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Posted - 2011.07.01 05:41:00 - [151]

op is funny because:

he thinks that when people insult him, it is because they disagree with him and furthermore, their insults are unoriginal when he can't seem to come up with new insults himself. he ran out on page one and is now acting like a parrot repeating the same phrase over and over.

he expects people to take him seriously with that name.

he expects people to take him seriously in an online forum

he thinks that people who do SPACE protests are funny, so he posts on the INTERNET, calling the anonymous INTERNET people idiots

as previously mentioned, he thinks that by laughing at someone, that makes one "cooler" than they are.

overall, he reminds me of a cartoon of a schoolyard bully trying to be mean to adults, who are having a civil conversation over the merits of the thing he is being mean about. almost funny, but too common to be a novelty.

i shot the statue. i used a rainbow of crystals because i had nothing better to do. i didn't feel like playing a game that i knew was going to be broken sooner or later, so i wanted to try something new. the most intresting parts were:

the persistance of the protesters, they've kept it up for several days. they must be either attention seeking weirdos or actually dedicated to making a noise. i project that their numbers increase exponentially after the CSM comes home with the good new of the new items in the NEX.

one guy in an Armageddon battleship linked five armor repair bots together and shot at them with his lasers, making a really cool light show.

i am well aware that my most significant action was the unsubscribing, but it felt good to talk to like minded guys who i have since met on Perpetuum.

so Mork, am i a sad lame stupid bittervet too?

N'maro Makari
Posted - 2011.07.01 11:06:00 - [152]


I thought Eve players were smart?
Well at least they think they are smart.Rolling Eyes
Get some original material first then come at me hack.

N'aww, look, it thinks its a big man. Cute!

Go easy on him guys, I think he's just trying to forget how small he is in reality.

Lol says the Space Nerd with no original comebacks in his arsenal.
Should have trained that skill dude cuz now you just look foolish.

Get a clue first. You aint got s*** here, you're just another little bellyacher. This aint your playground, kiddo.

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This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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