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Posted - 2011.06.24 20:56:00 - [5821]

Originally by: damnjita
My summarized belief about the newsletter and ccp is general is that through their rapid growth in terms of subscriptions and employees they've lost the "start-up" mentality that they were creating and raising something imperfect, and recognized that they needed to keep a healthy community to raise their child (takes a village). They recognized the community and third party devs were helping them build this. I would bet the early growth of ccp was direct from the volunteers who played game, but that can't support a company that grows so fast. They've reach a stage in the business cycle that they feel EvE is independent of the community, a juggernaut of their own, probably with many new faces that haven't ever played EvE and don't see what really went into raising it. I believe the faux pas they've made lately are a direct result of this, but that doesn't mean the motivation is not understandable. CCP needs the revenue from EvE to continue to develop, to increase the peak computing power (fleet fights) faster than subscriptions, develop Dust514 and World of Darkness. CCP has lost the community feeling that they were "one of us," not though direct action, as Cire said many of the changes are minor, but though there communications and relations with the players. A string of changes with no community input that feel like they were design by someone who has never played EvE and supported by employees who either don't understand or are indifferent. It may be that we are all bitter vets who remember a time that there is no going back to. Time changes all and CCP unfortunately isn't and can't be the developer it once was. That doesn't mean EvE can't still evolve in to something better, but it means the voice of the community needs to be heard.

Posted - 2011.06.24 20:56:00 - [5822]

blog up

Poppin' Tittays
Posted - 2011.06.24 20:57:00 - [5823]

if ccp were to be gutted and the eve title sold off. would we as players have the gusto to go through with buying it all up?

could we become the first player owned MMO Cooperative?

Pinco Pez
UK Corp
-Mostly Harmless-
Posted - 2011.06.24 20:57:00 - [5824]

Originally by: Lofe sXe

Posted - 2011.06.24 20:58:00 - [5825]

but but but ccp Cry More

Hulkageddon Orphanage
Posted - 2011.06.24 20:58:00 - [5826]

Posted - 2011.06.24 20:58:00 - [5827]

Welcome to Eve Online, let he who has the largest wallet win!

Chogon Toil
Posted - 2011.06.24 20:58:00 - [5828]

Originally by: Poppin' Tittays
if ccp were to be gutted and the eve title sold off. would we as players have the gusto to go through with buying it all up?

could we become the first player owned MMO Cooperative?

I'd put $500~ towards that

Reed Tiburon
Future Corps
Sleeper Social Club
Posted - 2011.06.24 20:58:00 - [5829]

Is Mintchip banned!?!?

Could be a troll, but I'll believe CCP capable of anything at this point Sad

Originally by: Care Bear King
Originally by: Miilla
Originally by: Sandar Orontur
Actually, the SM3.0 change wasn't silent.

The Mac-specific issue with SM3 was that several cards which hardware-wise *do* carry support for SM3, don't have SM3 capable drivers in OSX. You can Bootcamp on the same hardware and run EvE just fine (by post-Incarna standards) in XP. It's hardly CCP's fault that the OSX driver doesn't support SM3, but messaging was at best poor on the matter. It would not have been difficult to have a test call to something requiring SM3 weeks prior to the expansion to alert people that the system they were playing on would no longer function post-Incarna.

I got burnt by the issue, and I specifically checked the my video card for SM3 compliance when it was announced ages ago. I was unaware of the driver issue until Incarna, however. I had taken the ability to create an avatar on my laptop as evidence that my ****ty old GPU was minimally sufficient.

Haven't been able to log in since Incarna for this very reason. I can't afford to buy a new computer every two years, CCP. You could at least let me log in...

Originally by: Jade Constantine
[Yellow]Sure when you have been playing Eve as long as we have you learn to take the rough with the smooth but you do so with the general feeling that CCP developers understand and “get” what makes Eve great – and that’s the problem now. This internal newsletter (if real) shows that one of the leading developers does not “get eve” does not care about eve, and simply sees eve as a cash cow to be milked ferociously to fund other projects. This is about keeping the golden goose of eve subscriptions (on a drip feed if necessary) while chasing and grubbing every little loose cent he can from the player base.

Let me give you a couple of examples of how this can and does (and has already) impacted our enjoyment of this game:

1. The Captains Quarters – it’s not gameplay its a display cabinet for vanity items. And the price of this display cabinet for you and I is that multi-client performance in stations is now terrible – if you have a bad graphic card it’s a jerk fest – if you have a decent graphics card it’s heat-fest. I can run 3-4 clients with CQ’s turned on – I can run it smoothly – but do I want to? Hell no because my Gtx 580 sounds like its melting my motherboard now! So I need to turn off the CQ’s on multiple accounts and as a result have more limited functionality on those accounts and an ugly wallpaper. No more station environment, no more clicking on my ship to open cargo hold, no more dragging ship to the hanger to board it. The delivery of the CQ vanity item display case has impacted my gameplay.

CCP could have made it optional and given us the option of keeping the old hanger view and added a “disembark ship” option to the UI but “oh no” to do that would have meant we weren’t being forced to look the vanity display case that marketing insisted must be front and centre if we’re to even think about buying these ridiculously overpriced items from the Noble store.

2. If you read the newsletter you’ll see reference to saved fitting slots – and I don’t know about you Verone but in JF we’ve run out of saved corp ship fittings. We want CCP to up the limit but is that really going to happen while the “biz-devs” talk honeyed words about how to squeeze extra income from players for such “minor upgrades.”? How long till we pay aurum for extra corp standing slots? For wardec options? For a usable corp management screen?

3. And who develops these vanity items? Yes thats right its Eve artists and developers whose salary we pay with our subscriptions. Given the choice wouldn’t you rather have engine trails and flashy cyno effect for all players rather than a bunch of overpriced tat in the Aur store for a fleeced few?

Because that is precisely the compromis

Tea Ester Elliot
Posted - 2011.06.24 20:59:00 - [5830]

Edited by: Tea Ester Elliot on 24/06/2011 21:00:50
Originally by: YarrMama
blog up

Originally by: CCP Zulu
Dear concerned citizens of New Eden

This week has seen quite a controversy unfold. In almost the same instant as we deployed Incarna - which by the way is one of our more smooth and successful expansions, not to mention absolutely gorgeous - an internal newsletter with rather controversial topics addressed leaked out. To further compound the confusion there was a clear and rather large gap in virtual goods pricing expectation and reality with a large segment of the community. I‘m going to address both these issues right here.


Fearless is one of our company values. It‘s also the name of an internal newsletter that has been designed and developed specifically to catalyze discussions on controversial topics. One of the biggest elephants in the room these days, not just for EVE but for the gaming industry as a whole, is virtual goods sales and microtransactions.

Therefore we dedicated an entire issue to exactly that topic. It‘s worth mentioning that the topic of the issue was "Greed is good?" as a way to ask a question that would then be debated back and forth and often exaggerated purposefully to draw contrasts and make points. The result of that is now widely available on the internet.

The opinions and views expressed in Fearless are just that; opinions and views. They are not CCP policy nor are they a reliable source of CCP views as a company. The employees who submitted articles to that newsletter did exactly what they were asked to do, write about theories and opinions from an exaggerated stand.

While it‘s perfectly fine to disagree and attack CCP over policies or actions we take, we think it‘s not cool how individuals that work here have been called out and dragged through the mud due to something they wrote in the internal company newsletter. Seriously, these people were doing their jobs and do not deserve the hate and ****storm being pointed at them.

Pricing structure

People have been shocked by the price range in the NeX store, but you should remember that we are talking about clothes. Look at the clothes you are currently wearing in real life. Do you have any specific brands? Did you choose it because it was better quality than a no-name brand? Assume for a short while that you are wearing a pair of $1,000 jeans from some exclusive Japanese boutique shop. Why would you want to wear a pair of $1,000 jeans when you can get perfectly similar jeans for under $50? What do other people think about you when they see you wearing them? For some you will look like the sad culmination of vainness while others will admire you and think you are the coolest thing since sliced bread. Whichever it is, it is clear that by wearing clothes you are expressing yourself and that the price is one of the many dimensions that clothes possess to do that in addition to style and fit. You don't need to buy expensive clothes. In fact you don't need to buy any clothes. Whatever you choose to do reflects what you are and what you want others to think you are.

We will gradually introduce items at other price points, definitely lower and probably higher than what‘s in the store today. We hope you enjoy them and are as passionate about them as you are of the current items that are for sale.

I hope I‘ve addressed your concerns and cleared up a lot of the issues you‘re having. We‘ll continue monitoring the forums and other communications channels and pick up and reply if there are concerns not covered by this blog.


Arnar Hrafn Gylfason

Senior Producer of EVE Online

Posted - 2011.06.24 20:59:00 - [5831]

I love eve but im currently liquidating asets becasue of my disappointment in CCP

zoltar pdp
Posted - 2011.06.24 20:59:00 - [5832]

Originally by: Qwyp
Originally by: Lithia Tsanov
Wow... Just wow.

I'm gone "the second" people can pay cash for IG items.

Are you a tard?

you can buy anything in Eve for cash, always have... buy plex for cash sell for isk and buy whatever you want.

i've been buying ships, modules, officer lewtz for cash for many years

The main big difference is that you can make ISK without having to buy PLEX, but not AUR. This means if you want AUR, you have to spend real money (apart from your subscription), which opens the door to having "things" achievable only with extra real money (costing AUR). If you can't see this, you are the tard.

Revelation Exploration Inc.
Without Remorse.
Posted - 2011.06.24 20:59:00 - [5833]

I have lost faith that we will hear the truth from CCP. All we will hear today from CCP is PR spin.... Then when the heat dies down, MT for non vanity items will be pushed down our throats.

Gordon Hellbender
Posted - 2011.06.24 20:59:00 - [5834]

Warp drive graphic is broken with incarna.
It was "somewhat explainable" that you could fly through plants and stations while warping, but now not so much.

NeX AUR prices are really kind of high. Microtransactions are supposed to be cheap and affordable.
The current rate is just,. way too high. Pixels are pixels they should be a fun addition to your character to make them look better. 50 cents - 99 cents per item, with at most 1,99 for the really special ones. Or 9,99 for a ship or permanent blueprint. But enough on that, I can see why people would disagree with the current price ranges, and I'm sure CCP is intelligent enough to see why.

That aside, the captain's quarters are insanely graphically demanding, and the settings were all up and high by default.
My video card was going CRAZY hot, I turned down the graphics as fast as I could. Hopefully no permanent damage is done - but this sort of stuff really is not acceptable.

On another note the current "war" system as it is active in game allows any and all large corporation to start a war on small and starting player corporations for the pathetically small fee of 2 mil ISK. This gives them a whole week of randomly killing and harrassing players with absolutely no effect to standings or concord intervention.
New players can, have, and will quit over such harrassment.
I kindly request this system is either removed or changed in such a way that the attacking corporation is made to pay SUBSTANTIALLY more than 2 mil ISK to be able to attack any random corporation of their choosing. And last but not least, that podding players is still made to incur negative reputation charges. So the war system at least isn't a complete free for all.

On a last note, I hope the major culprits of this protest, are put on a ban from the game, as they are keeping the rest of the players from enjoying the game at a normal hour.

Poppin' Tittays
Posted - 2011.06.24 21:00:00 - [5835]

i would pay twice that. i bet we have some players with deepers pockets than even CCP as a corporation has too.

Valek Noor
Eternal Phoenix Rises
Dark Phoenix Rising.
Posted - 2011.06.24 21:00:00 - [5836]

196 pages in less than 24 hours just has to be a record

WE need that dev blog this is getting insane

Isis Soryu
Universitas Interimo Research
Posted - 2011.06.24 21:00:00 - [5837]

Edited by: Isis Soryu on 24/06/2011 21:00:44


Antihrist Pripravnik
Scorpion Road Industry
Posted - 2011.06.24 21:00:00 - [5838]

Edited by: Antihrist Pripravnik on 24/06/2011 21:02:51
Originally by: Qwyp
Originally by: Lithia Tsanov
Wow... Just wow.

I'm gone "the second" people can pay cash for IG items.

Are you a tard?

you can buy anything in Eve for cash, always have... buy plex for cash sell for isk and buy whatever you want.

i've been buying ships, modules, officer lewtz for cash for many years

A couple of questions for you:

- Where do you think ships come from?
- Who makes them?
- Who researches blueprints?
- Why are POS-es anchored in highsec?
- Where does POS fuel come from?
- Where does the ore come from?
- How are POS modules produced and where does the materials come from?
- Where does faction items comes from?
- Who finds those "officer lewtz"? Haul it to empire? Fight for space to be able to farm officers? Make political agreements for the same reason?
- Who invents the t2 modules?
- Where does t3 materials come from?
- Who does reverse engineering?

But no, all those people having fun by playing every single aspect of the game can go screw themselves because you have the cash to buy whatever you want and it's all the same if it comes out of other players or straight from the thin air. Please, think about it.

Gina Crow
Posted - 2011.06.24 21:00:00 - [5839]

Edited by: Gina Crow on 24/06/2011 21:01:53
1. remove microtransactions
2. give oldstyle hangar with it features(drag-n-drop) back and add button "come to captains quarter"
3. make your improvments and features FINISHED and USABLE! (can't search r&d agent by research division; can't make corp adverstment in low, high, wh, nullsec in same time - only one of that; give old turrets icons back or make new icons brighter; make ALL important devices such missile turrets/dis/scram/web/neues etc. visible)

thats what need to rework in last patch.

Worzel Bummage
Posted - 2011.06.24 21:01:00 - [5840]

Edited by: Worzel Bummage on 24/06/2011 21:01:45
Dev Blog:

Dracoth Simertet
Red Federation
RvB - RED Federation
Posted - 2011.06.24 21:01:00 - [5841]

CCP please make CQ optional, bring back the old hanger and give us the choice to go walking in stations, if it's as amazing as you say then we will. Why to we have to stand facing the naughty wall if where having problems with CQ? Was making a button to push to go walking in stations that hard?

Don't allow real money to give an in game advatage more than it already does with the PLEX for isk system. If people want to spend there hard earned on hats for there space barbie then fine, but please don't allow the purchase of extra super special ships or moduals.


Draconus Lofwyr
CryoTech Engineering
Omega Vector
Posted - 2011.06.24 21:01:00 - [5842]

Edited by: Draconus Lofwyr on 24/06/2011 21:01:56
blog up lolwut??????

Rakshasa Taisab
Sane Industries Inc.
Posted - 2011.06.24 21:01:00 - [5843]

I wish the game still worked for me (SM 3.0 ****up) so I could troll people with monocles.

Genos Occidere
Posted - 2011.06.24 21:01:00 - [5844]


I suddenly lost all respect I had for CCP.

If you had just made a thread saying "U MAD BRO?"

then by everything that is holy I would have donated all my money to CCP because in my short short life that would have been the most lulzyest thing I had ever seen.

But noo you had to bow to the demands of a very small % of players that only started playing eve because school is out.

Dame you CCP.

leth ghost
Posted - 2011.06.24 21:01:00 - [5845]

Linkage not seen this yet

Posted - 2011.06.24 21:01:00 - [5846]

Wow, we waited for that?

What a ****ing waste of time.

Iulia Badr Marinela
Posted - 2011.06.24 21:01:00 - [5847]

No answer is also an answer. Confused

Magos Angstbringer
Pandorum Research Incorporated
Posted - 2011.06.24 21:02:00 - [5848]

I have no words for that blog....Shocked

Posted - 2011.06.24 21:02:00 - [5849]

New devblog is up... and it's not amusing. I say we keep going on here, at least till 200, just to make a point.

Shival Tornet
Posted - 2011.06.24 21:02:00 - [5850]

Zulu, you do know it's not generally considered traditional to fight fires with gasoline right?

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