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Karol Kei
Jericho Fraction
The Star Fraction
Posted - 2011.06.24 21:11:00 - [241]

I hope I‘ve addressed your concerns and cleared up a lot of the issues you‘re having. We‘ll continue monitoring the forums and other communications channels and pick up and reply if there are concerns not covered by this blog.

Thanks, Arnar Hrafn Gylfason

Senior Producer of EVE Online

Dear Mr. Gylfason. I am confident that you have not missed the thread in your own forums with currently nearly 200 pages and more than half a million views in such a short time frame.

The question in that thread is neither of the ones you have addressed.

Please answer this question in a clear and plain manner:

Will there be other than vanity items such as ships ammo or standings availabel to be bought for AUR?

That is the question I want answered. I won't speak for anyone else but a lot of people have asked the same question so I take the liberty to assume that they want it answered as well.

While I wait for your answer, I will right now cancel all six of my accounts. All of them are paid by the same credit card as this account so you can easily verify the truth of this statement.


Your loyal customer since 17th of September 2003, Sami

InUrJita CheckinUrPrice
Posted - 2011.06.24 21:11:00 - [242]

Coreward Pan-Galactic
Holy Empire of The Unshaven
Posted - 2011.06.24 21:11:00 - [243]

So.... in other words, CCP finally addresses their impoverished massed from their throne on high:

And onto us CCP spoke: Shut the F up you ungrateful unwashed pesents! Pay us moar money you low lifes or we'll TAKE it from you!!


Just about what I have come to expect from Zulu.


Abdiel Kavash
Paladin Order
Fidelas Constans
Posted - 2011.06.24 21:11:00 - [244]

This is not even a damage control blog. This is just right-click > self-destruct.

Lucius Voltar
The ArchAngel Vanguard
Posted - 2011.06.24 21:11:00 - [245]

Edited by: Lucius Voltar on 24/06/2011 21:16:46

Rage Begins:

Firstly I'm LOLing at the fact Zulu has actually swore in the dev blog showing that we the players have had an effect. well guess what we all plan to continue in our efforts to stop CCP ruining the game, Subscription or Microtransaction not both, Besides which look up the meaning of micro transaction you morons, virtual goods for a SMALL AMOUNT of money which NEX certainly isnt small.

You keep claiming to be like other companies, but no other company does both virtual stores and subscriptions and those that do virtual stores dont RIP OFF THEIR CUSTOMERS, another thing is, your ridiculous priced items (which i dont give a damn about btw) are raising the Price of PLEX considerably.

All CCP Cares about is money, money, money. Guess what boneheads, 10s of thousands of people paying a small amount is better than a few hundred paying a large amount.

3 Things a Corporation looks for, Profit, Growth and Survivability. you've gone straight for profit, and are going to have negative growth and if you continue down this path eve will not survive.

If you don't believe me, surely the 2000 people in Jita and at least 1500 in amarr let alone other hubs that came to protest (and surrounding systems as the gates were locked) should send a message to even the most hard headed devs that this direction is a one way trip to hell.

The leaked file accurate or not the issue is bigger than that, and CCP needs to open their eyes, wake up and smell the coffee.

EDIT: oh and in case you haven't ever left your room CCP Zulu, any you can get any clothing out these days cheap that looks EXACTLY like a make'd brand apart from it doesn't say it on the inside of the item of clothing which funny enough you don't see.

Posted - 2011.06.24 21:11:00 - [246]

Edited by: Vincentus on 24/06/2011 22:14:29
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA granted CCP you do know how to humor your paying customers. I won't be paying E15,- a month for that though...

Seriously, wtf is going on with you people? Has anyone ever taken some basic economics lessons? Opened a history book? Used the gray matter in their heads?

Apparently, you seem to think that all of this is just another whine by the same old "bitter vets" that always complain about everything (a lot of those points are valid btw, but whatever) and that it will all blow over in a couple of days. Well, you may actually be right about that, but unfortunately for you this time it will take your core player base with it. It seems to me that you actually haven't read any of the serious posts (for example: but instead have been busy deleting game-threatening ponies and doors. If you had stopped to think for a second instead and took away man hours from these very important tasks to maybe, I don't know, try to understand what is going on, you would have realized that the thousands that are protesting in the major market hubs as we speak are not bitter old vets, they are moderate people form the heart of this game, who love this game and who are genuinely worried about it's future. Call me crazy, but I'd think it is in your own interest to make sure you keep these people happy.

In case you've been hiding in some expensive designer office the last couple of years, let me tell you something else which seems pretty obvious to me but you do not seem to realize at all: eve-players are not your average "ow lookz at the pwetty shirt for my farmville sheep" gamers. They are intelligent people, who chose this game because it is intelligent and requires you to act intelligently. This also means however that these players want to be treated like intelligent people, and not being talked down to/ ignored like little obnoxious children. As has been pointed out a million times (pre and post incarna)there are many people who feel like this is exactly how they are being treated, and even though many were able to put up with this because they love this game and community, this patch in conjunction with the release of your internal document (which obviously isn't a discussion btw, as pretty much everything is pro-MT and is talked about as fact, not as an idea) was the last drop for A LOT of people. And if you push people enough, even moderate intelligent people will resort to insults and bashing if it is something they care about and if they feel like they are talking to a wall. Actually reading the forums and checking to see what's going on in game should have made this already very obvious for you.

If I were you CCP, I would quickly apologize for this LOLblog and everything else that has annoyed the players, actually comment on ALL the issues that have been brought forward by the player base and make a promise of what you are going to do and when. AND KEEP THIS PROMISE!

As for company management: It's a shame the company shares aren't listed publicly, as the price of those shares would have collapsed after the expansion/ patch and maybe would maybe give you some incentive to make sure you keep your customers happy. I would get rid of the marketeers and accountant as much as possible, hire people who like eve and PLAY IT and include the CSM in every possible decision that involves changes in the gameplay and LISTEN to them. Also, take a look at the development of your own empolyee satisfaction over the last couple of years, and maybe try to figure out what the outcome of 1+1 is.

As I still have 10 days of subscription time remaining I will be watching to see what happens the coming week, but at the moment I'm not too worried about being a little short on money to extend my subscription...

Garreth Vlox
Obsidian Inc.
Posted - 2011.06.24 21:11:00 - [247]

" which by the way is one of our more smooth and successful expansions" ccp zulu

i call bull**** bro, smoothest patch? since when does releasing the first, "oops forgot that one" patch 30 mins BEFORE making the expansion said patch is for live,

also way to waste more hot air on a pointless dev blog that will turn into another mega thread i thought you guys would make it really hard to make you look like idiots but you just keep giving us more stupidity to make fun of and post about.

way to fail zulu :), better luck next time?

"People have been shocked by the price range in the NeX store, but you should remember that we are talking about clothes. Look at the clothes you are currently wearing in real life. Do you have any specific brands? Did you choose it because it was better quality than a no-name brand? Assume for a short while that you are wearing a pair of $1,000 jeans from some exclusive Japanese boutique shop. Why would you want to wear a pair of $1,000 jeans when you can get perfectly similar jeans for under $50? What do other people think about you when they see you wearing them? For some you will look like the sad culmination of vainness while others will admire you and think you are the coolest thing since sliced bread. Whichever it is, it is clear that by wearing clothes you are expressing yourself and that the price is one of the many dimensions that clothes possess to do that in addition to style and fit. You don't need to buy expensive clothes. In fact you don't need to buy any clothes. Whatever you choose to do reflects what you are and what you want others to think you are."

is that honestly the company line you have chosen to use for your defense? buy it and your friends will be impressed you spent 60$ on a monocle?

do you morons realize that i can setup and have 4 different accounts running for the same price as ONE ****ING PIECE OF VANITY clothing? how does that make sense to you????????

Posted - 2011.06.24 21:11:00 - [248]

Waste of time

Posted - 2011.06.24 21:11:00 - [249]

I call your BULL**** and raise by 2 accounts not being resub'd.

It was nice while it lasted.


Antihrist Pripravnik
Scorpion Road Industry
Posted - 2011.06.24 21:11:00 - [250]


Should I FRAPS CQ and compare it to FEAR to show you just how "smooth" your expansion went and how "good" does it look?

And yeah... the discussion about anything can lead either way... so once again:

Are you going to abandon non-vanity MT items idea or not?

Multimedia Carl
Posted - 2011.06.24 21:11:00 - [251]

CCP can suck my manspam
This game was great
just sucks now

Im signing off for Eve Online o7

(no you cant have my stuff, i gave it away already)

Darko Decay
Posted - 2011.06.24 21:11:00 - [252]

Edited by: Darko Decay on 24/06/2011 21:16:53
wow that was horrible.

*EDIT* about japanese denim.

I wear japanese denim. Flathead and Iron Heart mostly. The only japanese denim that is in the $1000 price range has a platinum thread running down the outside leg. What you are selling here is pixel art not platinum.

Dinta Zembo
Posted - 2011.06.24 21:11:00 - [253]

M&M's + this thread. So nais.

On topic, fail blog. Answers please? Smile

Aurelia Cotta
Posted - 2011.06.24 21:11:00 - [254]


what a load of horse ****. wtf is this ****? say goodbye eve online. welcome to the fate of star wars galixies.. its sad that this is what eve will be remembered for

Kyra Ivanova
Posted - 2011.06.24 21:11:00 - [255]

Really Zulupark? REALLY?



Posted - 2011.06.24 21:11:00 - [256]

you greeding peices of ****

Posted - 2011.06.24 21:11:00 - [257]

This is a ****ing joke. Dude, do you understand that we the playerbase can **** you up totaly ?

Unicorn Love Club
Posted - 2011.06.24 21:12:00 - [258]

Thats it?

Thats all you come out with?

guess thats it then, cya.

Grey Stormshadow
Starwreck Industries
Posted - 2011.06.24 21:12:00 - [259]

As there was no answer to the relevant question, I assume you just told me to go **** myself.

As I was expecting this, have already cancelled my subscriptions and my both accounts will expire during next 24 hours.

Have fun time with your new MT-friendly customerbase.

leth ghost
Posted - 2011.06.24 21:12:00 - [260]



Xia Long
Two Brothers Mining Corp.
Posted - 2011.06.24 21:12:00 - [261]

no seriously, why even take the time to post that DEV blog?
doesn't say anything new/different than what you (CCP) had already told us in the few posts u made during the past 24 hours.
No answer to our questions
No "clear" statement on what u plan to do with EVE in the future (next or long period )

just for the sake of it thou:

" Assume for a short while that you are wearing a pair of $1,000 jeans from some exclusive Japanese boutique shop. Why would you want to wear a pair of $1,000 jeans when you can get perfectly similar jeans for under $50?"

Sure everything fine (not) but i don't pay a pair of jeans like a Ferrari or a Concorde, in EVE we have "free clothes" or clothes that cost more than any ship in game, except Titans and SC

Machete Visor
Posted - 2011.06.24 21:12:00 - [262]

having worked at companies going through major transition, i know exactly what this type of communication means... more by what it doesn't say than what it does.

Cipher Jones
Posted - 2011.06.24 21:12:00 - [263]

While it‘s perfectly fine to disagree and attack CCP over policies or actions we take, we think it‘s not cool how individuals that work here have been called out and dragged through the mud due to something they wrote in the internal company newsletter. Seriously, these people were doing their jobs and do not deserve the hate and ****storm being pointed at them.

"Callin it your job don't make it right."

~ Cool Hand Luke.

You completely avoided the real question at hand, which is will you have items in the item mall which are beyond cosmetic.

CCP already lied about having microtransactions in the game altogether. I can only assume at this point that CCP is not answering because they do in fact plan to, and don't want to be called out on that (again).

Ra Vhim
Black Bag Ops
Posted - 2011.06.24 21:12:00 - [264]

OMFG... Wow...

So you are saying that Greed is Good was kind of like roleplay. It's their job to write about how you can milk us for all the money we got, preferably without leaving us as dead husks so you can continue milking. And because your pal is doing his job so good, we should not be upset by being treated that way? After all... it is only his job!

When I think about it, we should in fact probably feel sorry for you guys because the players are so mean, right?

Alrighty, let me bend over a bit more.

Cymo Pex
EVE University
Ivy League
Posted - 2011.06.24 21:12:00 - [265]

We will gradually introduce items at other price points, definitely lower and probably higher than what‘s in the store today. We hope you enjoy them and are as passionate about them as you are of the current items that are for sale.

Yeah passion. Contempt more like.

Let me get this straight: You want people to customise their characters. You release a character-creator with an extremely poor choice of outfits. You then continue to release pretty darn basic stuff for utterly ridiculous prices in a non-free to play game and expect a player to be happy with it?
Anyone who thought that this is going to bring immersion into the game must have been drunk or high or probably both (also consindering how those items aren't available for all your clones and can be destroyed?).

Seriously guys, you are mad.

Soden Rah
EVE University
Ivy League
Posted - 2011.06.24 21:12:00 - [266]

Originally by: Arnar Hrafn Gylfason

I hope I‘ve addressed your concerns and cleared up a lot of the issues you‘re having. We‘ll continue monitoring the forums and other communications channels and pick up and reply if there are concerns not covered by this blog.

I can't talk for anyone else, although I suspect I will not be the only one by a wide margin who thinks this way, but this doesn't even come close to addressing any of my concerns.

Firstly, pricing in the NEX is ludicrous but I don't care, I was never going to buy anything in it anyway. This was a joke, not one of my (or I believe our) concerns.

Second, I understand your response about the leaked magazine, and I certainly agree that personally attacking the people in it (or deifying them) is wrong and pointless.
However the questions raised by it need a response...
You say you wanted a strong internal debate... what was the outcome?
This raised questions, none of which you answered.

Which brings me to, Communication...
A lot of my complaints have been about your communication, usually the lack of it...
you didn't mention this at all..

And you didn't mention at all CQ... At ALL!!!
I was afraid the MT rants would drown it out but I have some serious concerns about the design and optionality of CQ.... You didn't even mention it...

I could go on but you have all our questions... You have had days to answer them...
This response is pathetic...
After all that time I was expecting a book, this could have been bashed out in 5 minutes 3 days ago...

At the moment you have provided answers to precisely none of my questions/worries...
I will therefore not be re-subbing on the back of this...

This will also do absolutely nothing to placate the mob...

Try again... but really don't take 3 days to do it.

Rer Eirikr
Clearly Compensating
Concordiat Alliance
Posted - 2011.06.24 21:12:00 - [267]

Is... is this a troll?

I'm literally so ****ing confused right now.

Illectroculus Defined
No Bull Ships
Posted - 2011.06.24 21:12:00 - [268]

Ouchm this Devblog has made me more concerned about CCP's direction since it exhibits a lack of grasp of reality.

Incarna is not a successful expansion by any measure, it has caused thousands of players to stop playing due to hardware issues. The main feature is barely functional and doesn't even hold the attention of a child for more than a few minutes. Everyone I personally interact with has disabled CQ, or simply quit Eve.

The fact that threads discussing the Fearless publication were locked and players banned doesn't lend weight to your statements regarding the document.

And, the justification of Aurum prices completely misses the point demonstrating that CCP really hasn't bothered reading any of the well thought out player comments. We're not concerned with having to pay stupid prices, because we have no intention of paying them anyway, instead we're concerned that it makes the developers of our favourite game look like idiots and makes us despair over its long term viability.

Posted - 2011.06.24 21:12:00 - [269]

is this a ****ing joke? seriously? this is what took you 2 days? Can someone confirm that this is not a ****ing joke?

There is one simple question and you fail to answer that? This is my first post since the famous door thread, but this DevBlog is an insult. Just tell us when the new MT items influencing the game will arrive. Yeah you forgot to put in that date.

Try writing a Devblog with actual answers to our questions.

Millstone Industries
Posted - 2011.06.24 21:13:00 - [270]

Please visit your user settings to re-enable images.


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