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Xeln Quuzg
Posted - 2011.06.27 17:10:00 - [1]

Yes, yet another whiner creating yet another thread.

A lot of the threads have been focusing on MTs; but while MTs is a core issue, quite a number of posts seem to reveal that it's more than that. As far as I can tell, the anger has been slowly building over quite some time, and has finally boiled over with the Incarna expansion. What follows are some of the things I've seen brought up.

The Larger Context

* CCP have been erecting a barrier between themselves and the player base over the past couple of years. A company that used to interact with its players now seems to ignore them.

* Over the years CCP have released content with promises to expand upon it -- T3 items, faction warfare, wormholes, etc -- yet they never seem to do so. This has gained them the reputation for releasing (sometimes unfinished) content and then abandoning it.

* Players then see things such as spacebook and the novelty store released, rather than 'substantial' content that CCP was known for releasing in earlier expansions.

* There are also many small things that irritate players, such as a poor UI, broken patches, miscellaneous bugs, the loss of isk when "the logs show nothing," etc. Granted, EVE is a beast of a game, and there are bound to be a lot of bugs; but they can still be irritating.

These, along with other issues (which I'm sure other posters can explain), form the backdrop of what's now happening.


* CCP's announcement that they're going to charge developers of free third party apps a $99 fee.

* Many players have expressed their uninterest in CQ and they're now forced to look at a door. Also, there are those who are interested in CQ but do not have the computing power to do so; so they're also forced to look at a door.

* Charging such exorbitant prices for novelty store items, while no one is forced to buy them, still casts suspicion on the company's motives.


Concerning MTs specifically, many people understand that the game does not currently have any non-vanity MT items. It's also understood that CCP hasn't explicitly announced any plans to do so. There is a chain of events, though, which players are concerned about:

* Three years ago CCP made an April fool's dev blog which announced the plans to release MTs. This seems to show that they thought the idea was not a good one.

* 12 months ago, CCP stated that there were no plans for MTs.

* 7 months ago, CCP stated that they have plans for MTs, but only for non-vanity items.

* 1 month ago, in their internal newsletter, CCP debated having non-vanity MTs. Granted, this does not mean that, as of now, they're planning to release non-vanity MTs, but it certainly shows they're open to the idea.

* A couple days ago, CCP refuses to answer whether or not they will be releasing non-vanity MT items, and the CEO emails the company basically saying how awesome they are and to ignore the players.

Again, players realize that CCP has not announced any plans for releasing non-vanity MTs; but based on this chain of events, as well as other 'promises' that have not been kept by CCP, many get the impression that we're heading in that direction. And perhaps players are overreacting, but within the larger context of issues that have been building over the past couple of years, things look bleak to a lot of players.

What I'm trying to do here is simply bring up the issues people have discussed so that they don't get lost in the sea of emotion.


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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