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Eliza Teta
Posted - 2011.06.27 23:18:00 - [1]

Howdy fellow apples.
My first client still came with the old ship models and had far less features to make it work proper on my fav OS.
Even up to about half a year ago, many of the more challenging cpu events often ended up in a client crash or freezing of the entire operating system.
This does not happen anymore, or hardly..considering we are in a " beta/after patching" phase of the client, its running amazingly solid.
Thank you to both CCP and trans-gaming for obviously having come to terms with the approach of having awesome gaming code run on macs. I`m still in favor of a native client ,but I suppose weŽd rather see that for the ipad than "classic OSX ".

Ofc the client now has higher requirements ,especially in the gfx card department, so the poor thing is breathing hard and I for once wont be needing a radiator this coming fall/winter.
however ,back to the headline topic.....
Looking back ,my drones, my fleets and chat groups thank you for repping this formerly hull wrecked piece of software.

PS: I heard u were planning to make us walk in stations soon ?
I`m very curious----and why is there a door in my dock now ??? ;)

CQ is unplayable (if u want more mac users on sisi ,pls unpackage this bundle of code, I`m no fan of mitroshka doll style package browsing ! ) :P


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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