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Paknac Queltel
Baden's Army
Posted - 2011.07.05 17:07:00 - [31]

Originally by: Ayieka
I find it hard to find any kind of effective counter to this phrase. because no matter what you say, it can just be repeated for greater effect. and if you don't say anything, you still lose because you have no comeback. This might be the first case of an "overpowered" word.

The best strategy is to ignore it and it will go away. If you cannot avert your eyes and continue on to the next post/line of chat, there is only one viable strategy. Observe:
Originally by: Paknac Queltel
Originally by: Herper D. Derper
Originally by: Paknac Queltel
Blah blah shiptoasting 4thelulz.... Insert poast here.

u mad?


Acknowledging any response to this poast is even more counterproductive than poasting it in the first place. Friends don't let friends respond to trolls, so don't do it.

Umad Bro Questionmark
Posted - 2011.08.20 15:19:00 - [32]

Lol don't be mad!

Midnight Elites
Echelon Rising
Posted - 2011.08.20 20:40:00 - [33]


Louis deGuerre
Posted - 2011.08.20 23:11:00 - [34]

Danton Marcellus
Nebula Rasa Holdings
Posted - 2011.08.21 00:24:00 - [35]

Edited by: Danton Marcellus on 21/08/2011 00:24:40
Only r-tards spoil a good oppertunity for some smacktalk with a tired meme.

Don't forget I want my 'u mad' with a side of 'bro', it suggests we're from the same species...

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This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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