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Emma Winters
Posted - 2011.07.02 23:52:00 - [1]


So I recently came back to EVE and ran into the same problem as a lot of people running Windows Vista/7 have reported - the jukebox doesn't play music and it just constantly changes to a new track over and over again.

I did some Googling and one of the discussions caught my eye. They suggested that the Fraunhofer IIS MPEG Layer-3 ACM codec bundled with Windows doesn't play well with EVE's way of doing things, and upgrading it had helped a few people.

I searched for a standalone upgrade, perhaps from the Fraunhofer people themselves, but in the end the best solution I found was the K-Lite Mega Codec Pack. The pack includes a much more recent version of the codec.

After installing it and jumping through a few hoops, I got it to work and music now works perfectly for me. Here's what I did:

  1. Download K-Lite Mega Codec Pack. This version of the pack (as opposed to the normal, 'non-mega' one) specifically includes the codec we need.

  2. Run the installer and select Advanced install when given the choice.

  3. You'll be given a long list of various codecs and tools you can choose to install. The K-Lite packs are actually quite helpful and enable the playback of just about every video and audio format, so it's not a bad idea to install the codecs. At a minimum though, you need to choose ACM audio codecsMP3 (Fraunhofer) and ToolsCodec Tweak Tool near the bottom of the list. Click next when you're done and follow the installation through to completion.

  4. At this point try rebooting and test EVE again; you might find that the proper is solved. I personally didn't, and if it isn't solved for you either continue with the steps below

  5. Next we need to disable the old codec to force programs to use the new one. This is done by using the tweak tool, found by default at C:\Program Files (x86)\K-Lite Codec Pack\Tools\CodecTweakTool.exe.

  6. Once you have the tool open click Manage ACM/VFW codecs.

  7. The tool isn't very intuitive, but the idea here is that you want to disable Fraunhofer IIS MPEG Layer-3 Codec [l3codecp] and enable Fraunhofer IIS MPEG Layer-3 Codec (Professional) [mp3fhg.acm]. It basically lists all the codecs seperated by where they came from (Windows, K-Lite, or other) and then groups them by what you're going to do if you tick the checkbox. i.e., it'll say 'Disable the following active codecs:' and then list the ones you can disable.

  8. Once you've ticked the right codecs click Apply & Close. You may be given a screen similar to the first one and have to set the enabled/disabled status of the Fraunhofer codecs there too. Again, Apply & Close when done.

  9. Exit the tool and reboot.

  10. Test EVE again and hopefully rejoice in working music!

  11. Optional but recommended step!

  12. Post your mileage in this thread and bring attention to a silly but persistent problem. Gief new Jukebox CCP? :D

Hope that helps!

GM Karidor

Posted - 2011.07.03 14:34:00 - [2]

Edited by: GM Karidor on 05/07/2011 19:17:10
Edited by: GM Karidor on 03/07/2011 14:42:49
Actually, the Windows standard codecs should have no issues with EVE, but we haven't found out yet where the "offending" codec comes from. Disabling it as described above does indeed seem to solve the issue for most. Thanks for that, Emma.

If you have a codec pack installed that does not offer any management tools for its codecs, you can also try this little freeware tool named "InstalledCodec" in order to find and disable/enable various codecs:

When you see a Fraunhofer IIS MP3 codec of sorts dated to 1998 in that list, then chances are that's the one you need to disable (I don't have the exact name on hand right now, sorry).

Best Regards
Senior GM Karidor
EVE Online Customer Support

Update: In regards to Windows Default codecs, I missed that there are versions of Windows 7 around that will not include the Media features, and as such will not have the required codecs installed (specifically, the N and KN versions of Windows 7 distrubuted throughout the EU). If you happen to have one of those, the above codec pack should solve it. Alternatively you can use the following downloads from Microsoft as well:
Media Format Feature Pack

Media Feature Pack (including the Media Player etc.), this is a rather large download.

Oberine Noriepa
Posted - 2011.07.03 15:50:00 - [3]

I would truly be great if you could implement FLAC support in the Jukebox, somehow. The only reason why I don't use the Jukebox is because it doesn't support it. (Most of my music is FLAC.)

Atlas Research Group
Posted - 2011.07.05 15:09:00 - [4]

This Worked For Me! the step by step really helped.Il just say that there is alot more stuff that came up after the part mentioned.I just really clicked Next all the time and it still worked :)

Well Done For Finding the pack and thanks for finding it!

Posted - 2011.09.05 20:08:00 - [5]

This fixed my problem of the jukebox scrolling to no end. Thanks for posting the info!


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