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Mechanoid Kryten
N0VA 5
Posted - 2011.06.27 13:56:00 - [1]

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I believe the CSM is fully aware of all the issues involving gameplay (MT, 99$ dev fee, etc) and will come to a compromise with CCP that more-than-half satisfies all around.

But while this is going on, don't forget the people who fought to keeping eve what it should be and were banned for it. One of these people has a reputation as being helpful on the forums, and there is another possibly too. These should be un-banned and even given a free month.

I cannot speak objectively about Hellicity. So I will beg you to evaluate the facts and come to your own conclusion, but to please consider them.

Hellicity organized Hulkageddon which caused noobs to leave eve, and they were often the sort of casual people with a sense of humor I liked to play with, as well as I'm sure impacting CCP's bottom line. I am the organizer of GreiferGeddon, the point of which was to show these noobs that eve had a place for them after all. Now all the people I talk to in my corp... the people i created GreiefeGeddon for... say it's good that hellicity is banned. They can do just fine without hellicity and me making drama all over the server.
But on an entirely selfish level,I miss Hellicity, and I want him/her back. Hulkageddon forced me to confront it and grow as a result, and I even discovered to my great amazement that I was capable of enjoying pvp -- provided i was still in a hulk mining veldspar when the gankers all blow up around me. In all, Hulkageddon added to my gameplay.
I now think Hulkageddon was a poor example of sandbox play but a potent symbol that players control the game, not CCP. (and now i have an answer to "why doesn't ccp do something about this?" Because the alternative chases out bigger and better sandbox players.)

Now, if you look at the facts, smacktalk, like in this video has been part of eve for a long time, and often directed by carebears toward pirates. It at times gets out of hand and actually, i have to say smack talk is the main reason I avoid pvp.
If ccp wants to take an issue -- and a consistent issue -- with threats to someone out-of-game I think i would honestly welcome it. many of these situations can benefit from a GM reminding people that it's just an internet space ship.
However, it is very unfair for someone who probably did the only good deed toward the community of his life to be punished for some smack talk that is only a fraction as harsh as what goes on in that sphere of the eve universe on a constant basis.

In conclusion, in addition to lobbying for all the known issues we all know about, I think the CSM should after a consensus has been reached that benefits eve as a whole, revalaute the role of the people who have been banned in their efforts to prevent ccp from sneaking gold amo in without us noticing. Hellicity maybe a separate case but I admit I am more motivated to post this by Hellicity than the others who are probably more deserving of being un-banned, but whom i don't know because I generally avoid the forums.

p.s. -- can u make the mining lazers a bit thicker? i cant see them on a corp mining op so nothing to screen shot.

Again, this is my personal opinion about hellicity, and at odds with that of the people I care about. (Edit 4 spelling n grammer)


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