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Coco Caine
Posted - 2011.06.26 11:56:00 - [1]

The recent inclusion of a MT shop in Eve raises some controversy. I personally don't like the way this PLEX for clothes thing is heading. So I decided to propose an evolution of the current PLEX for ISK system to become a more flexible and fair payment system, because I want substantial player interaction for RL money.

From a game lore point of view, most 'hard' rules are enforced by CONCORD, the PLEX is a renewable licence to fly a spaceship. So let's replace the PLEX with the more flexbile concept of 'CONCORD influence' in a ratio of 1:10, and be more granular about the things that CONCORD may allow or deny you:

CI cost --- Privilege
0 --- you can log in and do stuff in station, and use shuttles and your pod in space
1/2/5/25 --- you are allowed to use a frigate/cruiser/BS/capital ship without getting outlawed/concordokken
2/5/10 --- the cost of a tech school/university membership, where 2 is for basic skill, 5 for rank 4+ skills and 10 is for rank 8+ skills
5/10/20 --- cost per month for starbase charter for S/M/L towers, once the charter runs out CONCORD 'clears' the moon
10 --- CONCORD bribe to reset your sec status
50 --- CONCORD bribe to instantly flag a single player in space to outlaw for 15 mins
75 --- CONCORD fee for raising the sec status of a low/sov. nullsec system to 0.5 for a month
120 -- CONCORD bribe to set any high sec system to 0.4 sec status for 2-4 hours (limited to once a month)
240 -- CONCORD fee to overlook cynos and capital ships in a high sec system for 2-4 hours

If you set old PLEX to CIP to something like 1 to 10, with the above scheme a capital ship pilot will cost 3.5 PLEX per month. A noob will be able to start his career for way less than a PLEX per month, making Eve more attractive for new players. A very basic game play as station dweller would be 'f2p'.

New RL money sink would be the 'CONCORD bribe' system. For the equivalent of 5 PLEXes you can seriously grief a player, for a few more bucks you can turn Jita into a FFA. Maybe this even has to be far more expensive to prevent excessive abuse ;).

'Travel advisory: Due to a Sansha fanatics suicide attack on CONCORD communications facilities in Jita there might be a temporary disruption of CONCORD services. We advise unarmed craft to dock or leave system.'


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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