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Posted - 2011.06.26 17:01:00 - [1]

Hi everybody,

Eveindus can now be use like Traders tools.
About last news in Eve, i would like to say, eveindus is absolutly free and will stay free for ever!
Everybody is welcom and register do not erquier a valid mail.

Last update:
(Demo: login = fake , password = eveindus)

-Now, you can manually add more purchase orders of different objects into a form validation.

-You can also destroy-purchase orders per group.

-It is possible to import any kind of purchase to obtain an average purchase price of any object.

-You can define whether to rely primarily your average purchase price, or your production cost of the object, in your retail cost of production. For example: If you have purchased and stored in Eve indus, the Raven, and you look at the details of the production cost of the Golem (which itself requires a raven to produce it), you can choose if you prefere count the Raven depending on your average purchase price or from your blueprint Raven recorded.

-It is now possible, through your API Key, to import all your sales, of any object in order to obtain an average selling prices (accessible in the Sold, formerly (My purchase price ).

-So you know exactly what your profit will be, shown immediately below the cost of production.

-In the pages-Import API Key you can now click all checkbox from 1 link

-Different import filter API Key now available

-In the My prices, it is now possible to edit a favorite shopping list, to see things more clearly. By clicking the star next to each object, you'll place it in your main list.

-In your profile you can delete all your purchases permanently

-In your list of cost of production you can now choose to hide some groups

-You can now email your table detailing a cost of production

-You now have the opportunity to register, in addition to the ME, your skill level "production efficiency" in your profile (or when you add a new blueprint) to pre-calculate the quantities default

-If you buy your blueprints or reverse without inventing it, you can specify this price either the invention or by directly adding a blueprint Tech 2 or 3.

-The population Evien indicator will be triggered every ten minutes maximum

-To relieve your pages relatively useless information, you can in your profile, choose not to show a particular area.

-Also in the profile, and really for fun, you can choose the icon that station will be displayed in your retail cost of production.

-I would also update to offer you to listen my compositions sound in the background:).


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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