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Lex Zen
Posted - 2011.06.25 14:18:00 - [1]

Hello ppl, I'm not actually posting about EVE but another MMO that I've just started.

See, EVE was my first experience with Team Speak. It's essential, I know, but I really don't like it. I mean... if I wanted to have a conversation with a room full of reedy-voiced, nasally-whining geeks I'd go and hang out in a Games Workshop.

I want my TS to be, well, about whatever we're doing. Y'know, "left, right, jump." I don't mind passing the time of day, having a joke. But when you get caught with that ONE guy, the ONE who won't shut up...
I just don't want to get stuck in THAT CONVERSATION. I don't want to feel the need to uphold some kind of social role when I've chosen to do the exact opposite... to sit in bed smoking spliffs and playing computer games...
I don't want to be talking to that guy who insists you google his postcode and asks you your real name (biiiiig problems with this. Don't like that at all.)
I don't want to be stuck on it until 3am trying to make up an excuse to leave because the guy on the other end just WILL NOT SHUT UP ABOUT HIS GARDENING.

Is there any way to just politely inform people that, yes, I am willing to co-operate but please can we treat this like a tool rather than Mr-Married-With-Children's-Only-Chance-To-Talk-To-Another-Human-Being-This-Week?

I just... gah... I'm so mean. But I want to play the game, I want to utilise voice communication to improve coordination. I don't want to be stuck on it like an awkward dinner party... "So, what do you do?"

Helen Hunts
Red Dragon Mining inc
Red Dragon Industries
Posted - 2011.06.25 14:27:00 - [2]

There comes a time when one must calmly, firmly, tell the idiot "NO".
If there are repeats beyond that, consider perma-muting the guy. (Or if it's your server, KICK/BAN)

I've had to deal with a few of those. I love having Server Admin powers for when enough is enough.

We even had one guy who couldn't shut up about EVE. Drove a couple guys out of game with his harping. He got an extended vacation.

Janus Talmash
Talmash Imports and Exports Group
Posted - 2011.06.25 15:43:00 - [3]

Edited by: Janus Talmash on 25/06/2011 15:45:45
Simple; tell him that when you're on voice you do so to enhance the gameplay, not necessarily because you want to have meaningful conversations, and that his yapping is making you lose concentration and is something "you can't deal with right now".

Thing is that some people chat a lot but there's no problem with it. Others have this esteem thing going where they need to be heard or whatever and it gets on your nerves instantly. There's no stopping those other than being very specific and verbal.

or as I tend to put it after having being nice a few times; "I'm not interested", if it still goes on I'll go into "SHUT THE F UP!" mode.

Lex Zen
Posted - 2011.06.25 15:46:00 - [4]

Yeah but the guy isn't an idiot. That's the problem. He's quite nice. Just very boring and very long winded.
He's just being friendly! His own brand of aimless babble friendly... but friendly all the same... and to tell them 'NO', or, y'know, "please be quiet" or "I don't feel like talking" is just plain rude.

I want there to be some kind of code, some kind of tag you put in your name...

Lex Zen -_-

Or something. That everyone understands as, "willing to interact on teamspeak, willing to co-operate in game but is only interested in talking to you ABOUT THE GAME so please don't try and strike up dinner party conversation with me."

Janus Talmash
Talmash Imports and Exports Group
Posted - 2011.06.25 15:49:00 - [5]

I'm sorry but there's no way of doing that, you'll have to face reality and convey the message :)

Viktor Fyretracker
Emminent Terraforming
Posted - 2011.06.25 16:03:00 - [6]

Always remember to tell people to use Pust-to-Talk so their mic does not key up for every sound in their room, from a sneeze to their devilspawn(baby/kids) making noise.

House of Marbles
Posted - 2011.06.26 13:03:00 - [7]

'I'm sorry, My mother doesn't like me talking to strangers.'

Capdown Jakuard
Posted - 2011.06.26 17:48:00 - [8]

Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind

Lord Viziam
Posted - 2011.06.26 22:26:00 - [9]

Edited by: Lord Viziam on 26/06/2011 22:27:26

I don't know. I find that nothing shuts someone up faster than when you don't say anything at all.

"So how was your weekend?"
"I took the kids out camping. We had a total blast!"
"ok then. I'll catch you later.."
"see ya.."

Either that; or pull the old "sorry, i'm on the phone" trick.


Wilhelm Riley
Posted - 2011.06.26 22:55:00 - [10]

Pretend to take an unhealthy interest in him, soon he wont want to talk to you at all. Razz

Alpine 69
Rubbish Superheroes
Posted - 2011.06.27 10:57:00 - [11]

Ask for a room for people who are on ops, afk, or otherwise busy, and one for the light-hearted chat that you so much despise, so you can just sit in the room with nothing but useful game-related chat.


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