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Tugrath Akers
Posted - 2011.06.27 20:27:00 - [181]

External speaker systems for my ship.

Jacoba Stalker
Posted - 2011.06.27 20:29:00 - [182]

I don't blame CCP for wanting to make more money either, that's what they are in business for.

However I also don't agree with a game altering move that can and will (IF it is implemented) almost in one stroke, eliminate the efforts of one hell of alot of players who have been here for years, have paid the dues and have paved the way across this trackless space.

You want to put in a NEX? Fine, here is a suggestion for you.

Incarna was developed to give us bodies. (and other things)

Expand on that.

Expan on that ALOT.

Station walk arounds? Great

How about planetary walk arounds. I know personally speaking that is something I have been hoping for since way back when.

Make an entire new set of exploratory adventures based on ground and air elements (within each planets atmosphere).

Make planets explorable on foot, or by vehicle. There's where you can begin selling IN the NEX your items for cash. Leave space alone.

Here are some things that you can sell in the nex for PLANETARY exploration only.

1. Weapons (guns/blade weapons/etc)
2. Atmospheric suits (don't have one, can't go to Endora because the atmosphere will kill you instantly without it)
3. Land vehicles
4. Food (yes food)
5. Clothing suitable for each climate

These are just some suggestions, I'm sure many more can be added. AND you can sell them ALL on the NEX and not affect space and the base game one iota.

These are just my thoughts, I doubt seriously that anyone from CCP will even consider it. But personally I think it would be fun to have this as an option.

oh, I know for a fact that it would bring in MORE customers and you wouldn't lose a great many of your current customers.

The Scope
Posted - 2011.06.27 20:31:00 - [183]

Edited by: Hyperforce99 on 27/06/2011 20:45:00

Originally by: Bane Necran
Theme music, audible to everyone near you.

You mean like the awesomerax?

Actually, who wouldn't want to put a spoiler on a thorax Laughing

Ion Sky
Posted - 2011.06.27 20:32:00 - [184]

Black Market Agent - Complete missions for AUR and reward points (Courier and Combat Missions)
Courier missions usually involve transporting illegal goods from A to B
Combat missions will either involve stealing from can(anti- electronic warfare)type missions or assassinate ship X type missions
Reward Points can then be used to buy stolen/unique Vanity items from a Black Market LP Store

J Kunjeh
Posted - 2011.06.27 20:55:00 - [185]

Originally by: Nyphur
Edited by: Nyphur on 27/06/2011 00:42:08
Oh oh oh, here's a frigging good one. Sell wall-posters of various ships and such for reasonably small prices. Then sell a custom service that lets you turn a screenshot into a poster and charge a ridiculous amount for it. Even if this has to be done manually by a developer (like alliance logos), it would more than pay for the time it takes to set that up if priced at monocle-level prices.

This is actually a very cool idea. I'd use this more than a few times for sure.

Andrea Griffin
Posted - 2011.06.27 20:56:00 - [186]

Edited by: Andrea Griffin on 27/06/2011 20:59:19
A name change. I know that CCP says that name changes aren't technically possible, but then how do people become renamed "AmarrCitizen 123456" when their name is offensive? Confused Name changes are a constantly requested feature. Just keep a history, and notify people who have that character on their contact list when a name change happens. Make it 3,500 Aurum, a full PLEX, and limit name changes to once per character per owner.

I would buy a character or two if I could change the names. The main reason I haven't bought a character is because so many of the names are utterly brain damaged.

Would "featured" corporation recruitment advertisements be considered an in game advantage? As in, when searching for corporations to join using the in-game corporation listing, having one's corporation appear before others if Aurum is paid. Doesn't help you blow people up, manipulate the market, or anything else, and doesn't prevent people from seeing the other corporations. Perhaps 1,000 Aurum per month.

What about advertising on the television in the CQ? This could be for a corporation / alliance, or something like Red Frog. Double cool if you can use your own (approved) image and/or video. Maybe 2,000 - 3,500 Aurum for this, depending.

Increased biography length. This is something that the RP crowd in particular might enjoy. It could even be sold in increments... 250 Aurum for an extra 500 characters. Buy it multiple times for even more bio space. Same for corporations.

I consider awarded corporation medals to be a pretty special thing. It costs money just to make the medal. Make medals extra special by uploading your own medal image at a cost (2,000), and awarding such a medal cost a little extra (250). Images have to be approved of course.

Same with portrait background images. The default backgrounds are cool, but being able to upload your own background could be really awesome. Charge Aurum for a background every time the portrait is updated. Maybe 1,000 for this, maybe 1,500.

Same idea with custom corporation logos.

Extra bonus points if a corporation can buy a custom background for portraits, and only members of that corporation can use it (at no cost - the corporation should buy this). Imagine everyone in Super Deadly Viper Pirates of Death having a coiled, ready-to-strike snake behind their character. Oh, nifty! A full 3,500 Aurum for this.

Skins for ships are cool, but what about customized skins for towers and outposts? Towers should be cheap-ish (1,500), outposts should be more expensive (owned by large alliances, they have the ISK available for larger PLEX->Aurum conversions).

Naming solar systems that your alliance owns would be pretty awesome too. Make it relatively expensive (again, sov holding alliance should have some iskies to splurge), and also allow the system to be referred to by it's "real" name so that it doesn't screw up bookmarks or people who want to link to the system but don't know the "cool" name.

All prices are price points where I would be interested in buying the product. In general, for personal and corporation vanities, the cost shouldn't ever exceed that of a single PLEX. Alliance vanities should be more costly since you have (in theory) more people available to contribute.

Anne Arqui
Diamonds in the Rough Enterprises
Posted - 2011.06.27 20:57:00 - [187]

Did anyone already mention bloodline changes?

Posted - 2011.06.27 21:03:00 - [188]

Edited by: Spookyjay on 27/06/2011 21:06:05
I think many people have to much irl cash. Go donate it to a charity.
Or are you all failing to understand CCP cash problems are down to bad management of investment in new development of new projects.
EVE makes money.

Hiryu Jin
Ninja Unicorns with Huge Horns
Posted - 2011.06.27 21:06:00 - [189]

Another one I like, but would require some extensive work from CCP, would be to have a ship crew and walk around inside your spaceship as you're actually flying it in space. I'd pay some AUR for that. :D

J Kunjeh
Posted - 2011.06.27 21:20:00 - [190]

Originally by: Cassidia Arbosa
Like some others have said, I think the in game EVE Card Game would be awesome. Maybe something like Magic: The Gathering where people could buy card packs with randomly generated cards. Different rarities, etc.

Yes, this please! Bring back the CCG. But make sure the cards are items able to be traded on the market for ISK.

J Kunjeh
Posted - 2011.06.27 21:22:00 - [191]

Originally by: I Love Boobies
Personally, I think it would be cool to see movies streamed over the in game screen, like a video rental service of the newest movies and so on.

Or maybe instead of adding Flash to the browser, figure out a way so it works with the screen in the CQ and allow you to watch like YouTube, play Flash games and so on. Dunno how feasible that would be since they are worried about Flash security vulnerabilities for the browser.

Maybe add a solitaire game you can play while mining away, lol.

A streaming music service, or a service that adds music to your Jukebox.

Product placement wouldn't be so bad if it meant lowering the prices for some clothes. Like a Nike hat, or shoes. They get paid by Nike for putting the stuff in game as a form of advertisement, in turn, making it able to charge less AUR for it.

Just a few thoughts I figured I would throw out there.

Uhh....ok, I'm probably being trolled, but that's one thing I hope to never see: real world items showing up in New Eden. All items have to fit within the lore and aesthetic of Eve. Nuff said.

Peyman Torabi
Posted - 2011.06.27 21:24:00 - [192]

I wouldn't mind a way for me to visually customize my ship. New colors and/or logos. Giving corps the ability to have their logo on their ships.

Posted - 2011.06.27 21:30:00 - [193]

Yeah - I'd go with the name change thing. 1 Plex

Arianna Satellizer
Posted - 2011.06.27 21:36:00 - [194]

Edited by: Arianna Satellizer on 27/06/2011 21:38:34

I cant believe I cant bring one in my quarters!

Oh and yes Id go spend money on those pixel cards!
Id be happy to have a magic based like mini game in game hehehe.

The Scope
Posted - 2011.06.27 21:45:00 - [195]

Edited by: Hyperforce99 on 27/06/2011 21:48:28
Originally by: Arianna Satellizer

Oh and yes Id go spend money on those pixel cards!
Id be happy to have a magic based like mini game in game hehehe.

yeah :)
IDEA #2 - THE INCARNA-BOUND (DIGITAL) "Eve: The Second Genesis Collectible Card Game"

Any way to let a CSM member know about this idea for the summit in a few days? So they can lay it onto CCP.

Keeping in mind card games are all about collecting cards, so if players can also gain then from in game actions, like loot drops (Sansha could randomly drop Sansha cards for example :P) then all players will get some exposure to the game over time. Allowing them to buy booster packs or specific cards for AUR could then result in a nice and addicting minigame CCP can work into the multiplayer station game. :P

Sergeant Spot
Galactic Geographic BookMark Surveying Inc.
Posted - 2011.06.27 21:48:00 - [196]

I strongly support CCP improving their income with the sale of good and services that are not "Fee for pvp advantage".

Go for it, and I no joke wish you all the best.

Ealric Sorden
Posted - 2011.06.27 21:50:00 - [197]

Sorry if this idea has already been posted, I only scanned the thread...

Perhaps slightly altered ship models? The catch being that you must already own the ship and have it in your hangar to buy/apply it. That way you still have to get the ship from players, or make it yourself, but if you want to change the look of it a little you can.

Vanir Waelcyrge
Posted - 2011.06.27 21:51:00 - [198]

My main concern with non-vanity additions is the temptation to slowly degrade the game for non-AUR-payers. It would, over time, remove the free expansions principle. Every time CCP developed some change/addition to the game they would have the discussion about if it was a AUR-item/functionality or a "free" thing.

But some of the pure vanity stuff in this thread could be fun. Naming systems/constellations (lets finally get rid of those boring 0.0 names). Paintjobs. Paying for ingame corp/alliance commersials. Why my Corp symbol and Ship name have never been sprayed on the side of my ship? No clue. Lets add them for a few AUR, small amount but payed for each ship.

Why not add the ability to brand buy and sale orders on the market. Maybe Player name/Corp name or a short sales blub, visible in a column in the market screen.

I also like the idea of adding skins to the game. Changes that only I see and that doesn't impact anyone else.
I would personally pay some AUR for a Activity based ingame MP3-player. Let it automatically change between styles in my music collection based on I was doing at the moment.
I would also pay to put my personal content on in-game screens. I always hated the boring show at the gates. Let me put something there, a slideshow, or a locally stored video that only I see.

And making the EVE Store totally in-game would be great (even if that borderlines RL-output of course).

Maman Brigitte
Licentia Ex Vereor
Intergalactic Exports Group
Posted - 2011.06.27 21:53:00 - [199]

Originally by: Hot Brunette
Faster response from CCP

Ooh, good idea. 12,000 AUR per Lead Developer response to a 450 page thread, + 1k AUR per 25 pages less, -1k AUR per 25 pages more. >_<

J Kunjeh
Posted - 2011.06.27 21:55:00 - [200]

Originally by: Tusti
They should sell -Dev time- The nex could have a list of features players have been asking for, low-sec love, gallante love, faction warfare improvements, Expanded pos options, treaties, iterations on you know....spaceships,sleepers, etc (it would be a long list). They could estimate how much the dev time would cost and set that (or a percentage thereof) as a price, then keep a running tally of all AUR pledged to that project. If it reaches its goal (in say 6 mo) we see it in the next patch, if it doesn't players get their AUR back and its taken out of the store.

Now THAT is a killer idea. Maybe THE "killer app" for AUR. Not sure how it would all work to benefit both sides, but something worth pondering for sure.

The Scope
Posted - 2011.06.27 22:15:00 - [201]

Edited by: Hyperforce99 on 27/06/2011 22:16:16
Akita, I've relayed your idea about the card game in this thread and added some feedback of my own:

This really should be spread to the CSM or to CCP so they can present it as an alternative during the meeting in Iceland this week.

Posted - 2011.06.27 22:17:00 - [202]

totally forgot to write this ;

ability to buy some special effect on the portrait, to make it more visible to others.

Posted - 2011.06.27 22:17:00 - [203]

Edited by: Anistazana on 27/06/2011 22:22:43
Thoughts on Incarna, VI, MT, EVE Economics, CQ incentivization. . .

Ok, so I'm cooking some boneless skinless chicken breasts in my kitchen today, and I'm thinking on the Incarna debacle that has been brewing, EVE, and other stuff.

What is EVE? EVE is a game where people gather resources, build ships and fittings, then go blow them up in PvP. This is what drives the game. Someone mines, someone builds, someone blows stuff up. Three different types of players, all supporting one another's play style. A nice ecosystem of herbivores and predators.

BUT. . .

EVE is not CCP. CCP is a company that wants to make money. They got started in the video game business by making a board game and selling it to raise money to create a new game which would make them rich.

Now, I get that Incarna / CQ is, by CCP's lights less about the players than setting up for the future, but there is little incentive for players to use the CQ and even less for them to care about the Space-Sims portion as it sits. Also, I get that CCP needs more money. People currently give CCP money when their EVE experience is worth the “price of admission.” DUST is in some stage of alpha and needs $, £, or € to get it to store shelves next year. I really, really want DUST to succeed, because it will make CCP less reliant on the EVE revenue that is it's sole source of sustenance. I also WAS trying to talk my PS3 thumber buddies into playing DUST. Not so much right now. I really do hope that World of VampireCraft succeeds and all the Twilight Tweens pour gobs of cash into CCP's pockets. I hope, it these things happen, and money can be put back into EVE to finally finish the game.

I did have one thought that occurred to me in mid chicken breast sizzle. Why aren't the players crafting the vanity items? I know others have thought on and about the following proposal. Why is CCP selling the vanity items “ whole cloth” directly to the players? Isn't it just a little more work for CCP have the vanity items follow the usual formula?

(material + BPO/BPC= x items)

So I'm thinking there could be an incentive to get people, some people, into the CQ. Why not make one or a couple of manufacturing slots which are only accessible in the CQ and ONLY for vanity items? It could go a couple of ways. Either the manufacturing costs would cost the player Aurum, the BPC's could cost Aurum, as the items currently do, or some mixture of both.
You could get people to use and buy from the NeX, to utilize the CQ who wouldn’t ordinarily do either. Broader appeal. You could make some the BPC's very limited in number in the EVE universe. When they sell out you have to wait till the next fashion season's release. This drives the desirability up for the Space Sims types.
I get that there needs to be an PLEX sink in game. Once the money is given to CCP from the PLEX, that PLEX now becomes a liability to CCP, as it will provide 30 days of game play at some future point, yet the money has already been spent by CCP. As counter intuitive as it seems, I think lower VI prices in terms of real world dollars, will equal more Aurum created from PLEX.

It's KFC principle of marketing in that, as Colonel Sanders said, " Feed the poor and get rich or feed the rich and get poor.”


IDEA #2 - THE INCARNA-BOUND (DIGITAL) "Eve: The Second Genesis Collectible Card Game"

$ony did this in EQ1 and EQ21 AND made the CCG game playable as stand alone outside the two games. . not sure how well that worked for them. Still, it would be interesting and I, for one would be interested in a "game within a game".

Caiyuga Onishi
Posted - 2011.06.27 22:18:00 - [204]

Here is an idea:

Remove AUR from the game.

Saint Lazarus
Pwn 'N Play
Chaos Theory Alliance
Posted - 2011.06.27 22:23:00 - [205]

Originally by: Akita T

IDEA #2 - THE INCARNA-BOUND (DIGITAL) "Eve: The Second Genesis Collectible Card Game"

This one is much easier to explain.
For those of you that don't know, "Eve: The Second Genesis Collectible Card Game" is an actual trading cards game that CCP has published at some time in the past in the real world.
As far as I know, production has been discontinued thanks to relatively low interest, since you're not likely to be too close (geographically speaking) with too many other EVE players that are also CCG enthusiasts.

This is the proverbial "shooting down two birds with one stone" deal.
They already have the IP (graphics, rulesets, backgrounds, etc) and they can create a place where the concentration of interested players can reach critical mass - inside Incarna.

Simply translate the CCG into digital form (there actually is a similar RP precedent - "Mindclash") and you're golden.
Just sell the cards, booster packs or whatever it is CCGs are supposed to sell in real life, but sell them for AUR inside Incarna.

Heck, you can also implement "Mindclash" itself while you're at it (later).
Sure, it will be a truckload of work, but... why not ?

Thats one of the best ideas I've seen on EvE-O Forums in quite some time.


also +1 for Mindclash aswell

J Kunjeh
Posted - 2011.06.27 23:15:00 - [206]

Originally by: Tarinara

But on a slightly serious note: most of the protest has been about 'Golden Ammo'. But what if they actually did? Something along the lines of Faction Ammo. Slightly better damage factor ( because you ARE paying real money for it ). And before everyone goes ballistic - most ammo doesn't stick around. It gets used. It's a consumable after all, so it's certainly going to get used up.

As long as it's not a complete faceroll/I WINZ item, but something maybe slightly better than Faction ammo: is that really so terri-bad? I can even see not having a basic t1 flavor of ammo as a turn-in. After all: how many 100 stacks of ammo drop out of wrecks as loot? Those materialize out of thin air, so having NeX ammo 'materialize' probably isn't going to break the Eve economy any more than it already is.

I've been thinking about things like this too. Would it be so bad to offer items that give a VERY slight advantage over regular items, but that are priced at a premium, and the benefit given doesn't last forever (say, such as ammo...or a can of Quafe Zero).

Incapsulated Reality
Posted - 2011.06.28 03:41:00 - [207]

I've made a compilation of current suggestions here. For convenience.

Irie Irie Irie
Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2011.06.28 04:01:00 - [208]


Posted - 2011.06.28 04:04:00 - [209]

How about a virtual super size colostomy bag for all the other virtual MT sh!t in game now?

Posted - 2011.06.28 04:22:00 - [210]

Bidding wars for the position of First, and the 1d20 chance to change any thread title to a this now a xxxx thread.

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