of the answer to this question and that historically the best approach to tolerance is through prosperity. Intolerance breeds in an environment of privation and economic dependence. Fear for livelihood, bitter struggle for existence, the notion that one s life is a zero sum game of take or lose and the devil will take the hindmost.

The concept (beloved of empires) that there is no room for everyone to succeed, that we must fear and loathe the stranger, that the unknown will take our possessions and our land if we do not drive it out with hate and reactionary violence.

I hope you will bare with me and have patience to see where I go with this argument friends. Prosperity and economic success is the antidote to intolerance and for hundreds of years the politicians of the Gallente Federation traded successfully on the notion there was wealth enough for all to share in their success and the population believed.

A successful man is not by nature an intolerant one.

A wealthy society is rarely hidebound by religious dogma but allows individual belief as it chooses. (And of course; priesthood losing power is not itself a reflection that faith or spirituality is void)

I believe there is an important place in our existence for both faith and spirituality where it enriches culture and human interactions, but beyond this, I believe that free enterprise and unrestrained commerce is the antidote to the fear that breeds ignorance and intolerance. I have fought eight years as Free Captain in Jericho Fraction for this essential message. But my war did not begin with weaponry in space.

--- continues ---

Tamur Theorabies
Gallente Independent Progressive Alternative
Posted - 2011.07.10 03:04:00 - [96]

--- Speech by Jade Constantine continues ---

I began as a trader in robotics in Essence and Domain and there was a reason for this choice. Back then we were often told by agents of the Amarrian Empire that the breadbasket worlds needed slave-labour to function economically.

But in Khanid space the holders were beginning to phase out the plantations with robotic machinery and use technological solutions to answer the needs of their kingdom. It would perhaps have been easy to look at blockages and violence and pursue... well lets say more direct and violent measures.

Yet supplying these progressive holders with the equipment they needed to drag their worlds out of the medieval practice of mainstream Amarrian planetary development was an alternative. And I think a good one.

In essence both sides were tolerant, we of the Khanid holders religion, they of our foreign ways and technology - yet both profitted from the arrangement and so did those no longer levied to field slavery.
We fulfilled many of these contracts: robotics (for farm machinery), plutonium (for advanced power plants), medicines and drugs (to improve quality of life) and yes, the occasional advanced side-arms and covert equipment for rebels to strike tyrants... Everyone has a right to resist after all! But here is the point I want to drive home.

Free Trade has an effect on humanity in the broad stroke. The liberating technology of the most enlightened cultures will spread to shine a light on the darkest. Access to information is key; acquisition of technology provides a way to climb out of the despond of extremism.

And yes, even I will admit that sometimes the spirituality of those darkest cultures can give something back, free exchange and free trade.

And we capsuleers were in an ideal place to demonstrate how far we had transcended the imperialist road-block delusions of our predecessors to make it happen. As traders we believed that neutrals and unknowns were simply potential friends and business partners we hadn t met yet.

We saw the advantage in competition on routes, we saw many worlds enriched and enhanced by the supplies the posthuman traders were bringing in. On the worlds below the population looked to the stars and saw liberation not in bloodshed and pyre-smoke but in the descending lights of the trading-ships bringing tools and technology and prosperity.

The prosperous are too busy living their lives and planning for the future to spend wasted effort sneering at those who are different.

So why I wonder, has NRDS ideology and free-commerce become such a rare commodity itself in these recent times amongst Capsuleers. Why are we so rarely tolerant of neutrality and those we do not know?

Eight years ago I told New Eden there was a mind-virus at work amongst the civilizations and cultures that was intent on stabilizing and ensuring the status quo. Distrust the different, reject the stranger, hold on to what you have!

I saw evidence that the empire and federation, the state and republic all had signs of programmed development... that politicians and prelates and power-structures had more to lose from universal prosperity and a golden age of Diaspora than the continuance of war and hatred and distrust and fearing all the shadows of the night.

And this virus has transferred to infect the capsuleer population.

Today the notions of NRDS and free-commerce are pitifully-fragile amongst the independents of the frontier while capsuleer-agents of the empires continue as proxies fighting mindless wars over automated beacons across low-security space.

Thousands of vessels are annihilated every day in New Eden yet nothing really changes. The mind-virus infects our thoughts and aspirations and teaches us to run-in-place; fight harder, hate more intensely, distrust all strangers... (because otherwise we might question why we are fighting at all).

--- continues ---

Tamur Theorabies
Gallente Independent Progressive Alternative
Posted - 2011.07.10 03:07:00 - [97]

--- Speech by Jade Constantine continues ---

Eight years ago I explored Fountain; I flew beyond Venal to the unnamed stars at the extents of our reach. I sent my ship to the borders of Delve and Querius and everywhere was possibility and the fertile stuff of dreams.

I look at the frontier now and I see the past of empires, stumbling territorialist hatred, sullen-eyed drones fighting for their lords and masters, dream of flight betrayed by notions of fear and jealous privation.

And Somewhere, somehow, this all has to change.

I am a revolutionary and a terrorist. I have killed a multitude of foes across more star-systems than I can remember. I have died and been reborn a score of times and returned to the fight unblemished in pursuit of simple prosperity and freedom to explore. But I tell you this, I have never known in war-accomplishment the achievement of building and trade in commerce. Destruction is never as beautiful as building a vision in collaborative agreement between free individuals united in ambition.

Of course: One might call me a hypocrite since I m clearly intolerant of those who would claim a star-system their personal hegemony and I m definitely intolerant of systems of belief that believe in chaining sentient minds as beasts of burden and to that I must shrug again and admit...

Fine then, I am simply human. And nothing in life has any business flirting with perfection. But I do believe in a better future for us all. Capsuleer and baseline, starfarer and planetborn.

I have seen humanity go further and deeper to the unknown space beyond our little empires and learn wonders writ large on the tapestry of stars.

I have seen us build civilization in the darkness and work miracles in the void. I have seen populations liberated from bondage and freed by heroes. I have seen the ships carrying tools for people to build their own future. I have made ships with my own hands and vision. I have seen the future prosperity can bring us. And I promise you all today, I want this more than anything.

And ask yourselves now, whatever faith or belief-system or outlook or ambition in the head or heart or soul can you really stand on a mountainside at night looking up to the endless bright and gleaming heavens and not want to touch those motes of starlight and bathe in the heat of distant suns?

One day we will do it. Together, unafraid, unchained by ignorance, careless of convention, mindless of tradition or religious observance, because whatever faith or creed exists, know well, we are blessed by destiny in the random triumph of our existence. Let us seek prosperity and know tolerance of all our better dreams.

Perhaps we can learn from our mistakes. After all, we have eternity to try.

Tamur Theorabies
Gallente Independent Progressive Alternative
Posted - 2011.07.10 03:10:00 - [98]

The following remarks on the Meaning of Tolerance were made by Tamur Theorabies during the Day of Tolerance YC113.07.09.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, I'd like to ask your attention.

I would like to say a few words about the Meaning of Tolerance. Namely, a harmonious world of tomorrow relies on our continuous and quotidian undertakings and self-expression. It is pivotal for every one of us to demand a solid meaning to the concept of tolerance.

So how do we actually define this word?

Abstractly, tolerance can be "the act of recognizing and respecting deviations from specified values of a cultural dimensions." Abstract words, aren't they?

By dictionary, tolerance is also the capacity to endure hardship or pain. This is the key. The Scriptures say "Only through many hardships, Is a man stripped to his very foundations, And in such a state, Devoid of distractions, Is his soul free to soar"

So if one endures many hardships, one must have the capacity to endure them. In such a state our souls are free to soar! We must realize that our capacity to respect each and every individual is the moral framework for safety, family, intercultural exchange of ideas and universal peace.

Let us act as role models of tolerance in our corporations and alliances, in our quarters and hangars, and ultimately, in our bodies and souls. I want to end this with a quote: "We are brothers,' Zakara answered, just before breathing his last. 'And in God we shall remain brothers for all of time."

Thank you for your attention!

Tamur Theorabies
Gallente Independent Progressive Alternative
Posted - 2011.07.10 03:13:00 - [99]

The following remarks on Immigration and Acculturation issues were made by Tamur Theorabies during the first intergalactic Day of Tolerance YC113.07.09.

I'd like to take this opportunity to say a few words about immigration and acculturation issues.

Tolle V, where I was born, had a mixture of various races. There were Gallenteans, Intakis, Jin-Meis, Mannars, Caldari, Minmatars... people from all sorts of backgrounds. That place sure had lots of immigrants, all over the place.

One thing I can say for sure is that people with Amarr roots were the ones who were faced with the most severe prejudices. At best, one would infer from the small remarks and gestures, that we were persona non-grata. Often there was outright name calling, ostracizing, shunning. You can imagine that wasn't not a good environment to be.

For that reason we preferred to stay on our own outpost in Aydoteux. We just tried to do our own thing, without caring about the unfriendly, unwelcoming atmosphere.

Later on, when I started my political career, I was faced with similar issues. Some former collaborators of our party turned away. Many times my background and faith were questioned, even laughed at.

It makes me wonder, why do we want to live like this? I challenge all the captains to consider, what could we do individually to change things for the better? A splash of understanding and positive attitude would help a lot. Maybe even an apology for the people of Amarr roots who have always had it tough!

The Scriptures say "For forty millennia we struggled in the desert. Time of infinity to grief our misgivings." I think now it's the time to forget the past animosities and take a step forward. Let's all give a big hand to the Amarrians!

Thank you, thank you all!

Tamur Theorabies
Gallente Independent Progressive Alternative
Posted - 2011.07.10 03:22:00 - [100]

The following keynote was delivered by Dr. Nola Doyle during the Day of Tolerance

I have been asked by Mr. Theorabies to address you, my capsule peers and baseline counterparts, on the subject of tolerance. What is tolerance? What does it mean to posses the attribute of a tolerant individual? To what extent does one become intolerant? The very subject and its meaning is as contentious and divisive as the questions posed, and in a diverse audience one may reach infinite conclusions.

As an engineer and a scientist, I am most acquainted with the term in its definition as a permitted variation in some measurement or characteristic of an object or workpiece.

Our hardest alloys and most impenetrable substances can become as brittle as clay when pushed beyond their tolerance. Despite our endurance in the most hostile of climates, as complex and adaptive as humanity is, even we have our limitations.

Understanding the tolerance of objects and people around us gives valuable insight into the decision made process. It is not something to be feared, rather, I insist that we must know our limits if we are to set our sights to something higher.

In the mind and the realm of thought, humanity's gift for innovation and creativity is nearly infinite. If one could contain all art from all cultures in a single room, you would find enough variation in the concept to study for several lifetimes and still only scratch the surface. Yet in this infinite selection, I could guarantee that almost any person would find at least one piece that they felt lacked the characteristics of true art.

Perhaps the piece is too round, too green, or simply lacking the depth of its counterparts. It is in our gift for creativity that we are counterbalanced with the curse of perception.

The mind interprets the various sensory inputs from its surroundings, derives an appropriate course of action, and engages with variable efficiency. Provided the chosen action met the satisfactory level of tolerance to survive the encounter, memory of the experience provides us a base comparison from which to adjust future actions with greater effectiveness.

This method of progress has served our kind well, and allowed us to evolve and develop to become the dominant species in our tiny cluster of stars known as New Eden.

Let us consider the impact of tolerance on the capsuleer subculture in relation to death. For the baseline population lacking a fresh clone in reserve for that fatal accident in space, the concept of death is beyond most individual s tolerance.

To cease the life functions of another is a grave act worthy of harsh punishment, yet to us it is merely an inconvenience or simply a financial burden. CONCORD does not punish us for murder, but the inconvenience of uncontrolled aggression amidst its patrolled space lanes.

I present this notion to you as both a warning and potential, that we still possess the capacity for change for better or worse.

The tenets of science are streamlined for the adaptability of men, to perceive and engage with an open mind, yet derive an optimum conclusion.

As a scientist, the persistence of gravity on Luminaire does not have an effect on me because I believe it true, but through empirical evidence of tossing a rock from a cliff edge, only to watch it plunge into the ocean. Nor does propeling a piece of scordite into the depths of space somehow disprove the existence of gravity, one must account for circumstance and make a reasoned conclusion based on the variables present.

The possibility of an omnipotent deity does not incite fear in a scientist, but inspires us to pursue greater understanding in the hope that one day a quantifiable answer can be achieved.

It is our solemn duty to approach ignorance and blindness with courage, to face down stupidity and riposte with reason and intellect. Tolerance is the vital lynchpin to achieving enlightenment and building greater understanding between our fellow men.

Thank you for time.

Tamur Theorabies
Gallente Independent Progressive Alternative
Posted - 2011.07.10 03:27:00 - [101]

The following lecture was delivered by Professor Alain Octirant during the Day of Tolerance YC113.07.09.

Federal-Matari relations and The Matari Choice

Bonsoir, Capsuleers, and to those reading this speech in a variety of media, Greetings.

My name is Professor Alain Octirant, and I am Chairman of the National Party of the Federated Union of Gallente Prime. I spent my youth fighting for this Federation against its numerous enemies, before retiring to become a Professor of History. But it is not my story I came to tell.

I want to begin my address by recounting to you the story of Veruct'ar. Veruct'ar is a Sebiestor. He grew up in Heimatar. His parents were freed slaves who had tried to make a life for themselves in the Republic. None of this is sounding too unfamiliar, I dare say.

As he entered adulthood, it became clear that Veruct'ar was skilled at working with machines. His quick hands and sharp mind were not uncommon for people of his tribe and he was enrolled in the Tech School of Pator.

His parents had sacrificed a great deal for him to have this opportunity, and he would not waste it. He distinguished himself among his classmates as a technician, but he also demonstrated the skills to become a capsuleer. He enrolled in the capsuleer program and proved adept at this as well. It was only a matter of time before Veruct'ar graduated from the school and was ready to make his way in New Eden.

It is argued that the capsule era has erased our borders. Veruct'ar found none between him and emigration to the Federation. He made his way over to Sinq Laison, to the notorious capsuleer hangout of Dodixie. It is here that, like many immigrants, he volunteered to fight in the Federal Defence Union.

Like a number of heroes of the FDU, he served his adoptive nation with distinction. The Federation provided Veruct'ar with something not easily achievable elsewhere: a Ladder of Opportunity, one which he was free to climb, or not, as suited him.

This is a hallmark of Gallentean democracy, one which we have exported to our friends in the Republic, a people who we aided in their struggle for Freedom against the ravages o the Empire of Amarr, a people who emigrate to the Federation in record numbers to climb the ladder of opportunity.

Despite this, despite success stories like Veruct'ar's, Federal-Matari relations need further development. We are natural allies, who share the same system of government, the same desire to be free. The same forces are aligned to bring us down.

However, I see many young Matari turning away from the Gallente hand that is offered to them.

Take a man I recently became aware of, Korsavius. He is of the Brutor, a fierce tribe who submit to no master. I have it on good authority that he was bought as a slave by a Caldari, and subsequently freed by a Federal Navy Officer.

And, what does the man do now? He pioneers the insidious Cal-Matari movement from within the ranks of the Ishukone Corporations capsuleer wing, I-RED.

That s right, my friends, he works for the very people who illegally took away his freedom in the first place. In psychology, this is known as Ammatar Syndrome, the idea of coming to love one s enslaver, rather than the one who freed you.

Make no mistake, sons and daughters of Matar - The Caldari are not your friends. They are collaborators with your dire enemy. Your allies, your natural allies, are the free peoples of the Federated Union of Gallente Prime. Make the choice of Veruct'ar, not of Korsavius.

Thank you for your time.

Tamur Theorabies
Gallente Independent Progressive Alternative
Posted - 2011.07.10 03:30:00 - [102]

The following presentation was delivered by Tamur Theorabies during the Day of Tolerance YC113.07.09.

Roadmap to Harmonious Coexistence

I'd like now to say a few words about how can we achieve all these goals we have been discussing. I'd like to present some kind of a roadmap to harmonious co-existence.

During this evening, we have heard that intolerance has become alarmingly commonplace. One may ask, why is that? Obviously, if people had more in common, it would be easier to find common ground.

However, despite all wealth and prosperity, there are things that ISK cannot buy. No matter how much prosperity and vanity you might have around you, you may still be craving for certain things. You may remain as an outsider.

One could ask, could there be some kind of an inferiority complex in the Federation? So what then would be missing here? Well as the head of the state we have President, but there is no embodiment of the state in the Federation. Perhaps, for a nation to be happy and unified, it should have both?

What I'm indicating here is that the Federation might have a secret passion. It would like to be a constitutional monarchy.

Constitutional monarchy is a form of governance where the Crown can ensure that the democratically elected government is always in place. The monarch reigns but doesn't rule. She can veto laws which are not in the best interest of the country. Her signature would be needed for the appointment of the government officials and the President.

Dear audience: Empress Sarum is the harbinger of hope, the sword of the righteous. What we give to the her, she shall give back unto us. Under her reign, the Federation, the State and the holy Empire would all become one. There would be no longer wars or petty disputes. Reason and prosperity would prevail.

Already Emperor Heideran VII was envisioning a peace throughout the galaxy. He was the champion of improved interstellar relations. Maybe now finally it is the time to realize the hopes and dreams of the past... to ensure that peace and tranquility will prevail, now and forever.

Thank you for your attention.

Alain Octirant
Federal Nationalist Party
Posted - 2011.07.10 03:32:00 - [103]

Edited by: Alain Octirant on 10/07/2011 03:32:22
Fine speeches, even if I do say so myself.

Except for the last of course. Madness, Chairman, madness. You will not get away with this.

Tamur Theorabies
Gallente Independent Progressive Alternative
Posted - 2011.07.10 03:32:00 - [104]

The following remarks were made by Maria Crases during the Day of Tolerance YC113.07.09.

I'll make the story brief so we can get to the issue.

My parents were Serpentis, taking a cruiser of drugs in Khanid low sec. I was with them one, because they didn't trust their pirate brothers and two, because a little girl the age of 5 on the roster made it look legit.

Lord Marcase Crases was working to build relations with the navy for his cargo routes and assisted them where he could. He engaged the cruiser knowing it was running drugs and destroyed it. I was captured and taken to the Crases estate.

For the next 11 years I was raised by the Amarrians as a handmaiden to Kithrus Marcase's first born son. I was freed three months ago and have since done many things including to see my parents last night.

I regret nothing of what happened to me.

My parents are and will always be evil and in a way I owe the Amarrians everything for the new and crime free upbringing they gave me.

James Syagrius
Advent Ltd.
Posted - 2011.07.10 04:09:00 - [105]

Where is Ammentio when you need him? The Gallente Independent Progressive Alternative seems to have a problem….

Tamur Theorabies
Gallente Independent Progressive Alternative
Posted - 2011.07.10 16:13:00 - [106]

The recordings of the event can be found from the Kartografion / Fortune's Favours section of the Crux Agora GalNet site.

Thank you for everyone who attended!

Rodj Blake
PIE Inc.
Posted - 2011.07.10 16:50:00 - [107]

Originally by: Tamur Theorabies

Dear audience: Empress Sarum is the harbinger of hope, the sword of the righteous. What we give to the her, she shall give back unto us. Under her reign, the Federation, the State and the holy Empire would all become one. There would be no longer wars or petty disputes. Reason and prosperity would prevail.

Already Emperor Heideran VII was envisioning a peace throughout the galaxy. He was the champion of improved interstellar relations. Maybe now finally it is the time to realize the hopes and dreams of the past... to ensure that peace and tranquility will prevail, now and forever.

Thank you for your attention.

Enlightened words when I was expecting the opposite.

Well done.

Revan Neferis
Propaganda Due
Posted - 2011.07.10 16:58:00 - [108]

Edited by: Revan Neferis on 10/07/2011 16:58:44
Originally by: Tamur Theorabies
Dear audience: Empress Sarum is the harbinger of hope, the sword of the righteous. What we give to the her, she shall give back unto us. Under her reign, the Federation, the State and the holy Empire would all become one. There would be no longer wars or petty disputes. Reason and prosperity would prevail.

Only piece of speech worth savaging from the rest of veiled propagandas and empty nothingness.
It resembles very much with the extracts of the Apocrypha, book of Initiations VII, verses 2,3:

In the Perfect Universe

There will be one religion, just the Sani Sabik philosophy of richness, power and wealth.
There will be one government.
There will be one army.
Homelessness will never be an option. The unfit to produce wealth will be eliminated.
Hunger will never cross the lips of man. The unfit to sustain himself will be eliminated.
There will be no poverty. The unfit to use life as it is given will be eliminated.
There will be no diseased. The unfit to use his body and mind to the greater development of mankind will be eliminated.
There will be no evil, as the concept of evil itself will be forever banished from the minds of men.
There will be no waste.
The Universe will function as a perfect machine.
Divinity and men, are one.

Obviously the Sani Sabik imput has more detailed visions about how this shall proceed, but your little speech regarding one single Universal order under the reign of Jamyl I is the closest it can get to it.
For that, I commend you. It seems like this whole thing wasn't totally worthless after all.

Revan Neferis
Thrice-Illustrious Sovereign
Sani Sabik

Posted - 2011.07.11 10:46:00 - [109]

Originally by: Revan Neferis

In the Perfect Universe...

Dearest Good Lady Neferis,

I thought, without desiring to get into controversy, that I would offer a bit of Animastran philosophy as a possible counterpoint. This is rather just stream-of-consciousness and it is possible that some of my own personal biases have crept in, for which I apologize.

There already is just one religion: it is whatever is built into life itself.

There already is just one government; it's just that we aren't conscious enough to change its particulars at will and as may be most useful.

There already is just one army; it's just that most people want to share the same rank.

No one is unfit to produce wealth -- except for the infirm or those who can't find a job.

No one is unfit to sustain himself -- except for the infirm and those who can find neither a job nor an independent source of nourishment to call his own.

No one is unfit to use life as it is given -- except for the infirm, the others mentioned above, and any who might not care for life as it is given (and by whom exactly?), particularly if it involves the privations mentioned.

No one is unfit to use his body and mind to the greater development of mankind -- except for those above as circumstances might affect and any who might not share somebody's idea of what constitutes "the greater development of mankind".

(Except for the infirm, "unfit" doesn't really explain it. The unfit would actually be a minor group provided that opportunities exist. Or is it a war of all against all that we're looking for, whereby the "unfit" are naturally anybody who isn't at the top?).

There is evil. It is a lack of consciousness, the failure to see things for what they are and to name them properly.

Where there is freedom, there is waste, and discovery.

The perfect machine is precisely what does not require consciousness.

Divinity and men are indeed one, but we should rise to heaven rather than attempt to crash God to earth.

In some ways I can see in Animastran thought a parallel to the Sani Sabik philosophy (given what little I have learnt of it), but I still have a suspicion that a Sani Sabik regime would be a triumph of content over Form, which is to say that it would still be a matter of who believes, who doesn't believe, who is unfit because he doesn't believe... the same ol' same ol' in terms of repressive governments or orders of life.

But you were talking about a perfect universe and so, at root, am I (this despite the conditional references that I made, somewhat dishonestly, in some of the above). The difference that I can see is that, in the Animastran conception, the perfect universe exists right here, right now. The only missing ingredient is consciousness. Add consciousness and "everything can change" yet all remain (should we so choose) exactly as it was. The problem is that we haven't the root but only the endless forms that become its unconscious and often sclerotic parodies.

I could go on, but I thought I would give a bit of perspective from a largely heretical (though meticulous in my sources) Amarr and an ex-Sister. I will leave it to your good judgment to decide how much of either understanding may be similar to my own.


Centré ("Mother") Jascira de Animastra

P.S., The much-beloved Qansh of our Order says to offer you his warm and hearty hello, which I do.

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