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Posted - 2011.07.02 20:00:00 - [91]

Originally by: Namak Bulu
Finally!! Someone who hasn't lost their head.

Originally by: Quartex

All the players on this forum should only post what I want to hear or gtfo.

Yeah thats really nice.

Dimitri Fukoyama
Posted - 2011.07.03 03:14:00 - [92]

Originally by: Calden De'Altos
Edited by: Calden De''Altos on 02/07/2011 15:27:20
Just wanna point out a few things:

Being a journalist, the thing we are all taught is to check our facts. In other words, facts need to have multiple sources. Looking back at this, all the information was disciminated from Eve 24. If this was a true whistle-blower, then there would have been other new sources that wound up with the information. The fact Eve 24 was the one breaking all the news has me a bit suspect.

That being said, if this is all an elaborate smoke screen, and they do go through with "pay-to-win" items in the future, they have seen the player base's reaction. They know what to expect now. If they go through with it, its just time to move on. I know I will. I mean, you can pretty much call them liars at that point if they do go through with it. Until then, enjoy the game. There is really no point to keep spending your $15 to riot while you could be enjoying the game for what it was intended.

Is this a joke? Its been confirmed for days and days that the newsletter is real. If youre a journalist, im a rocket scientist.

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This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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