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Yuta Nagano
Posted - 2011.06.29 04:57:00 - [1]

My goals in the short term:
-station trading
-a bit of t1 production
-anything else that might complement my trading and building

I'm looking for suggestions on where to train now. My obvious initial priorities have been production eff. (got that at V) and mass production (working on it). I'm now aiming for accounting, broker relations, and assorted trade skills. But i'm not sure where to go after that point. What else fits easily into the relatively lazy trader's lifestyle?

I've struck off mining and PI from the list already, both being fairly low return and (at least in the case of mining) for a large sp investment. I know at some point I will need a freighter, but at the moment i'm doing alright with a t1 industral ship. Scrap metal processing looks tempting, as do research skills, although i'm still reading guides on that and frankly i'm confused as hell.

Anyone have some suggestions or would like to share how they got their trade character going?

Judicator Saturnius
Posted - 2011.06.29 05:15:00 - [2]

Edited by: Judicator Saturnius on 29/06/2011 05:23:57
I'll bite.

Cybernetics V is a priority. You seem to have the basic production skills down. At that point you want accounting, broker relations, and possibly margin trading IV, and follow those up with the remote trade skills if you plan to use them. Read more on that here. Any racial freighter works, so pick you poision and train that up next. Racial industrial V is the only biggie there, just don't forget the nav skills.

Once you get the bog-standard "trader/hauler" skillset you decide your own gig. My personal taste has always been to grab 5 research agents (research, research project managment IV, research skill ie. mechanical engineering) for some weak passive income, although these days I wouldn't know if it's still worth the train. I pick mine up once in a blue moon and make a bit of isk. Other tertiary skillsets are all down to taste. I've never got into large scale reprocessing, pi, or any of that jazz. Someone else can help you on that account.

Oh and don't forget standings. Those will be vital. Pick your station of choice and go run missions for that corp/faction until you're blue in the face. Then keep going until you can't stand it anymore. Then keep doing it whenever you get bored or have a moment to spare. The higher your standing the lower your cost of doing business.


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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