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Obviously Confidential
Posted - 2011.06.27 15:49:00 - [1]

  • CCP's only source of income is EVE

  • Instead of focusing development on a top notch independent and unique quality product, ensuring organic and sustainable growth, greed took over: first impossible to meet subscription targets were set and failed, second alternative projects were considered

  • CCP now has two ambitious projects on the forge (WoD and DUST)

  • Both projects have independent financing needs and put a strain on CCP, forcing the company to take larger steps than it's legs

  • Investment is being derailed from EVE to finance these other venues and recent expansions have suffered from this (unfixed bugs, half finished features, un addressed gameplay concerns and several blunders)

  • CCP is using EVE as a milking cow / golden goose to finance other risky venues

  • There is no evidence that both WoD and DUST will be successful

  • If these projects are commercially worthy, finding external financing should not be a problem

  • In a mixture of over ambition and paying to much attention to fotm trends in the gaming business world, CCP has somehow lost track of the core original nature that made the company and EVE succesfull

  • This internal management decision making shift has affected the relationship between CCP and it's customers

  • CCP should make an internal shift back to it's roots, it's current reality and it's original identity as a company

  • CCP should make sure EVE gets the proper investment levels to advance and further develop the game

  • CCP should stop searching for other ways to further increase revenue streams from EVE, instead abandon or delay other secondary and unrelated projects

  • CCP should stop bleeding EVE players for money in ways harmful to current gameplay fundamentals, specifically:

    1. Announcing a clear policy on microtransactions that prevents the sale of non vanity items

    2. Removing all immersion breaking relationships between AURUM and in game items (PLEX/isk/etc) - dollar/euro/aurum/beans for monocle is ok, monocles costing more than a dreadnaught is stupid (no problem if they are expensive as long as no direct relation with in game stuff)

  • CCP should work with the CSM on a long term todo list of things to be fixed/implemented in EVE, with deadlines and showing serious commitment to the game

  • This list should be announced to the community and it's implementation monitored by the CSM


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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