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Bob Niac
freelancers inc
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Posted - 2011.06.30 19:50:00 - [1]

tl;dr: Faction and T2 moved from a static "cook this T1 item to get a T2 item" to "assemble your T1 item, add this, and get a faction, deadspace, or T2 item"

Tech 2. We all love it. But what if we could streamline it's development? With the Advent of rig , and now T3 subsystems, why couldn't we just have a more modular system?

Load-Out Upgrades \ Deployment Package.

These are "Super-rigs" very much like what you would see on T3. It modifies the ship to the appropriate corporation or faction and meta level. They are a secure container with all the modifications and resources inside. Think station egg, but a rig for ships, and possibly modules.

Unlinking tech / meta and parent faction from traditional hulls has some interesting side effects. For instance, faction loadouts (such as a Navy Raven) could be any meta level. People have asking for tech 2 faction for a while. This could be one way to do it.

I imagine 3 groups of modifiers.

  • House (tentative name)
    Meta / Tech Level

This can go 2 ways:

Installing a "House" loadout attaches an affiliation to the item, such as a faction or npc corp. This also changes stats to fit the meta level. Adding a Caldari Navy "House" loadout to a Raven basically makes it a CNR. The "role" modifier gives the ship a role such as HAC or logistics ship. Adding a logi role to a Sythe without a T2 meta modifier would result in a meta 1 logistics ship. They all show up in the fitting window on ships and have a naming convention similar to hardwirings. One could combine meta and House, though to make it easier. (Side note: along with these one could probably have a inexpensive set of slots on ships that changes the flair of the ship, such as logo and paint job.)

Plan B (because plan B is usually the better plan anyway.) is put all this into one one package and have the player Right click and "Apply Loadout" This does the same, but with less flexibility and more ease of use.

Either way both are destroyed if it is repackaged. The bp's require the same materials as upgrading it now, with out the original item. And, because of balance, I would imagine there would be restrictions on what can be applied where.

I don't particularly know what to do with bpo owners. I would assume they would keep their BPOs and continue making the same items.

This adds a bit of depth to the game for PVP. Ships all retain their T1 name, and would have to be scanned or visually identified to know what loadout is applied.


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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