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Posted - 2011.07.09 01:30:00 - [301]

My alt's laser are not visible from my ship. We mining together. From one account: lasers. From the other: no lasers. A million bugs month. Or two monts should I say. Your billing system worked flawless instead.

Posted - 2011.07.09 17:17:00 - [302]

Edited by: ykky15 on 09/07/2011 20:46:18
Hello. I would like to know how long takes to respond to a petition?

Posted - 2011.07.09 20:21:00 - [303]

I am using a PC with the officer cabin environment on. I have had two sets of item transfers fail with the items disappearing. It appears that it happens when I transfer items from the ship hold to the items in station. I was dragging multiple items each time this happened.

Imperial 0rder
Posted - 2011.07.10 16:22:00 - [304]

Edited by: Alewx on 10/07/2011 17:51:56
Edited by: Alewx on 10/07/2011 17:27:15
There is an issue with the voice and language settings.
If the client is set to german it gives you german voice even if you set always use english voice to enabled.
Some Corpmates also noticed this.

And the Warptunnel seams still broken.

Bellasarius Baxter
Zilog Enterprises
Posted - 2011.07.10 23:31:00 - [305]

Havent seen this one before:

I did "damsel in Distress" L4 mission.

The mission has a lot of ships labeled "Pleasure hub guardian" and "Pleasure hub sentinel", along with "Krull" & "Zor".
Whenever one of those ships died, the name of the wreck turned into "Mercenary Overlord", and similar "Mercenary xxx", which is their original names.

Can anyone confirm on that issue, please ?

Togae Alus
Nulli Secunda
Posted - 2011.07.11 04:48:00 - [306]

i have had issues with a titan as the bridge bugs and some ppl dont see the jump to

this has happened 4 times now

Xylorn Hasher
Posted - 2011.07.11 15:19:00 - [307]

Originally by: Xylorn Hasher

Incarna needs optimisation My GPU (Asus Geeforce GTX 470) temperature goes up to 92 Celsius degrees more in Crysis 2 on full details for example. IT's NOT ACCEPTABLE IT'S STATIC SCENE FOR GOD's SAKE!!!!



A number of general and hardware specific optimizations of the station environment have improved performance.
Users will experience reduced CPU/GPU temperatures while in the Captains Quarters.

I'm really looking foward to this patch. I hope it make my GPU temp back to acceptable level because for now i had to turn CQ off. Funny thing is GPU temp wasn't dependable to CQ detail settings.
On low GPU had - 92 celsius
On highest possible with HDR on - 92 celsius. Everything works smooth on my comp even on this settings. ugh
Thanks for fast update CCP. Wink

Sgt Jessa Hakaari
Posted - 2011.07.12 01:41:00 - [308]

Lots of issues since Incarna. Never complained before much since I liked all the updates. I thought it was going to be great walking in stations, turns out a flop. Cant do anything, why even release it? The issue I have right now is with server lag, that would be an awsome fix. The FPS game, DUST 514, will flop if they are trying to play on a server with lots of lag I can assure you. Used to be a fun game, now always having extended down time repairing issues resulting from realeases that should have worked from the start. I had three accounts for years, now will have none. Its too bad. Confused

Electus Matari
Posted - 2011.07.12 13:40:00 - [309]

I am not sure if this was already reported: Salvagers fitted on a Prawler are not attached on the ship, but are floating in space.

Posted - 2011.07.12 14:52:00 - [310]

After Incarna launched I updated my characters clothing and appearance. I undocked yesterday logged in space and docked this morning and to discover my character had reverted to the old settings. My Portrait however has retained the changes?

Havoc Violence and Chaos
Posted - 2011.07.12 15:24:00 - [311]

Hmmn should have used the factor 20 my mum suggested

Havoc Violence and Chaos
Posted - 2011.07.12 15:27:00 - [312]

Kitana StarWind
Posted - 2011.07.13 12:01:00 - [313]

Quafe Zero
I definetly remember that when i consume Quafe Zero its bonuses were placed in the 4th booster slot in Incursion and it was some kind of feature because i can use another booster
but now in Incarna bonuses from Quafe places in the 1st booster slot and CCP`s gift become much more useless
Is it simple bug now or a constant changing in using of Quafe Zero?

Asa Spadez
Posted - 2011.07.13 16:28:00 - [314]

okay after the "server move" from yesterday's downtime I'm getting inability to connect "proxy cannot connect to server" notice.
I had been logged in and lost most game features. I tried relogging to see if that would clear it and now it won't let me in.

Axyl Gaterau
Posted - 2011.07.13 16:35:00 - [315]

Originally by: Asa Spadez
okay after the "server move" from yesterday's downtime I'm getting inability to connect "proxy cannot connect to server" notice.
I had been logged in and lost most game features. I tried relogging to see if that would clear it and now it won't let me in.

Yeah, it crashed again. No telling why it crashed this time. I was in the middle of a conference with my #2 too. Mad

Asa Spadez
Posted - 2011.07.13 16:40:00 - [316]

lol guess that would explain it Idea

Posted - 2011.07.13 16:51:00 - [317]

the way things are rollin' now does make me think CCP hasn't learned their homework regarding 'communication issues' as they fail gross in this lack of any communication towards their playerbase.

do i have to mention that they postponed the extended downtime without any patch info. the other link was outdated and i hardly believe it is the correct patch.

also the extended dt was atleast 2 hours shorter and there isn't even a topic about it started by any ccp-er. really, ANY message from ccp would be ok for me, just as long they show they can deal with those issues with a bit faster response Mad

Sam Flynn
Posted - 2011.07.13 22:34:00 - [318]

Sounds to me like CCP needs to retake the politics lesson, listen to us, and FIX THE FRICKING LAG THAT A LOT OF US ARE HAVING OR GTFO OF THE EVE COMMUNITY!!!

no offense CCP.

Posted - 2011.07.13 22:36:00 - [319]

as it seems eve is ofline after last database issue !!

Effy Dax
Posted - 2011.07.13 22:56:00 - [320]

I agree, cannot login or access the Management page on the web

Posted - 2011.07.13 23:16:00 - [321]

Neutral color tags and backgrounds are not showing for me.

I have tried relogging, redocking, resetting overview, clearing cache etc. Nothing seems to work not sure whats up <_<

Sara Ducai
Posted - 2011.07.14 05:09:00 - [322]

Anyone else run the Serpentis Phi outpost 4/10 plex over and over and not get anything to drop? I havent got anything to drop from it since the patch, nor has any of my mates, I hope that this isnt something to expect with work being done on the DED site/plex system.

Rouque Vanderbuilt
EON Technologies
Posted - 2011.07.15 11:08:00 - [323]

since Incarna... the Game run not stable. Many Lags, no Buttons after jumping ( load slow ). No Sounds on Mining Laser, much CPU and GPU load.

I am using NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580 and Intel Core I7 12 GB Ram.
Now i am disable Incarna and my GPU Fan is go to sleep Smile


Doxy Django
Posted - 2011.07.15 12:15:00 - [324]

Last week my characters head became a deep shade of Eggplant, I posted a link to the screenshot on another post. Just now when I logged on he'd completely disappeard, only to reappear 5 mins later minus upper body except he's wearing his waistcoat still. Oh and his head is still a very dark purple.
I have a lowish but playable framerate in CQ, my video card is a Nvidea 280 GTX.
This is getting hilarious.

Doxy Django
Posted - 2011.07.15 12:18:00 - [325]

Btw the character I'm referring to isn't this one, as the forum won't let me log on as him for some reason.

Dusty DustyMiner
Posted - 2011.07.15 16:01:00 - [326]

I get the above like Purple Character an also white blocks on PI when changing planets.
I have a Radeon 5850 I7 and 3 gig of ram.

Posted - 2011.07.15 16:09:00 - [327]

Edited by: Drizzd on 15/07/2011 16:10:30
Well i had this (white areas in planet mode, some went away after i clicked at the right spot on planet surface, some remained there) after the server reboot around 22:00 server time last night . but it keeps crashing time and time again

i have a full workday and eve is one of the few things that keep me entertained and allow me to cool off from work - and what happens right around the time i get home ? EVE crashes .. the third day in a row ...

What did you install on wednesday? seems that patch needs to be taken off and getting a full rework

Thank you .. mind to say i was just thinking of creating another character ... but with eve beeing nearly unplayable , this plan is on hold until i trust eve to run again like it does before

DeMichael Crimson
Republic University
Posted - 2011.07.15 16:28:00 - [328]

It now seems that every fix it patch you guys release breaks more stuff than it fixes.
The patch done this past week needs to be rolled back.

Besides adding more lag, more disconnects or crashes, longer load time, nerf to game mechanics, undue stress on clients, graphic glitches, etc.

The past couple of days at various times the screen will go black for a minute and then reshow this.

Lucas Quaan
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2011.07.15 17:05:00 - [329]

I can't reliably reproduce it, but since Incarna hit I have been experiencing a bug with the speed readout on the HUD getting stuck a lot. Simply put it will stop updating at the most random times at anything from zero to max speed to the "in warp" readout.

Please say you know about this and that a fix is in the pipe?

Trovich Raminov
Posted - 2011.07.15 18:39:00 - [330]

I think the whole Incarna plan was a bad plan. I have played eve since 2007 and have enjoyed it very much. Since this latest so called game improvement, the game has suffered, I know of at least 3 people who since Incarna have stopped playing eve and am now considering it myself. Why would 2x amd HD 5770 in crossfire not handle 2 toons. I can't be the only person wondering why Incarna was thought to be a good plan.

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