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Posted - 2011.07.02 08:33:00 - [1]

Edited by: sevrisyn on 02/07/2011 09:45:20
Ok I have recently started playing eve again after a long break I have just under 10mil sp spread among well prity much every thing jack of all master of none.

I'm currently tring to do lv4 and I currently have a typhoon with 650 autos torps and a ab but it's currently untested. also got a maelstrom with 1200's that can't hit a hanger door.I have tried every other bs I can fly .some help on what I should train towards would be awsome I've got so much cross training I don't know what to do (trained mini soo much cause I wanted a maelstrom mainly due to clear skies)

I know it's alot to ask and help would be greatly appreciated would like to get out of this situation were I have cross trained my self in to oblivion

Keef burton
Posted - 2011.07.02 14:31:00 - [2]

Edited by: Keef burton on 02/07/2011 15:06:46
was in similar situation, just came back to eve. headed out to a 0.0 corp pretty early and just used to rat for isk so quickest and cheapest way was to get in a typhoon. had good armor tanking skills but not shield tanking. when ratting the rats were very few and a lot easier to kill. plus the typhoon was a lot quicker to get in and out if any pirates.

now im back ive only got time for a couple of missions a day, and the typhoon wasn't really adequate especially with my skills, 12 mil when come back, 14 mil now, so after some research the maelstrom seamed very popular.

when i first got into it I was underwhelmed but you do have to fly it very differently, im currently aiming for a t2 autocannon fit with barrage or faction ammo.,60211.0.html

but until then i use 1200 scouts and am concentrating on getting my shield skills up to scratch before i continue on the gunnery, without T2's and barrage / faction ammo, the falloff isnt adequate enough and your not killing things fast enough before your tank is getting caned.

i have basically copied that fit for now except the guns , a shield amplifier rather than a 3rd hardener, and a domination 100mn afterburner instead of the tracking computer, in order to get to at least 30km range when needed, and to afterburner back to gates in pocket missions. also the domination saves you a fair bit of cap. there maybe a better one but for some reason i had that one already when i came back.

transversal is a lot more important when sniping rather than just wading in guns blazing with autocannons / torps this video explains it basically just fly in the same direction to things and you start to hit things a lot harder.

is more important when closer than 30km to ships. when 60 - 80 just facing things straight on seems good enough. you can add the transversal of the ships in the overview, anything sub 80 seems to hit pretty well, anything over 150 then you start to miss and hit low.

i do refuse a lot of missions, the main ones i do are angel extravaganza, vengeance, worlds collide, and assault, i have 6 level 4 agents within a radius 2 jumps each from my location, so can almost always get these missions somewhere ( and do the other missions as long as non faction if these dont appear)

the only real time waster with 1200's is worlds collide 2nd pockets were you get instantly webbed by frigs (sometimes they dont even web which is great) and when you deploy drones to kill them they get caned pretty quick, so you have to deploy them to do a bit of damage , bring them in to get rid of drone aggro, deploy again, bring them in again, and repeat etc until there dead. then you can afterburner ok to range to finish the rest of the rats.

for the maelstrom I would make sure your shield skills are up to scratch and then go full on anything than can get your dps.

your skills seem roughly the same as mine so you should be fine. i also got these implants though...

slot 5, low grade crystal epsilon (only +2 charisma but 5% shield boost)
slot 6, squire pr8. 5% cap recharge reduction
slot 7, zanou deadye zgc1000, 5% falloff , for when i finally get the t2 autocannons
slot 8, squire cc8, 5% more cap
slot 9, lancer g2 delta, 5% rate of fire, again more for when i get the autocannons,
slot 10, gunslinger lx-1 3% more damage to large turrets. the 5 percent you need cybernetics level 5 and not going for that just yet.

hope this helps

ps. another advantange over the typhoon is only having to choose only 1 ammo type, i only ever use the -50% ammo, fusion, phased, or emp. i have 5 800 cap boosters in the slot and 10 in me cargo, the rest ammo, is only worlds collide mission where have 2 lots of 4k ammo for the different sides. which saves a lot of time refitting for each mission. i also only use 2 x invuln and dont fit specfic hardeners because at range dont get hit much.


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