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L'amour Sauvage
Underworld Group
Posted - 2011.06.30 10:23:00 - [1]

So there's super awesome meeting gonna happen that's suppose to juice up my sphincter.
No sticky here. Not seein' "Hey guys live it to, gonna eat shrimp/hug it out, work on this/that."
The lil changes ppl, ****ing LOVE them so far. Always liked CCP until now.
But CSM can't make ****ing sticky about upcoming trip or apprise us of issues they as players are gonna bring/take opportunity to bring up?
NDA NDA NDA NDA NDA NDA, ****s the point?
Just a sticky "Gonna Represent" or "Gonna get ****ed up while spouted you"?
All I want to know is:
If I should set long skills until stuff done or cancel while new games that I know **** about get their jollies.
Should I scale back to 1 account if yr's of training still don't matter, all the complaints from '03 and post t2.
I don't care about MT's now.
I give a **** that only 1 CSM has ever taken hard stand, and he was an alternate.
I give a **** that all the responses I've read for yr's is mainly "Oh ya we hear you get right on it" I'm only getting ****ing older.
I give a **** that resources for things that require testing, development, are going to another game. A game that for **** all has nothing to do w/ my subscription to EVE.
If CSM/CCP had read, ppl pleaded long ago that if they were paid isk to go on SQ they'd go.
Why the **** would I spend the time to find out about some super ass awesome fit that I can't find or afford on test server. Or even testing a fit, I get the **** on TQ and try and then get back to RL and work. Just call it the FIT SERVER. Or the OMG THEY GIMME SKILLS TO SO OWN YOU W/ THIS SUPER BUT NEVER GONNA FLY DREAM server.
I wouldn't even be playing this game, despite it's awesomeness, if were not for the ppl who developed extra stuff to make Eve easier to understand.
Or even something from the CSM that said-
**** the old saying "Fly only what you can afford to lose."
We're fighting for you to "Fly what you can carry **** load of fun in."


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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