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Nariya Kentaya
Coalition Of Gentlemen.
Posted - 2011.06.30 05:05:00 - [1]

OK first of all, gallente are ALL weird, minmatar like to look scary, caldari are just... eh, and amarr im sure you could find a reason for them too.

now, if we can be in new eden, where they have the ability to clone a capsuleer near UNLIMITED times without severe genetic degredation, why cant we manipulate the DNA?
like plastic surgery but genetic, some people want bloodline/race change for isk/aur/plex whatever, but what about adding genetic variations? like the Minmatar, who like to look all fierce, give them some wolf fangs or something, i mean, poeple in real life go out of their way to add "prosthetics" into their look to make themselves more scary, in a world like EVE with such great "science" why not do the same thing but real?

TL;DR if they allow bloodline/race changes, i want to be able to give my minmatar alt wolf fangs, and my gallente alt something to look... whatever could be considered a weird hybrid look for gallente...

feel free to scream NO, and "theres more important things", personally i agree, and think taht before current content is fixed, everything else should be on the backburner, but long term, i think this could be fun.

and no one go calling me a "F****", since im not talking taht extreme, just some fangs or whatnot, make the facial features a little wolfy, like wolvering or something, just for aesthetic appeal, and not mandatory either, just optional.


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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