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Aicar Leuscirh
The Scope
Posted - 2011.06.30 16:03:00 - [1]


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Muvolailen - A leaked, unconfirmed source from within the CBD Corporation states that there are "no plans for the reassertion of planetary control over Harroule IV until the strategic situation normalizes". The source comes during a major State Protectorate push into the backwater system of Harroule, with many reports of Federation and local military garrisons spaceside being "almost completely eradicated". Harroule was purchased by the CBD Corporation during Executor Heth's blind auction of occupied Gallentean systems, following the total collapse of Federation control in May-June 111.

Analysts believe that the decision to not immediately make landfall on Harroule IV was due to the economic crisis that was onset by the ferocious FDU counterattack during 111-112, that blindsided many of the Caldari megacorporations present in the occupied territories. Although the State Protectorate has launched a renewed attempt to reassert Caldari control over the Viriette constellation, the presence of Harroule so far from central State holdings, as well as being surrounded by foreign space, means that it would be a logistical nightmare to launch any sort of campaign or effort beyond the establishment of space superiority. Moreover, local military forces on the ground have garrisoned themselves considerably, meaning that the Caldari Navy and Spacelane Patrol would need a clear line of supply to make landfall, with neither outfit being designed for extended military occupation of foreign worlds.

The source stated that the "CBD Corporation will not be moving any assets for the economic exploitation of Harroule until the State Protectorate can establish full military control of the immediate area, as well as create a supply line via the assertion of State military control in systems connecting Black Rise to Harroule". Despite the source being unconfirmed, there are rumours of praise from senior CBD executives and subsidiary CEOs, neither of whom desire a repeat of the losses incurred by the initial ejection of CBD in 112. There is some speculation that the signing of the CONCORD Planetary Development Treaty in 112, which came after the occupation of the Gallentean frontier, may hinder any prospects of CBD attempting to assert itself on Harroulean worlds. Though many aspects of the Treaty are ambigious, experts are certain that local interests would prioritize capsuleer industries in Harroule over any CBD presence. The Scope will continue to monitor the Viriette situation as it develops.


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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