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Anette Inhonores
Posted - 2011.06.26 13:57:00 - [1]

Edited by: Anette Inhonores on 26/06/2011 14:00:09
>\Relayed from GalNet sites and holo frequencies to the IGS

Yesterday evening in uptown Hueromont on Luminaire, the ensemble cast of Beyond the Veil attended the release premier of the sci-fi epic, greeted by a crowd in the thousands. The most notable stars include Jonaton Xin-Rouvelle (Bad Blood, Obisus), Renate en Tvron (What We've Lost, Fear Them) and, most notably, rising preteen actress Anette Inhonores (Keisi), all of whom were extravagantly dressed for the occasion. The plot of the holo follows the fate of a Mammoth-class industrial vessel that stumbles across a wormhole into the unknown, the crew of the beleaguered ship racing against time to escape the mysterious Sleepers. Xin-Rouvelle stars as Byan Olasent, captain of the vessel, along with en Tvron as wife and first officer Jasis Olasent, with young Inhonores as Sye Olasent, the young daughter of the two. Other notable stars include Tarak Heim (Death2Amarr, Streets of Deltole) as the chief engineer of Minmatar descent, and Monasa Subateni (Blueberry, Road to God) as a stowaway Amarrian smuggler.

Critics lauded Beyond the Veil as an "extremely grand spectacle" with "equally high production values", as well as the performances of Xin-Rouvelle and en Tvron, stating that "one can expect no less than the standard that this very competent pair have set for themselves". Inhonores' role as Sye Olasent was singled out, with Ilalyn Brodovic of Entertainment Now praising the ten-year old for holding "unmatched precociousness...demonstrating a maturity for her age that allows her to give the audience such a believable and realistic performance. It's almost as if she isn't pretending at all". There were some dissenting voices, however, believing that Inhonores' role from thriller Keisi was "practically the same. A young girl coming of age before her time due to extraordinary circumstances". As a result, many are intrigued to what Inhonores will offer in the family VR adventure Ewd & Stin as Betta the Bax, voicing and providing her anthromorphic likeness to a sarcastic feline cub who finds itself strung up with the attention-deficit titular characters.

Beyond the Veil will run for a total of two months, and will be released on holoreel towards the end of the year. The holoreel will see limited distribution in the Caldari State and northern nullsec territories via the Nugoeihuvi Corporation, with Impetus covering all other regions.

Defensores Fidei
Curatores Veritatis Alliance
Posted - 2011.06.26 14:26:00 - [2]

Provided the content is of no offence to God I'd be happy to recomend it in the Empire. Our Lord wants us focused on our goals in life but He has no issue with is indulging our sences in moderation.

Murdock Jern
Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2011.06.27 07:35:00 - [3]

Sorry for P*ssing on your fireworks, Anette, but I just read this review that came through the Caldari newsfeed for the same holo:-

- - - - REVIEWS

Beyond The Veil - 2 stars (of possible 5)
"The over-hyped, self-indulgent Galletean epic, with languishing dialogue and uninspired plot deserves to stay in wormhole space"

Le Monde Holoreel Productions have reportedly spent in excess of the equivalent of 100,000 Capsuleer ISK in its production, which is nearly as much as the Amarr Epic "God's Harbringer", the recent biography of Empress Jamyl. You would expect with a big budget like this you would get a slick dialogue, clever character interplay, suspense, perhaps even a emotional bond that lingers with you and provokes though long after the holoreel's over.

Unfortunately, Beyond The Veil fails on a number of fronts. Le Monde has wheeled in some big names to deliver the story, namely Jonaton Xin-Rouvelle of Obisus fame. I am told that Jonaton was a late stand in to star in the role when Jaques Fellion dropped out in favor of starring in "The Venture". Renate en Tyron and Anette Inhonores are the two female leads as well as a support cast which includes Tarak Heim and Monasa Subateni as the chief engineer and a stowaway, respectively.

This is not the first time that Xin-Rouvelle and and Tyron were on the same reel, but sadly I hope its their last. The chemistry was non existant. Xin-Rouvelle's character lacked conviction and I failed to attach to his plight. Tyron was marginally better but was sadly let down by sluggish and banal dialogue, which left me wondering who exactly the production house was pitching this holoreel at?

Speaking of plotline, I was also underwhelmed. The story of an industrial freighter who accidentally entered wormhole space, is not new, and although the the occasional plot twist might catch some people off guard, for those who have watch "Fear Them" will find parts of the storyline unusually similar. There are sometimes moments of utter self indulgence that I found myself scratching my head at times wondering what the purpose of it was. I found myself holding my head in my hands when Xin-Rouvelle proclaimed, "We are Galleteans" at the top of his voice during the key pivotal scene. Why?

Although there were some glimmers of brightness in this black hole of a reel. Inhonores, who plays the feisty daughter in the holo, steals the show, making the best of a poor script. This rising star has out-shone the veteran actors in this holo with aplomb, and has now proven her talent.

It's a shame that the writing wasn't tight enough, or the characters believable enough, or the storyline unique enough. Sadly, compared to other big-budget holos being planned for release this summer, I would rather this one get sliced into ribbons by the Sleepers.

Beyond The Veil will open to Class C entertainment venues across the State towards the end of the year.



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