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Silent Dodger
Bad Robot Inc.
Red Alliance
Posted - 2011.06.25 12:22:00 - [1]

Edited by: Silent Dodger on 25/06/2011 12:22:42
Edited by: Silent Dodger on 25/06/2011 12:21:59

It’s just a name, two words, just another alliance in EVE. Do you think so? NO, my dear friend…. This is not another alliance that disappears after half of the year. This is a new part of RED ALLIANCE.

RA always was a Russian speaking alliance. But time goes on and everything is changing. If you want to be on the top of the world, you must evolve. And such time has come for Red Alliance, time to evolve. We are not dying; we don’t need fresh meat. But we want to progress. And we have decided that RA should no longer be a Russian only speaking community. We are creating RED.Legion. This alliance will be a part of Red alliance. Not a pet, not renters, not a slave alliance, but it will have the same rights, with the same commitments, with stations and systems.

A lot of people wanted to join us, join RA. But if you couldn’t understand Russian – you couldn’t. Now you can! Doesn’t matter what is your first language, your time zone. We want to give a chance to corporations which think like us, which are searching for the strong shoulder of a brother in arms, which are tired of searching for an alliance with no intolerance, anarchy and selfishness.

There are people saying that Red alliance is like the last Mohican in the old EVE and RA must die. But we’re being dying for more than 4 years and are still alive. And still on the Top. Isn’t this pretty good for a corpse? Very Happy Ask me why we are still alive? The answer is simple – we never surrender! We can lose the battle, or 10 battles or 100 battles. But who cares? We’ll win the war! We can lose all our systems and stations, but we never stop fighting, fighting until the last ship, till the last man on the fleet. It’s hard to believe – but this is the real RA soul. For us, every war is just purification. Like amputation of some parts of the body, the parts which are unnecessary. Corporations and members who can’t go along with us – just disappear. And after every war we become stronger.

I think you have seen a lot of posts saying that Red Alliance is disabled, but at the same time you can’t find any posts about our power. Listen guys – WE DON’T FIGHT in FORUMS! WE FIGHT in the BATTLE FIELDS!!!

Corporations in RA must follow rules and have discipline. We`re not Goons, anarchy is not tolerated. We don’t have 10,000 members. For us, it is normal to fight against fleets which have 2-3 times more members and win. You think this is impossible? Look at our kill board. We are a good working war machine. And everybody understands that the machine works ONLY when all parts are working together. This is like a tank – if some parts are not working, the tank becomes a target, but not a war machine. We’re fighting together and we’re proud to be a part of this great structure.

If you are looking for an easy life for your corporation – you are knocking at the wrong door. Being with Red Alliance means fights with numerous enemies, it means high morale, it means non-stop wars, and it means brothers in arms who never leave corporation and alliance like the rats leaving a sinking ship. And finally, it means a challenge for you, for your soul. Are your balls big enough to be with us???

Feel the style, join RED.

please contact Silent Dodger or Tixoblia for applying to RED.Legion

Posted - 2011.06.25 12:42:00 - [2]

During most of my eve career as an RA enemy, I've always found it funny how all the groups I've been with over the years have fallen apart, yet, RA still stands.

Even though my current plans don't include joining RA, i wish you guys luck in this new endeavor, you guys are the real deal and have been for quite sometime.

O7, A Respectful Adversary

Posted - 2011.08.15 02:04:00 - [3]

Sounds cool. eventually not all russians.

Virtual Warriors
Posted - 2011.08.15 11:32:00 - [4]

My Corporation, The Virtual Warriors has many times fought against Red Alliance and just as many times flown with them. We are now executors of our own alliance, The Imperial Legion, and have our own future ahead. What I will say is that RA has been one of the most honourable opponents and allies we have had the pleasure to know and we wish them well with this new venture.

Posted - 2011.08.31 00:54:00 - [5]

RED.Legion is still looking for corps.

Posted - 2011.09.07 13:25:00 - [6]

We are still looking for new corps. Please contact me or dodger if interested.


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