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The Revenge of Auntie Freeze
Posted - 2011.06.24 22:43:00 - [1231]

Wow.. what a lot of words to answer absolutely none of the concerns people have been having but instead confirming them.

Incapsulated Reality
Posted - 2011.06.24 22:43:00 - [1232]

Dear CCP, I've always loved the way this company has lead our beloved game that is EVE. I enjoyed pretty much every bit of content produced and felt satisfied with what I was offered.

NO LONGER! Incarna is a very limited expansion, completely unfinished with no reassurances of what to expect. We are all frustrated because be feel betrayed, we feel like we are being lied to, that our game may go in a direction where NONE of us want it go!

If you guys care so much for this game, please remember, what made eve what it is today is because of it's loyal community, don't try to force things onto them, Eve is no longer your little baby, it's all grown up now, respect it!

The players are angry, listen to their cries, think twice before messing with controversy! There's a reason why it is controversial... I get it that some people are indeed attacking specific people in the community, but this is like bashing leaders in politics... It's sad, but there's a lot of anger in the community, they target individuals because it's easier for them to lay the blame on someone specific.

The eve player base is like your subjects, we look forward to the decision of our leaders... And we are not afraid to exclaim our discontentment. We loved the king! We used to shout in the streets "LONG LIVE CCP! THE KING!" But now, being forced down a path we don't want to follow, we scream "TYRANNY!".

I hope you end up making the right decision. We all do. Because is WE the players, who love Eve the most... Be the company that knows best, be the company that exeeds expectations, the BEST and MOST LOVED gaming company... Do not succumb to Greed. GREED IS NOT GOOD! Greed will only lead you to failure.

Artorius Pearson
Posted - 2011.06.24 22:43:00 - [1233]

Originally by: Tobiaz
Congratulations CCP Zulu, you've just thrown a tanker of gasoline on a forest fire.

This blog is sadly EVERYTHING the community expected and rightly feared. There is not a single true apology in that dev blog. Not a single mention of being wrong and promising change. You can't honestly think the community will accept that? The fail of Incarna has management written all over it, yet CCP thinks so little of their customers we don't even get a response from Hilmar? Don't you see this solves NOTHING?!


We are being double-billed so CCP can go on and make more games we don't care about. There are plenty players that have already spend over a thousand dollar in subscription fees, yet all we get for an expansion is a vending-machine wrapped in eyecandy. Where are the fixes?

Is that your strategy for player-retention? Do you really believe that you can replace all the bittervets leaving by just attracting new players? SWG should have shown you how well that strategy works out. It doesn't!

But ok, fine! CCP needs money, we need our EVE-fix, so maybe we'll condone your stupid and overcomplicated vanity store. But sadly your guys at sales&marketing are incompentent fools who don't understand the first thing about micro-transactions. It's all about taking away the financial barrier. You make money by charging little and selling a lot. Not the other way round.

So now we are paying CCP money on top of our subscription/PLEX(=time) so you can put a vendingmachine and a jacuzzi in our kitchen. But barely anyone is using the vendinmachine because of the stupid pricing. So we ask ourselves why the hell are we putting up with this nonsense that's the focus of this content-starved update? You say it's to make hard-needed money, yet you do a horrible job at it!

It would have been so much smarter to start the NeX store with items costing almost nothing, easing your customers into buying these items, getting them used to the fact they spent Aurum. But I guess that's just too much common sense for people like Zinfandel. Your SR Sales&Marketing who doesn't know the first thing about EVE.

I've been with EVE since a month into beta. I love this game. But I'm really getting to a point where start to wish that EVE completely goes down in flames.

Things need to CHANGE, and perhaps the only way the players can achieve that, is by first destroying EVE and CCP. Afterall: CCP was a much better company when it was still small and most employees actually played the game.

I say we give it a try. Maybe then Hilmar will deem us worthy of a response.


Morpheus Solo
Sebiestor Tribe
Posted - 2011.06.24 22:43:00 - [1234]

Edited by: Morpheus Solo on 24/06/2011 22:44:26
Im an 04 vet, who have enjoyed EVE immensely. Even though i havent been playing actively for a couple of years i have been paying my subs for two accounts because i think (well thought) that CCP was a cool MMO developer and that i might be coming to play actively.

Well i'd have to say that i cancelled both my accounts tonight, not because of NeX prices (couldnt care less), but the utter lack listening to your community which u used to do. And im not just talking about incarna but the last couple of years.

I am very saddened that CCP have gone in this direction, i guess its a risk for every corporation getting bigger that u loose the connection to your customers (even more so i guess when u merge and sign big contracts with like SONY).

If things change (as in the community being listened to, not just being told they are listened to, aka actions) id be happy to come back. But for now adios, hasta la vista...

And to CCP Zulu, if you worked in my company you would be so fired unless you were told to write the content of that blog.

Digital Gaidin
Posted - 2011.06.24 22:43:00 - [1235]

If you guys decide to sell clothing, outfits, tattoos, or even ship PAINT on the market, I don't think anyone will really care. If anything, we might come to like it over time - especially if the paint jobs show up on killmails! It would be nice if you gave a little care to lore though, and why an Immortal pilot would want to spend billions of ISK on a vanity item when he/she is locked away in pod for the vast majority of one's existence is beyond me [hundreds or thousands of ISK would not only fit lore, but make ultra-high volume for your MT market and maintain in-character look and feel].

But I digress, what people want to see and hear are that,
1) You will NEVER sell anything on the store that modifies a characters stats, ships, or modules (implants, ships, modules, skills, skillpoints, etc.)
2) You will not focus development time on expanding vanity issues (namely Aurum stuff) at the expense of game development and/or bug fixes
3) You will attempt to communicate with the player base better (and then actually attempt to do so!)
4) You will actually attempt to address the game issues that we, your dedicated fan base, have with EVE

I have been playing EVE since about a week after I got back from my honeymoon over 4 years ago. I recently returned from a 10month hiatus caused by CCPs lack of focus on making fleet fights a priority (servers couldn't handle large fights meant me asking myself why was I paying to play your game). I have voted with my wallet before, and from the looks of it enough players did exactly the same and things got fixed!

I'm back and doing my best to bring those who left after I did back again as well. Nothing on the market comes close to enjoyment I find in the EVE universe, or the community I get to fly with. We, your community, love your game when it works. We WANT EVE to be incredibly successful. We want to go to our jobs, visit old friends, and carry with us grand stories of space battles and interstellar politics. We want to be able to load up EVE and show off our hobby.

When you release broken features like Captains Quarters (this shouldn't have been hard to make as smooth as a 5-year-old FPS), make docking in stations clunky, make reasonably moderate gaming rigs (such as my Quad Core AMD with NVidia 9800GT) nearly melt while doing non-stressful operations like docking, and focus development time and effort on aspects of the game that bring little to our playing experience, its disappointing. EVE used to be an incredibly cool environment where developers mingled with players, and to some extent such as fanfests that continues. When we basically get the finger in this type of post though, its not only disheartening but destroys the relationship that took oh so long to establish.

Please do some soul searching CCP, and reach out to the community to clearly explain where you want to go with EVE. You aren't Blizzard, a massive company who mistreats its customers at every turn and causes a massive turnover rate on its flagship product (or SOE who has managed to screw up every game since Everquest). You run a niche game with a hyper-loyal crowd of followers. Treat them right and you just might achieve your article written in EON a year or so ago about EVE thriving for 50 yrs. **** on us long enough and try to tell us its raining, and its just going to get you one less subscriber. Just like the Sandbox video, for every veteran who leaves, how many friends will eventually follow suit as their in-game social networks begin to deteriorate.

buck herrick
101st Space Marine Force
Posted - 2011.06.24 22:44:00 - [1236]

Originally by: CCP Manifest
dev blog.

in the devblog there is the word "sh itstorm". this word is a meme, it could be mis-read as a threat in an emotional situation.

memes are very different to threats. DIAF for example is a meme, and not a threat. double standards do not sit well.

that aside, i am afraid that this 'devblog' do not sit well. it has no answers, although i accept your explanation of something we already understood. do not be mistaken, many of your playerbase work in the corporate world too - we understand 'internal' memos and discussion, we also understand how policy is driven and can be reassesed at any time.

the lies are the issue - MT WILL / IS / not ever planned - it is here....the slope goes one way unless you change the direction very quickly.

change it.
become, once again, the ccp that used to care, listen and be part of somethign great.

Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2011.06.24 22:44:00 - [1237]

Originally by: CCP Zulu
I understand a lot of the frustration going around but if we want to discuss then we need to do so in a constructive and focused manner.

It's ironic that you imply that the player base needs to be more constructive and focused when you yourself are fueling the fire by not answering the most pressing matters. What I and I think most with me are interested in hearing is a solid reply on whether or not you are going to introduce non-vanity MT items at ANY time in EVEs future, or in any way giving an edge for people prepared to spend money on MTs. You've been quoted earlier with saying 'no'; but the leaked newsletter and your continuing silence on the matter makes many of us nervous.

Posted - 2011.06.24 22:44:00 - [1238]

Originally by: Vim

Guess me and the others that realized that from just reading the title and the edition are just brighter then the average.
People are still saying: You've dodged the question!!! OMG Will you sell non vanity items?
Guess a lobotomy would not help the average rager with their reading comprehension.

They are saying exactly what it was to you: A document to cause debate with extreme standpoints, as they had been asked to.
I'am glad Soundwave can comeup with thoose ideas, because that means he knows what would be terribly bad. And he could put thoose concepts into text. As he and the others were asked to do.

I can debate pro-vegan, that does not mean I actually am. I will certainly engage from time to time in taking the opposing standpoint just because I know what arguments I struggle to counter; By taking the other side and putting them forth I get helped with increasing my knowledge on a topic in a usualy heated friendly banter. For fun. To increase eachothers skills at debate.

As for NOBLE

#1 Noone forces you to buy.

#2 Yes the prices are high now.

#3 If you grow tired of a vanity item, you can unlike most other games sell them directly on the open eve market. Hence, if you grow tired of it, you sell it to someone that wants it and your actual spent $/isk/plex on the item is suddenly close to 0. Didnt think of that angle, did you?

#4 By introducing the high costly items now, they save the PLEX market from spiking, making the PLEX speculants that hoped for a massive increase in demand of plex quite bitter since the spike will not happen, costing them their speculation isk, thats billions upon billions of isk lost for them. This is exactly what CCP wants, that noone should profit to easily from speculatinon on the changes of a patch.

No content expansion?
*New Turrets, laying foundation for upgrading of the rest of effects in eve as well as other goodies. <-This one was pretty huge of an undertaking.
*More Bugfixes, fixing things that been broken: Always fricking good.
*Captain Quarters, the first cornerstone to the actual WiS. The remaining building blocks to come in staggered releases, as they said they would do with big changes.

It is called damage control or spin, do you really think based on what the plan is for DUST and WOD along with what we are seeing in EVE that the document was a 'hypothetical' on extreme viewpoints? With only one 'dissenting' voice that didn't dissent to the extreme but was more trying to offer a 'counterpoint' to 'THIS IS AWESOME!'?

Noble, great name, anyway you are right you aren't forced to buy you are forced to look like a poor pos until they reign in prices and offer more items in what amounts to a store they drag you out of your pod and toss you in to show everyone how poor you are. Would you enjoy being put on display every moment of your life for others to 'judge' you?

As you grow tired of items and resell them, isn't it possible CCP will mess with the pricing and the item you paid a billion for drops to a fraction of that as new high priced crap enters the exclusive uber rich level of crap you gotta have? They are targeting a select group of people who have more isk than sense or things to blow it on. What better way to get the most gold out of people than having the 'rich' buy it today and the poor get it 2nd hand a year or more later. Didn't think of that angle did you?

By doing this crap now they are laying the foundations for more cash shop crap and non vanity items just like PLEX has brought us this crap.

I actually agree somewhat on the 'no content expansion' except my take is they could have released the few new things had they balanced and fixed much more. As it is the bulk of their work was CQ 1/4 buggy coded POS setup to open the store front NEX.

Goonswarm Federation
Posted - 2011.06.24 22:44:00 - [1239]

Hey Stoffer,

We won man, its game over now. You got in and trolled from the inside and nothing can never top that.

Quit your job, and lets all duckwalk back out of this *****.

Everyone else,

Remember when Goons gave a presentation and said we weren't out to ruin THE Game, bit YOUR game?

We totally lied.

Nair Al-Zaurak
Posted - 2011.06.24 22:44:00 - [1240]

Edited by: adriaans on 24/06/2011 22:47:55
Originally by: Smagd

Are you moving beyond VANITY AUR items?

Please note that I'll take no answer as a "Yes".

Thank you.


Also, the dev blog sounds more like accusing the playerbase than anything remotely like an apology, nor does it even sound sincere.

I've invested over 6 years with 3 accounts on this game, I have never had so much love for a game ever before.. but you are very rapidly destroying that.

Roving Guns Inc.
RAZOR Alliance
Posted - 2011.06.24 22:44:00 - [1241]

So here is my road map to peace, or perhaps to a temporary cease fire! Even if this is a smaller issue than it seems to me, when viewed through the forums, youtube, facebook or local in the major trade hubs of New Eden, you have a fantastic opportunity to re-assure, clarify and excite everyone about how you do business and where you are headed.

1. I get that you are running a business.

I understand that as a business you need to increase revenue and also that your stated mission is to bring together Eve online with Dust. I appreciate that you are looking at the cutting edge free to play and social networking games and seeing that their models, which include a healthy dose of Micro-Transactions, are embraced by the wider gaming population and have dramatically increased the stock of the Companies behind them. You and your backers want a piece of this. I get that the money you make will go back into eve online, as well as seeking to develop new games to spread your risk.

2. How do you take your customers with you?

You have a customer base that many businesses would die for but that have a tendency to resist change and you have reached a tipping point where they may hold back your further development. You need to explain better what you are trying to do, address the core fears in this thread and make sure that the silent players who you won’t hear from have a chance to have their say too. You have moved too quickly, too silently and as a result of the leaked internal document many perceive you to have behaved falsely.

3. What do you need to address?

i) Re-build trust. Publish a Covenant, Bill of Rights, memorandum of understanding (call it what you will) that gives your customers an insight of where you are going and what will be in and what will be out in the medium term. Specifically address MT for gain/MT for vanity/RMT/Botting/Graphic card issues with CQ.
ii) Clarify direction and milestones of CQ. Some are excited about CQ as a pre-cursor to Walking In Stations and the extra “crafting” and social options it may introduce. Tell us how long we need to wait for it.
iii) Re-assure existing loyalists. Be confident in explaining why you need to attract new players but re-assure those who joined for the realisation of “Brabants Elite” and the sandbox/player driven economy/Risk all PvP/metagaming evolution of the game to date.

4. Who needs to address us?

i) Bring out the big guns. CCP have become very big. You have become successful. You have grown and taken on lots of new guys; professionals at what they do. This is the moment for the founders to get in front of the cameras and re-connect with the player base. It’s not about vets hearing from old Devs, it’s about Hilmar delivering the answers and committing in a believable way.

5. What do we need to hear?

i) It’s simple really, as much realism as you like but passion for the game we love. The kind of passion that came across in Syndicate local back in 2004, when CCP TombB simply asked; “how are you finding the game?”

Mister Smithington
Posted - 2011.06.24 22:45:00 - [1242]

WHAT THE ****?!

The community which loves and cares for this game has been raging for days because of the ineptitude of the game's caretakers. And you come back to us with this? Zulu, you didn't address any concerns, all you did was give us the finger.

That rag you call a newsletter was not a voicing of opinions, it was a statement of fact. Besides the point/counter-point section every article reads as if MTs for power items are a statement of fact. You'll forgive me if I take your dismissal with a grain of salt.

Zulu, wake up brother. We, the community, are the ones who pay for and breathe life into your product. Without us CCP is nothing. Why the hell are you trying to chase us away?

Cargo Container Rotation Collective
Posted - 2011.06.24 22:45:00 - [1243]

Originally by: Abecbu

And if they release a ship that is better than any other normally bought ship just buy some plex with isk and get it. Your not forced to spend real money for anything on the exchange.

>implying we're all rich enough isk wise to buy several plexs, break them down, and use the AUR on the over priced as f**k market. Think about it, a monocle is how much? A ship will be so much more.

Lilliana Stelles
Nagrom Security Syndicate
Posted - 2011.06.24 22:45:00 - [1244]

Originally by: Arya Greywolf
Originally by: Smagd
Are you moving beyond VANITY AUR items?


Why is everyone asking this? The answer is obviously, yes they are, and no, we are not. There's no reason to keep asking; they'll explain the details when they're ready. You may as well go ahead and start contributing instead of spamming the question over and over again.

Posted - 2011.06.24 22:45:00 - [1245]

You know whats a really poor business decision. To destroy all trust and respect CCP has earned with its existing player-base, while having two other games in the cooker. Whoever is responsible for these decisions in addition to whoever is responsible for the PR after said choices needs to be fired, instantly.

Gurgeh Morat
7th Interval
Posted - 2011.06.24 22:45:00 - [1246]

Edited by: Gurgeh Morat on 24/06/2011 22:49:48
Originally by: Vim

Guess me and the others that realized that from just reading the title and the edition are just brighter then the average.
People are still saying: You've dodged the question!!! OMG Will you sell non vanity items?
Guess a lobotomy would not help the average rager with their reading comprehension.
Fly safe. Thanks for clearing it all up.
To the ones who still feel harmed and are not just being douches, siding with certain angry nerd that rallied her commando team of alts and buddies to inflame opinion when she got a simple forum ban: Reading comprehension lvl 3, train it. Go to a university. Take debate class A.

I guess they forgot to teach you to read between the lines in debate class A?

If it was simply a discussion excercise and the end result was that they decided to never sell non-vanity items in the store, then they would come out and say that and much of the rage would cease. Some posters would apologise, some would thank CCP for the candour, others might be terribly embarassed and most would renew their subs.

The fact that it took so long for such a vacuous response indicates that the future of Eve is sealed. Non vanity items will be available at a station near you soon. Their long planned strategy provides no room for manouvre and they are going to accept the collateral damage (the subs lost) earlier than expected. They will already have had a plan to deal with those losses until their expected MT gains roll in. They just might have to ask for finance to carry them over due to the unexpected early disclosure of that plan.

However they have decided to burn their bridges & take that loss early. The player base have been manipulated, played and metagamed by CCP. Accept it and make your choice.

Muddy Miner
Tiny Fleet
Posted - 2011.06.24 22:45:00 - [1247]

Edited by: Muddy Miner on 24/06/2011 22:48:46
I read the dev blog and ... my head hurts.

Posted - 2011.06.24 22:46:00 - [1248]

Originally by: Vim
Originally by: Jonathan Caldar
Originally by: Malak Artoo

Are you moving beyond VANITY AUR items?

ARE YOU???????????????????? TELL US!!!!!!!!!!!


"The opinions and views expressed in Fearless are just that; opinions and views. They are not CCP policy nor are they a reliable source of CCP views as a company. The employees who submitted articles to that newsletter did exactly what they were asked to do, write about theories and opinions from an exaggerated stand."

The fact that they are not outright saying: 'no we won't make vanity items that offer an ingame advantage' doesn't bode well.
Also i know a lot of people are saying: 'but you can buy plex off the market to buy those vanity items' Uhm.....? Ever seen any 6 month old player get enough isk to buy a plex?

Republica Winder
State War Academy
Posted - 2011.06.24 22:46:00 - [1249]

Edited by: Republica Winder on 24/06/2011 22:47:53
Thank you, Zulu for a blog that actually answered every question we needed answered.

And guys, before you flame me, he actually DID. From this "blog", we now know these things:

1. There ARE going to be non vanity RMT items. They won't say it because they know this will only cost them MORE subscribers sooner. What is clear is CCP is set on their path, there is nothing we can say or do, short of unsubscribe in enough numbers as to send them into receivership that is going to change this. RMT is here and it's here to stay. Everything you read in the newsletter that you don't like is on it's way. Don't like it, LEAVE, it's coming.

2. CCP isn't going to lower the prices of the RMT items because they consider it fair to charge more for a virtual piece of clothing than a real piece of clothing costs. Indeed, they are so convinced of this Zulu mentions that EVEN MORE expensive items are on their way to the cash shop. From this you can infer that player made clothing is never coming, think they are going to allow YOU to compete with their $70 eyewear and $30 skirts? Don't like it, LEAVE, it's here to stay and you are only going to get MORE of it.

3. The station interface isn't changing. Incarna is everything they hoped for. Blown video cards and such represents what they consider to be a flawless patch day customer experience. Don't like the interface? You can turn it off (for now) but see that DOOR in front of you, take it as a hint, LEAVE.

4. Fearless. Zulu, fearlessness isn't a virtue. There are animals out there that are fearless. One such is called a lemming. It will fearlessly follow other lemmings right off a cliff. That is exactly what CCP is doing in forcing these unwanted changes on us. You are doing so fearlessly, following everyone else who added RMT.

Fear is a very important emotion. No, one shouldn't be ruled by it, or give into it. But it helps you make better decisions. Fear is a warning. Fear stops you from doing something really dumb. Some fears are healthy fears, such as, fear of God, fear of "will I have a job in 6 months if everyone is actually angry enough to QUIT over this?"

You get the picture.

As I said, this "blog" told us everything we actually need to know: What is here is staying, there is going to be more of it, and YES, RMT will touch every aspect of the game. We either like it, or leave.

I vote we leave.

5 subscriptions canceled, and I won't be coming back.

Good luck, CCP, in either replacing us with enough new players with deep pockets, or in finding new jobs over the next 6 months.

Goodbye, EVE, it was great knowing you. I am honored to have played with two of the greatest player bases ever (SWG and EVE) in the two best sandbox games ever (Pre-CU SWG and EVE). Unfortunately in both cases the publisher got greedy, decided to not listen to the people who merely make their livelyhoods possible, and pressed the SELF DESTRUCT button.

Marcus Vorenius
Task Force 42
Posted - 2011.06.24 22:46:00 - [1250]

Edited by: Marcus Vorenius on 25/06/2011 05:47:48
fail post

Vhal Vhindiscar
Posted - 2011.06.24 22:46:00 - [1251]

Edited by: Vhal Vhindiscar on 24/06/2011 22:46:35
Wake up CCP. Get it together. Remember what it was like NOT to have to put out PR fires? Remember when the only issue you had were bugs and not massive rejections of the most basic principles that years of your work were based on?

Pick up the phone. Get a clue. You make a game we pay to play. That relationship isn't set in stone. Your vision has ceased to correspond with ours and we REJECT you. WE REJECT YOUR VISION. Change it. It's a hell of alot easier for me to play another game then it is for you to build another game.

Azran Zala
Fleet of the Damned
Legion of The Damned.
Posted - 2011.06.24 22:46:00 - [1252]

Originally by: Dihl Dacella
CCP have played this perfectly.

The number of unsubs that will result from this is marginal at best. 200-page thread of rage comprised largely of alt postings are mostly bluffs, and Zulu has called it. The harder and faster they go with transitioning to more microtransactions, the sooner they can proceed with future development plans and redefine their marketing strategy.

The majority of forum ragers are too invested in this game to ever truly part with it, unless forced to because they were stupid enough to get themselves banned, and the majority of the playerbase doesn't read the forums to begin with and doesn't care one way or the other.

Yup most of us like myself are not prepared to stop playing eve completely. But likewise most like myself have 2 or 3 accounts & could quite comfortable get along without them for a month or 2 in protest. And that could potentially translate to alot of moola lost.

Originally by: Dihl Dacella

EVE will continue to fill a niche in entertainment that no other game quite can.

Jumpgate EVEolution is out soon :P

French Kiss Singularity
Astromechanica Federatis
Posted - 2011.06.24 22:47:00 - [1253]

If you guys read this : CCP employees reviews , you'll understand why all this is happening, and why there is sadly nothing good to expect from CCP anymore.

I was thinking, like so many others, that CCP was still an indie corp focused on making a great game but it looks like they're now only trying to make a great cash machine not caring at all at customers.

Evidence is, one of my friend corpmate had his toon recently killed by someone who got access to his account thanks to a GM giving him the login/pass, and CCP never wanted to give the destroyed character back nor ANYTHING. That was a 1 year old toon.

The dream is over, I feel like Eve has died today and my affection and trust towards Eve/CCP are gone.
I don't want to afford for such an experience anymore.

-2 accounts. Sad

Micro Tranactions Rock
Posted - 2011.06.24 22:47:00 - [1254]

Ok, with al this negative postings, i would like to post something positive about Micro Transactions.

I think the Micro Transactions is a really good thing, ofcourse i do not care about the new 3d engine or the clothing! I do feel badly for people with older computers who now can't run multiple clients!

But for the store, you don't have to buy clothing, i don't know why i would ever buy clothing in a spaceship game. But i guess we have a girl playerbase who like some sims elements in the game.

But to the point, I really hope one day we will be able buy skill points (or items that will convert into skill points) in the Micro Transaction store.

I know a lot of players object to it, saying i played 8 years and now have 150m skillpoints. -And do not want newer players to be able to get there fast.- But why not? If a new player spends as much money on the game in 1 month as you did in 8 years? It is the choice of the new player who is buying the skill points. It is his money which he spends on a hobby!

And if CCP makes more money they might even hire some people to fix-up new space ships like tech III frigs and battleships. (and fix posses and some other bugs that has been around for a few years)

Well this is solely my opinion, I hope I offended nobody. Lets all be friends again and shoot each other spaceship instead of spending so much time on the forums.

Hans Jagerblitzen
Autocannons Anonymous
Posted - 2011.06.24 22:47:00 - [1255]

Originally by: CCP Zulu
Hey all. To clarify this blog, its intent was to address two topics and two topics only;

1. What Fearless is and the nature of its content
2. The pricing strategy behind the NeX store

I do realize there are other concerns you have and those will be addressed, but doing it all at the same time would make the messaging tricky and muddled and not allow for a focused discussion. I understand a lot of the frustration going around but if we want to discuss then we need to do so in a constructive and focused manner.


Thanks, and Zulu, while you likely were told to post on these topics and these topics only, rest assured they were the WRONG two topics, and CCP should prepare for the firestorm to rage even harder.

I was amongst many who was pretty ****ed at the community response initially, more than company's leak. CCP employees should indeed be able to say whatever the **** they want, and it should have remained private. They deserve to have an internal debate before final decisions are made and released to the community. But **** happens, and the player base has spoken loud and clear that we now primarily care about ONE issue and ONE issue only - WILL AURUM BE USED TO OBTAIN IN GAME ADVANTAGES??

CCP as a company is not dumb, the player base are not dumb. But both are belligerent. CCP has the right to sell outrageously priced pants. People lose carriers in dumb ways every single day, anyone who's played the game several months or longer has at least one profession that could obtain the 1.6 million isk for a monocle in a few days grinding if they want, no real harm there.

But we have demanded an answer on one simple question, and CCP has had plenty of time to give a simply answer to a simply question.

For many of us counter-ragers intially, who told everyone to calm down and see what CCP has to say, the honeymoon has worn off. The PR machine is in full force, the PR machine is now the 1,000lb gorilla in the room, and has failed to address the remaining primary question (now's the time to take notes CCP Fallout) -


Hosh Igaki
Posted - 2011.06.24 22:47:00 - [1256]

One thing I missed and I hope you not only read this, but actually understand it, is that for there to be ANY hope whatsoever of moving forward from this, the players who are upset need to see ACTIONS and not words. Already I can count 3 times you have gone back on your word or just flat out lied to us, choose whichever one makes you feel better, but they are both flat out a horrible way to do business (and that's not even counting how many times we were promised iteration and changes on things introduced(t3, wormholes, AFs, 0.0, etc.) and nothing happened). Let me reiterate as this part is the important one, you must show the players that we can once again trust you to do what is good for not only us, but for the entire universe of EVE, I would imagine if that is not seen in at most a week, it will probably be too late for any chance. Good luck, I truly mean it.

Bendy Profane
The Red Circle Inc.
Posted - 2011.06.24 22:47:00 - [1257]

This devblog is a bad joke in the context of recent events. It does not adress the core issues (rmt for non-vanity items yes/no) in any meaningful way. It does not even try to regain the trust of those who read fearless and felt lied to/ insulted by it. It reads like a half hearted response, written in 5 minutes, defensive and without any awareness of the seriousness of what it is adressing.

If I was a cynic I'd say it reads like a confirmation of implementing rmt for non-vanity items. If this is the case, you will lose a large part of your player base. Including me.

Axlotl D'newt
Posted - 2011.06.24 22:47:00 - [1258]

Originally by: Constantinus Maximus
exactly as expected.


Yes, it is. Ugh. "Fearless' should also be the name of your public forums; it takes a lot of brass ******* to have company employees stick their foots in their mouths the way yours did, and then come out in public attacking people - customers!!...that find fault with their rather boneheaded statements.

Let me spell it out for you:
#1 Microtransactions need to be inexpensive, or we're just going to laugh at you. $50-60 isn't a "microtransaction" - it's double my internet provider bill, you goobers.
#2 MTs in a *highly* competitive game like Eve cannot ever yield appreciable game benefits, or the "pay to play" scenario will cheese off the other 95% of the player base. If you can't make money with a $15 per month subscription, maybe you need to talk to Blizzard and see how it's done.
#3 people with blogs & 3rd party apps for your game are precious gems. You might want to reconsider that $99 licensing fee crackpot idea I've been reading about.
#4 In general - I want you to take this to heart, now... Everytime I read developer missives from CCP, I am horrified...just absolutely your high-handed and belligerent tone. When we tell you something - you need to listen, or we'll stop giving you money. Period. you're an entertainment expense, not some necessity.

I'm a long term Eve subscriber with frequent unsubscribes; in other words, exactly the guy you ought to be trying to retain. I resubscribed, at least in part, to see your new expansion and what you've been up to the last 2 years since I last flew my dominix. Not real impressed; the extra processor load *seriously* doesn't justify the broom closet & MT hot-dog-stand you've put in. I foresee another 2-3 month stint followed by another 2-3 year absence. Good luck - seems like you'll need it.

Krell Kroenen
Posted - 2011.06.24 22:48:00 - [1259]

Originally by: Smagd

Are you moving beyond VANITY AUR items?

Please note that I'll take no answer as a "Yes".

Thank you.

This is my question as well, I could careless about vanity items but if you start adding things that impact game play and little Jimmy can use his mommy's credit card to get an leg up then I am out of here with my 3 subs.

P.S. That jeans example... bad choice and way out of touch with what we are upset about. Also if those were just the opinions and ideas of high ranking employees that have a direct impact on the direction of the game why the hell are you surprised we took their comments to heart?

Tea Ester Elliot
Posted - 2011.06.24 22:48:00 - [1260]

Originally by: Aryth
Hey Stoffer,

We won man, its game over now. You got in and trolled from the inside and nothing can never top that.

Quit your job, and lets all duckwalk back out of this *****.

Everyone else,

Remember when Goons gave a presentation and said we weren't out to ruin THE Game, bit YOUR game?

We totally lied.

Well played.

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