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Skex Relbore
Red Federation
RvB - RED Federation
Posted - 2011.06.27 06:56:00 - [31]

While going through all the usual stuff get them to increase the number of saved fittings back to a reasonable number or revert to the old locally saved system, It's obvious now that it was a shameless attempt to charge us for functionality they removed.

Rodrom Caldera
Don't look at me
Posted - 2011.06.27 17:11:00 - [32]

I updated all the question with the information given in this thread and only trough mail

Marius Rousseau
Posted - 2011.06.27 21:12:00 - [33]

I've posted this else where but I think it's time that we should have a written constitution (copy of my original post follows)

Given the recent events I think it's time that we had a written constitution, a binding social contract between the developers and the players. Eve is a virtual world and CCP like it or not is the defacto government. As citizens of eve we need a constitution so that we can hold CCP to account and ensure that our virtual world develops and progresses in manner that meets everyone's needs including the needs of the developer (read government) to earn more money or raise a little extra cash provided that it doesnt come at the expense of game balance. What we need is security and safe knowledge that the game that we all know and love is worth investing in both finacially and morally. That we can make bets on the future and know in advance what significant changes are planned and approved by the majority of the player base as a whole.

I've mentioned before there are some things yet to be developed that I would happily splash out a little cash for every now and again, so I'm not adverse to spending more money, but I am adverse to pay to win or pay to change the balance of power or pay to unlock features that we used to get for free etc.

some of the items I would like included would be:

1. Online Votes for new features with all implications fully explained by the devs
2. A release of CCP from including 2 expansions per year (quality not quantity)
3. A five year development plan written in detail available for all players to read and check etc
4. All agreed points of policy to be binding and once passed irreversible
5. An agreement that the constitution once set up can not be revoked or changed
6. No new costly artwork for arts sake unless it's part of the written development plan (no point to the new augeror etc) This will reduce costs etc
7 no change foistered upon the community without prior consent.

I'm sure you will all think of more please feel free to add if you think a written constitution is a good thing that can benefit both the developers and the player base.

Kyla dhaal
Posted - 2011.06.27 22:21:00 - [34]

What measures will ccp put in place to ensure that the dust514 will not become the first peice of "gold ammo" for aurum/plex when it becomes fully interactive with the eve online universe?

Seeing as us pod pilots are supposed to be able to hire dust players and effect sov/pi, and as dust514 will be a mt funded game, it is most likely that plex or aurum is going to be the currencey of hire.

Asmodeus Et'Mort
Imperial Academy
Posted - 2011.06.27 22:27:00 - [35]

Originally by: Adunh Slavy
I don't have questions, I have demands.

1) Micro-Transactions

NO Micro-Transactions beyond purely cosmetic value. That means paint jobs, hats, pants, clothing, ship decals, etc. If it is not cosmetic, pure fluff vanity, it is an anathema to the sandbox!

If a player can sit in a chair, then players should make the chair! If CCP wants to charge for a paint job for the chair, then charge for nicer chairs that are functionally no different from player made chairs, and require a player made chair to even produce!

No RENTAL FEES on bars, store fronts, etc beyond ISK! No gambling for anything other than ISK!

No Faction standings, no rental fees for "more ship fittings", no security status fees/fixes/bribes/THEFT!

2) CQ

Make CQ optional by giving us the old hangar, and a button to get out of our pod and go into the CQ if we want to do that. I look forward to walking in stations. I do not look forward to walking in lag or being forced into a clothing store for $1000 pants!

FIX the damn thing - You are melting people's hardware! This horrific CPU and memory eating toy should not have made it out the door. It has leaks, I have watched them, it is not good. Fix it. Quality matters, beauty fades.

3) Communicate!

I find it amazing how out of touch you, CCP, have become with your customers. You thought we were mad about the cost of some silly cartoon pants? We made a fuss because it is such a joke, it just added fuel to growing skepticism.

You may have very well done irrevocable harm to the trust of your customers. Get back in touch with your roots. You are not Microsoft, You are not Sony, You are not Apple - You're a game company. We should not be seen as your customers, we should be seen as your friends. That is the power and value of an independent production house. If you can not grasp this, you are lost.

This this is what I want!

Christina Carter
Northwest Passage
Posted - 2011.06.28 00:02:00 - [36]

Personally, I would like to see this meeting that will take place broadcasted and recorded just as CCP did with AC9 (what a joke that topic). Set up a special forum so that we, the players, can ask additional questions or add our input in real time.

Time to step up CCP and answer to the true investors of Eve, the players.

Eve Forever
Power to the Players!


The Mittani
Goonswarm Federation
Posted - 2011.06.28 01:21:00 - [37]

Originally by: Ydnari
Edited by: Ydnari on 26/06/2011 19:15:32

I'm a fan of this summary, have been since I saw it the first time. Most of the CSM is as well, it gets linked around a lot.

Posted - 2011.06.28 06:43:00 - [38]

My question would be

What is the road map for Incarna? What features are you planning on implementing and when?

All this drama has ruined would should have been a wonderful achievement for EVE and its players.

Give us something to look forward to again.

Mhari Dson
Posted - 2011.06.28 11:58:00 - [39]

T3 Battlecruisers and battleships promised with the Apocrypha release, where are they and why am I getting led in an infinite circle trying to find out if they're going to be released? We need time spent on correcting problems and finishing the unfinished projects of the past. If some of these cannot be finished we need a closure of some sort, something telling us what promises made will and won't be worked on now or ever.

+1 on bring back the old hangar as an option. if my new vid card hadn't arrived last weekend I'd be unsubscribed already.

A monthly or quarterly development report detailing the basics of what's bieng worked upon (or requiring everyone to post a monthly devblog for their team requiring the same) will go a long way towards accomplishing transparency and will keep confusion and additional questions as to what is actually bieng done from clogging up the forums and petition systems.

What more needs to be said here? Unban 'em all, they wouldn't have acted out if it wasn't something they didn't care about.

To stop issues like this from exploding across the game and disrupting forums/tradehubs/lives/work kick around ideas not just at the office but get us involved. Eve players as a whole are the smartest out there, we ruthlessly kill off the dumb ones every day. Ideas that might cause mass controversy are the first things that should be brought to us rather than find out through subterfuge and information leaks, want to know if something might cause another riot? ASK! There's more than enough of us to give a full spectrum of answers from as many standpoints as necesary.

And yes I'd pay $5 to paint my hookbill black like it used to be.

Iexo Peoa
Posted - 2011.06.28 13:10:00 - [40]

Edited by: Iexo Peoa on 28/06/2011 13:13:33
There's not a whole lot I could add that hasn't already been covered here, and I'm a fan of streamlining the graphics of Captain's Quarters and the growing "ambulation" aspect of Eve, to bring the hardware requirements more in line with the rest of the game.

This issue has also made clear that more and better communication between CCP and the userbase is necessary. Freeing "political prisoners" would also be a sign of good faith, as a good many are just that (greifers not included).

However, I'd like the ship repaints and customizations to be alot cheaper than $5, myself. I'd also like to see them sell for ISK. It would be more realistic anyway, paying a work crew in ISK to repaint your ship, like you'd pay to repair it... The bigger the ship, the bigger the cost, because there's more to paint.

I have one more issue, it doesn't have to do with MT, but it does involve Incarna... With the Incarna expansion, drones were made to take AOE damage from missions. While I understand the reasoning behind this, drones have been the whipping boy for nerfs as long as I've been playing. I think it's about time they see some love, perhaps in the form of a complete overhaul, expansion in the form of specialized damage drones (like that we now have fighters and fighterbombers for carriers), but for all three size classes, a new UI, and perhaps some new gameplay dynamics, or even technical changes to make them less laggy, so that devoted subcapital droneboat ships in high-sec with number bonuses (and skills that would lead into carriers, rather than the current nonsensical "training gunboats to use a droneboat" skill training model) would not be such an "evil" concept.

I'm probably the first to really notice that in the patch notes, but as a droneboater, it directly effects me, and does limit the missions I can run without paying more to replace my expensive Tech 2 drones than I'm getting from the mission rewards.

Rodrom Caldera
Don't look at me
Posted - 2011.06.28 19:33:00 - [41]

Updated Mainpost again, use colors to make it more apealling to read.
and did a spelling check.

Rodrom Caldera
Don't look at me
Posted - 2011.06.30 18:56:00 - [42]

Hopefully this thread helped with the CSM in there talk with CCP

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