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Jim Luc
Rule of Five
Vera Cruz Alliance
Posted - 2011.06.27 00:10:00 - [1]

1. Scrap the current system of Aurum, and allow Aurum to be purchased directly in packs - 1,000, 2,000, 4,000, etc.

2. Drastically lower prices for clothing and all current items

3. Introduce limited-run blueprints that we can manufacture with PI goods, using PI manufacturing nodes, which can be purchased with Aurum

4. Allow PLEX to be purchased via Aurum, not the other way around

5. Allow Aurum Packs to be purchased via ISK - 500; 1,000; 1,500; 2,000; 2,500...

Essentially I'm stealing the Microsoft model with their credits system. By purchasing in packs, you are often buying more than you need, and unless you want to, you aren't purchasing way more credits than you really need.

Right now, if I purchased AUR with PLEX, I've blown $35, and let's be honest most of us will gladly spend $5 or $10 on a whim, but $35 for some reason just doesn't justify in-game items right now. For God's sake - there's a recession going on.

Lowering the entrypoint will allow more people to get used to the idea of purchasing vanity items. Also, the market of EVE doesn't suffer because there will be items hitting the market that have been created using the blueprints. While the blueprints themselves are purchased for a bulk amount, that bulk amount ends up far cheaper than purchasing the singular item directly, and allows the Capsuleer to profit in game currency. For instance, if you purchased a blueprint for pants for $35, that blueprint has a limited run of 150. This allows the capsuleer to get back their initial investment plus make a hefty profit, play the game that CCP has created, contribute to the overall industry of Eve, and the pants they have created have a natural production cost and selling cost.

CCP wins because people are using their MT strategy, and more people are playing EVE as a result. No buy-win either.


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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