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Gunther Gabel
Posted - 2011.06.28 21:38:00 - [1]

This is the response I have gotten twice now, even after i asked for the macintosh instructions, NOT the winblows instructions he kept linking me.

Thank you for your bugreport - ID:113953 Title: Crash to desktop
Unfortunately, the problem described in your bugreport is such that we need any dmp files created by your client. Can you please update your bug report and attach any files created by the error. Please review this thread for further information on obtaining dmp files.
Your bugreport has been filtered.

The BugHunter Team

Can ANYONE please tell me how to make this file on a mac?

BH Scribblet

Posted - 2011.06.28 23:32:00 - [2]

Hi Gunther,

the advice you have is generic for Windows PC's, and does not apply to the Mac client.

Please read regarding preparing bug reports for Mac issues.

The file we are after for this is actually a cider trace log file, and instructions on how to obtain this are in the Evelopedia page above.

Can I ask that you refer to the bug report itself when dealing with Mac issues, as the we have standardized responses you receive may be intended for windows clients, as you have correctly noted.

Normally, however, the response in your bug report will be individualised for your specific circumstance.

Apologies for the confusion

[BH] Scribblet

Gunther Gabel
Posted - 2011.06.28 23:48:00 - [3]

OK, here is another if you don't mind.

I currently have 29 clients installed, 1 real client and 28 with symlinks.
I run 10 accounts and 5 monitors. The reason for so many is each one is setup for a specific thing. 10 are specifically for Mining ops, a few are PvP and the rest are mainly industry/jumping setups. We can't change windows sizes and using the same client amongst many things means I have to reset the UI EVERY time, it is much easier to have a set of preferences for each thing, but that means a client for each thing.

For instance, if I have 5 toons logged in doing cynos and JF ops, then want to mine, I have to logout of all 5 of those, then login to the 10 mining clients.

NOW for the question, will that cider trace work for each, or do I have to modify the first line to point to the MacOS of each individual client that i am trying to start at that particular time?

or basically, how do I run the cider trace with multiple (10) clients?

BH Scribblet

Posted - 2011.06.29 09:42:00 - [4]

Hi Gunther,

the cider trace you call is specific to the client that you call it from.

I have limited experience running multiple clients, and certainly none at the level you seem to manage.

However, the underlying issue that is causing your client to crash should be traceable on the basis that the client you call from the cider trace is the one that crashes.

Essentially that's what we need. Doesn't matter what the other clients are doing as long as the client you are tracing is the one that crashes.

Thanks and I look forward to your bug report.

[BH] Scribblet


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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