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Posted - 2011.07.03 16:27:00 - [31]

Now I definitely believe that drop rates should be increased as a mean to encourage PvP and make professions such as piracy more sustainable.

However, suicide gankers should not be thrown a bone. It's stupid and one-sided, in short, it's boring and shouldn't be encouraged any more than it is. If high sec wasn't so damn profitable I'd say that it should be heavily nerfed.

The dude deserved to lose that money for putting it in a badger, you didn't deserve to have a chance at it and I'm glad you didn't get anything worthwhile.

So yeah, I'm laughing at the OP Laughing

Renan Ruivo
Vera Cruz Alliance
Posted - 2011.07.03 16:29:00 - [32]

Because someone clearly needs 27 Armageddon Blue Print Originals.

Devious Relation
Posted - 2011.07.03 16:34:00 - [33]

Originally by: Firh

So yeah, I'm laughing at the OP Laughing

Meany *tear*

had a look at the raw killmail and its undecifable what were clearly bpo's but i can say 99% of that little lot showed green with the suffix (Original blueprint) on the cargo scanner, and the armageddon and tempest were certainly bpo's. The badger was sat AFk on perimiter gate which allowed enough time to actualy read all the items from the scan result,

Devious Relation
Posted - 2011.07.04 21:16:00 - [34]

any more good ganks bad drops out there today?

Riddick Liddell
Posted - 2011.07.04 21:25:00 - [35]

54 Billion to CCP
9 mill to you for being dumb enough to do it.

Now get off the forums and go do it again tool.

Posted - 2011.07.04 22:03:00 - [36]

Ouch. Please tell me you at least gave the poor bastard the chance to ransom?

Solstice Project
Posted - 2011.07.04 22:07:00 - [37]


It's chance-based. What needs to be fixed on a chance based game mechanic ?

Tough luck.
You just didn't deserve it !

Erichk Knaar
Noir. Mercenary Group
Posted - 2011.07.04 23:38:00 - [38]

Originally by: Sadayiel

I fully support this, btw. Zinfandel, be a dear and make it so.

Im Super Gay
Posted - 2011.07.05 00:02:00 - [39]

When will people learn to put their expensive looking crap into a can then inside plastic wrap (alt courier contract) so they can avoid those pesky cargo scanners?

Barkaial Starfinder
The Kairos Syndicate
Transmission Lost
Posted - 2011.07.05 00:25:00 - [40]

Damn.. Who transports stuff like that?

You deserved some spoils, pirate.

Mars Theran
EVE Rogues
EVE Rogues Alliance
Posted - 2011.07.05 01:14:00 - [41]

Be glad! You probably killed an RMT. Laughing Wouldn't really expect BPO's to survive the fiery death of an Indy anyhow.

Posted - 2011.07.05 01:17:00 - [42]

No working as intended CCP rigged the drops to keep BPO's from dropping.

Ein Phantom
Posted - 2011.07.05 01:38:00 - [43]

Not API verified! Source: Manual post

I wonder what the implications of this statement may portend.

Posted - 2011.07.05 01:56:00 - [44]

I see two vaporised cans.

Skex Relbore
Red Federation
RvB - RED Federation
Posted - 2011.07.05 02:15:00 - [45]

The random number generator is a *****,

Welcome to EVE, oh and I suggest you google "gambler's fallacy"

Exotic Callgirl
Band of Brothers
Posted - 2011.07.05 03:04:00 - [46]

Yeah, we use to fake killmails all the time for cheap laughs and post them to LOL-Online so carebears would cry and hide their lunch money.

Posted - 2011.07.05 03:49:00 - [47]

Originally by: Slade Trillgon
Originally by: Holly Cleland
Originally by: Devious Relation
Suicide gank in jita. 54mil destroyed......9mil dropped..... seriously broken mechanic!

Battleclinic killmail

Most of what was destroyed was in a container, so no, it's not broken.

Plus BC lists all BPC's as BPO's so do we even know that they were all BPO's?


ummmmm, light blue = bpc, dark blue = bpo

inorite, how dare they color code things, you poor color blind, im so sorry

Nex Exercitus
Posted - 2011.07.05 04:27:00 - [48]

Moral of the story: put all of your stuff in containers and bring a second container to store all of the pirate tears.

Jalmari Huitsikko
Posted - 2011.07.05 04:36:00 - [49]

containers, sigh.

happens all day long.

Shadow of xXDEATHXx
Posted - 2011.07.05 04:45:00 - [50]

Buy a Monocle. They will ensure any future ganks get 100% loot drop!

Devious Relation
Posted - 2011.07.05 18:58:00 - [51]

nah monocles wouldnt suit this character, im holding out for gogglesTwisted Evil

Coldhearted One
Posted - 2011.07.05 19:31:00 - [52]

sorry m8y,
But like a few others said, bc can't distinguish between bpos and bpcs. Pilot was a complete ****tard. srsly, an ECM burst in the mids for shields???? complete idgit( and that's worse than an idoit imho)
no one in their right mind is carrying 27 bpos of a battleship, canned or not canned. This pilot's corp would probably execute his butt in rl for this if they were all bpos and in a ****ty badger with no tank. omg, srsly, you think you got a 54 billion isk kill? and considering this ****tard had no tank, it's no wonder Concord couldn't kill your arse in time before his epic death. he deserves to die in flames. Twisted EvilYARRRR!!LaughingRazz

Furb Killer
Posted - 2011.07.05 19:41:00 - [53]

Originally by: Mars Theran
Be glad! You probably killed an RMT. Laughing Wouldn't really expect BPO's to survive the fiery death of an Indy anyhow.

While he should have just put this in a cov ops, or random combat ship if he couldnt use that, but since when does transporting some bpcs make you an RMT'er? Every rookie can buy this after doing the initial missions (well maybe not that bad, but it isnt worth that much either).

Syrus Speculations
Posted - 2011.07.05 20:09:00 - [54]

Originally by: Devious Relation
Edited by: Devious Relation on 03/07/2011 14:01:47
Suicide gank in jita. 54bil destroyed......9mil dropped..... seriously broken mechanic!

Battleclinic killmail

Edit due to hitting the M key instead of B key


Posted - 2011.07.05 20:26:00 - [55]

Originally by: Ein Phantom
Not API verified! Source: Manual post

I wonder what the implications of this statement may portend.

And also if it was a suicide gank; where is the loss killmail on "Devious Relation" by concord? Rolling Eyes

Kalle Demos
Helix Protocol
Posted - 2011.07.05 20:42:00 - [56]

Fake mail and even if its all real its probably BPC

Devious Relation
Posted - 2011.07.05 20:47:00 - [57]

Feel free to pm and ask the gankee if its fake or not. And there isnt a uploaded loss of the tempest because i havent uploaded it Razz

Zephyr Corp
Posted - 2011.07.05 20:57:00 - [58]

I don't quite know what's worse, the idiot griefer posting this or the poor bastard who thought to haul all of that out of Jita at once.

Piece of advice. DON'T GO SHOPPING IN JITA.

Rolling Eyes

Devious Relation
Posted - 2011.07.05 21:05:00 - [59]

no no, Jita is where all the cheap stuff is, keep comming!

Posted - 2011.07.05 21:06:00 - [60]

To bad mate yes the loot gods are ass-holes some times

To all you people in this thread :

1. Cargo scanner distinguish between BPC's and BPO's, and im quite certain OP wouldnt hit for BPC's

2. Even if the Cargo scanner didnt distinguish them, just the fact that they are STACKED proofs they are BPO's and never used, or have there been a new patch where you can stack BPC's? Rolling EyesRolling Eyes

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