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Lara zerbestes
Posted - 2011.06.24 20:36:00 - [5731]

When thats true?! Then CCP go to hellYARRRR!!YARRRR!!
Pay RL cash for virutal ****

The Cursed Navy
Important Internet Spaceship League
Posted - 2011.06.24 20:36:00 - [5732]

haha i just watched this episode and agreed with my Friend that Cartman is defently Hillmar :P watch ya self :P

Isis Soryu
Universitas Interimo Research
Posted - 2011.06.24 20:36:00 - [5733]

Originally by: Velicitia
Originally by: 50freefly
I personally think we should just revert back to summer 2007 eve. That includes a full rollback, meaning a deletion of all accounts created after that date.

/me looks at "born on" date...

\Very Happy/ I make the cut!
My main makes the cut but none of my alts do.

Tarix Loken
Pandorum Research Incorporated
Posted - 2011.06.24 20:37:00 - [5734]

Originally by: Elondris Singh
Originally by: Magos Angstbringer

Not enough. I require your liver and pancreas as well.

I already traded those for new underpants you greedy bastard! Sad

Posted - 2011.06.24 20:37:00 - [5735]

ccp you have a Jita-had called on your ***

Killswitch Inc
Posted - 2011.06.24 20:37:00 - [5736]

CCP, you need to be careful now. This is more and more turning into SWG after SOE released their CU update. People are not happy. I hope you listen, so this game can keep going strong for many years to come.

Phoenix Snake
Posted - 2011.06.24 20:38:00 - [5737]

I was going to wright an intelligent & long reply! Unfortunately its only been 24hrs since I looked at this thread and it was on 3 pages!

So to clarify! Whatever everybody else said goes for me too!

THE MESSAGE YOU SHOULD BE RECEIVING IS LOAD AND CLEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

General Windypops
The Littlest Hobos
En Garde
Posted - 2011.06.24 20:38:00 - [5738]

Originally by: Roonia apology will not do im afraid. You need to take action and not just the NEX prices. You just spend I dont know how many months, years to come up with this Incarna as a ploy to basically treat players as cash cows. Instead focusing on game quality, and replay value you chose to do this?!!

NO CCP, Apology will not do. Fix it and whoever has been pushing for this, fire him/her.

We, the players are CCP's life line and we why you have a job. We can go on without CCP just fine, you will not without us.

Make the game for the players not for CCP revenue. The revenue will come if you have more and more players. This should be your golden rule.

True, but you wouldn't have this awesome game if it wasn't for them so stop being such a whiney ****.

Man Fantastic
Posted - 2011.06.24 20:38:00 - [5739]

Originally by: Greavus
OK Everyone its time...

I NEVER read forums usually but the current situation has forced me to read and hell forfend post.

ok the good bit...
the station stuff finally in motion ..exelent (needs a window tho to live space outside the stn)

The new fittings and icons good ...

there are many good things you have done that have been exeptional...


I AM NOT AMUSED...i have played this game, i have paid for this game,
I have had 3 oclock in the morning phonecalls for this game. and i am not alone...

every player has bled for the enjoyment of this game ...and yes its a game....not real life ...its our escape from this mad world.

I have played personally for many years...and loved it ...I have enjoyed some of the changes CCP have made and equally been vexed at the nerfing of ships the blatent disregard for the rules regarding devs and toons ..but i lived with it ...I forgave you CCP...


The leaked memmo and the latest nerfs are BAD

You messed with Jumpbridges. just as we thought you were going to tweak them to be better..(Making them work on standing and a password would be good by the way).

Giving with one hand and taking with the other whilst slapping us in the face in the process.

Stopping jumpdrive ships from using the bridges was BAD

Reducing the Jump bridge to 1 per system was BAD

Regarding the leaked newsletter

Treating us like your piggy banks is BAD

This AUR is also a BAD idea..all it will do is devalue isk..
this will lead to the destruction of the eve economy..and in the end the destruction of the game...(JUST DO IT WITH ISK)and charge much less than your planning as its rediculous.

Destruction of EVE-ONLINE is BAD if you have forgoten.

CCP, eve is what put you on the map. Why do you now treat it so badly. Go to your board room ..have a long long rethink about this before its too late.. Dont kill eve.
Dont destroy an international community that has formed.
The friendships and brotherhood that has formed shows that the human race can work together. Why didnt you ask us the players what we wanted?..we play we pay and if we enjoy it we get our friends to play and they get their friends to play. This is your bread and butter...

The past coupple of years i have been asked if eve is a good game..I can no longer recomed your game as the best game because I feel that it is gradually getting worse..even with the good bits(they dont last). My belife in CCP is almost gone. The other issues brought up by my fellow pilots need not be repeated again.

I hope that you really listen to the players. we are the ones that will be getting our friends to play eve and dusk with us too. you have an opetunity to expand eve in a way that will blow every other game out of this world.

I dont want to have to play a new game ...

Why should i pay this game anymore CCP?

Please forgive the bad spelling grammer ..between my annoyance and dyslexia it ait pretty

^^^^^ This

Alex Stokes
Erben der Nacht
Posted - 2011.06.24 20:38:00 - [5740]

Edited by: Alex Stokes on 24/06/2011 20:39:05
LOL Guys, none of you will quit his account for at least only one month.
Justwrite me a msg if you would do it. I think I will get none, so plz all stfu and play on or quit the acc for one month.
Everything else (this includes the stupid jita action) just wont do it.

Ferrus Grolem
Posted - 2011.06.24 20:38:00 - [5741]

Originally by: Raster Fain
Well, i was going to say this last patch was full of promise hype and all that.... but it left me with nothing but anger and an empty feeling inside. 5 YEARS i've played this game from Red Moon to now and i've had fun, good times, bad times and now i'm left staring at a door in a station.

I ask myself is this what it was meant to lead to? So many dreams of possibilities and now it might as well be ashes in the wind......

Right onto the bits that make me rage:

1a) The CPU hog that's CQ needs taking out behind the back of the chemical shed and shooting. If you can't do it right why bother?

1b) The drag and drop ship in the screen to change ships... it's GONE!!! WHY WHY WHY?????

1c) The DOOR!! I want to opt out and here was me thinking you'd leave me something to look at... maybe a static picture of the ship i'm in from the info?.... maybe the old hanger?.... maybe even a little porthole on the wall with ship picture from fittings?.... erm no you leave me a wall and a DOOR!!! Not even a nice door at that.

2) The oh so "micro" transactions, i can get a REAL SHIRT for less than one in Eve. I mean what the ****? How is that making sense for even a "VANITY?" transaction? I once considered maybe getting something from the vanity shop before i saw hose prices. BUT IT WILL BE A COLD DAY IN HELL BEFORE I USE IT NOW!

3) That internal letter...... erm yes I wrote about that 3 times but i had so many "*" in it that i figure it best to just say "i'm very angry and not at all happy with you"

Oh and yes i cancelled all 5 of my subscriptions, they still have time on them..... The first runs out in 3 months so if you want me to extend after that you better have done some good work or else that's it no more money from me.

Krispy Dingo
The Night Crew
Posted - 2011.06.24 20:38:00 - [5742]

Originally by: Garreth Vlox
Originally by: Krispy Dingo

Have you forgotten that they are people, too, because all you see are walls of text?

I have always seen, in the past, how the EVE community is more mature than in any other MMORPG out there,

If you don't like the direction the game is taking, then it has ceased to be fun for you, and you have to wonder why you are wasting your money on it.

1) believe me us haters know they are ppl, they happen to be the ppl ruining the game, so yeah im gonna give them all the hell i can on this forum in the hopes that i make their day as miserable as mine was yesterday after i read their internal memo looking for anyway possible to squeeze another dime out of me

2) just out of curiosity have you ever actually "read" coad?

3) this seems to be what ppl are doing we'll just have to see what the damage is in a few weeks, but it doesnt look good, given the 2000+ character local riot moving between the trade hubs, them banning ppl in local isnt making them any friends either, kinda like macing a crowd all it does is **** them off.

COAD is supposed to be an in character RP board, it's expected for people to be asshats because it's not like we are very nice people in game.

This is general discussion, and while people are still hiding behind their in game characters, one would at least expect them to act like the adults the majority of them are, but instead they are whining more than my 3 year old when I tell him he isn't allowed to do something.

Paramount Commerce
Posted - 2011.06.24 20:39:00 - [5743]

I agree to all

but we got to get this thread to 200 pages before the devblog. Go Go Twisted Evil

Open Designs
Posted - 2011.06.24 20:39:00 - [5744]

Originally by: Isis Soryu
Originally by: Velicitia
Originally by: 50freefly
I personally think we should just revert back to summer 2007 eve. That includes a full rollback, meaning a deletion of all accounts created after that date.

/me looks at "born on" date...

\Very Happy/ I make the cut!
My main makes the cut but none of my alts do.

yeah, same here... freefly, can we keep our alts please?

Posted - 2011.06.24 20:39:00 - [5745]

I hope they get rid of all MTs after giving everyone a free monocle.

Posted - 2011.06.24 20:40:00 - [5746]

if 2k trial accounts can shut off jita for weeks?

Grey Stormshadow
Starwreck Industries
Posted - 2011.06.24 20:41:00 - [5747]

Originally by: CCP Manifest

CCP Zulu will be finishing and publishing his dev blog in around an hour, but less.
We will start a comment thread, as always.

Will you bring salvager also...

Please visit your user settings to re-enable images.

...because I think I'm beyond repair

Account expires in 1d 0h 2m 12s and counting
The another account expires in 0d 7h 17m 28s and counting
There is my vote - it is free - reel it in

Amber Villaneous
Posted - 2011.06.24 20:41:00 - [5748]

Looks like the Amarr node is dying, got kicked and can't get back in.

Manipulator General
Posted - 2011.06.24 20:41:00 - [5749]

Anyone firings/suicides over this ****up yet?

Posted - 2011.06.24 20:41:00 - [5750]

Originally by: 50freefly
I personally think we should just revert back to summer 2007 eve. That includes a full rollback, meaning a deletion of all accounts created after that date.

YEAH this means:


Nath Blazek
Native Freshfood
Posted - 2011.06.24 20:41:00 - [5751]

Originally by: Raven BlackSoul
Originally by: Miilla
Originally by: saltrock0000
I am writing this on my main character as i want people to know who has this opinion.

Very quickly scanned a few posts here, and a big grief people have is load on your computer, which im assuming means your all running 386's back from the feking 1990's.... BUY A NEW COMPUTER if your a gamer, and dont ask a buisness who is joining the 20th century with graphics to stay in the dark ages jsut because your a cheap ass! If the game didnt upgrade and start looking better as other games progress they would slowly loose custom and the game would die, you'd jsut have the few cheapasses left who cannot stay up to date with new games!

The price of aurum is high... is someone holding a gun to your head forcing you to buy it?! I mean cmon its decorative. GROW UP PEOPLE!

The grief about the captains quaters.... WTF is wrong with it? Its a STEP towards walking in stations. Would you enter a marathon before you could walk?!

Use common sense people Rolling Eyes

PDF ->

I run 3 toons on 2 computers, one a quad core that seems to handle the load decently but still has issues and a dual core that seems to struggle quite a bit and this is with one character running. I whiped my computers in decenber and reinstalled the operating system and have kept the registries and what not clean of crap. In reality an old 386 dx2 40 (which was the first computer i ever built back in the early 90's would not run eve. so lets not exagerate it) I love the game and I am a disabled veteran who lives on a very limited income. I don't have the real life cash to go out and buy the coolest hottest gaming computer in the land so i build what i can and upgrade when i can. In today's economy i am probably better than most which is scary. There are many who have no job and are facing dire circumstances and extreme financial struggle and this is their escape from reality and sense of sanity even if it is virtual. Now for some its easy to scream what are you whining about and for others it is all they can do to express their anger with forceful words and beat up on CCP.

The real point I am trying to get at is that the majority of the population are struggling in one way or another to keep playing a game that they really enjoy. This particular release, while sounding cool in theory had some negative affects for quite a few of the underprivelaged in society. Plex markets went through the roof for items that were too expensive an purchasable only by means of real world cash. This excluded a decent portion of people. The system tax on running the game also increased significantly for no other reason other than to walk around in a captains quarters. I miss the days already of spinning my ship around in a station and getting dizzy when i was thinking of what to do next. New turrets and affects are actually cool, but at what point did this increase the cpu load and was it really needed when there are other problems that have been around for quite a while that really needed adressing first.

A simple we messed up big time and we promise to make it right followed up by action to make it right would be good enough for me. CCP will learn from this and we will all learn from this some how as well. Keep voicing your discontent or happiness but please do so in a constructive manner that does not single out a particular group of people within our community that enjoy the game for one reason or the other yet do not have the resources to keep up with having the latest and greatest of everything so suck it up. Thanks for taking the time to read this post.

We are soul bros Raven except i run 2 on 1 kickass asus g73sw gaming laptop and my first build was a 386 sx16 i built. Evrything else you wrote i echo and mirror 100%.

Navajo commandos
Posted - 2011.06.24 20:41:00 - [5752]

jita under atack

Bam Stroker
InterSun Freelance
Posted - 2011.06.24 20:42:00 - [5753]

I'm scared and I'm frightened. I don't even profess to know 100% of what's going on. All I know is that CCP has done some s**t which probably isn't cool, tried to dodge and avoid explaining it, hoped things would blow over but has been called out by OVER 9,000 people in the community.

Despite my toon's age I have been playing Eve on and off since 2004. That's SEVEN YEARS MAN. Jesus, that's a long time.

Even not fully understanding what the hell is going on I am totally FREAKED out about CCP and the vibe I'm getting from you guys. It's like some people I've known all this time are secretly plotting to stab me in the arse when I'm not looking. I'm scared. Please stop scaring me and just do rad s**t again. You know, like you have for the last seven years. (WTF HAS HAPPENED???)

Hulkageddon Orphanage
Posted - 2011.06.24 20:42:00 - [5754]

Who is Monacle Lewinskey?

Kyra Ivanova
Posted - 2011.06.24 20:42:00 - [5755]

Stop giving us crap CCP, we want answers NOW


Inquisitor Cerberuso
Hounds of Helll
Posted - 2011.06.24 20:42:00 - [5756]

Wow, 190 pages of Daily Mail readers.

I have read this document.

Whilst I agree that even the suggestion of game-breaking balance available for the richer players is a really stupid idea, the document does in no way have a concrete plans or a developmental road map for the next few years. All I see is an internal fancy document which throw around some ideas, not only for EVE but for other games. I do not, in any way, see "LETS CHARGE AUR FOR MEGA TITANZ AND AoE DD". I do not see why you would spend $60 on a monocal, then moan. I have read the info and it does not introduce game breaking advantage. It is merely vanity.

I also don't understand why you many of you are unhappy about a document, that only provides creativity ideology and opinions. Again, I don't see anything that states "THIS IS OUR ROAD MAP. CHARGE SUB AND MICRO-TRANSATIONS FOR RMT SOV HOLDERS TO MAKE DEATHSTARS WHICH CAN AoE CLOAK AND CYNO WITH UNLIMITED JUMP RANGE FOR $500."

I do not understand why you are protesting. The way i see it, most of you are reading only what has been highlighted in EN24 and not the whole doc. Then jump on a bandwagon.

Really? I know, why don't you give me your stuff and unsub. Becos as long as you are subb'd you have already lost the protest.

Majuan Shuo
Sons Of 0din
Fatal Ascension
Posted - 2011.06.24 20:43:00 - [5757]

Edited by: Majuan Shuo on 24/06/2011 20:44:32

If the upcoming developer answer is not to your liking, my brothers in anger you should BIOMASS your character, not simply unsubscribe. Why? Well as this leak so neatly put it - they want to hook and addict us to their product: biomass puts an end to that, COLD TURKEY.

Enough is enough.

Tea Ester Elliot
Posted - 2011.06.24 20:43:00 - [5758]

Wow, the white-knights are still here talking about maturity. /o\

Forgive us that we actually have a vocal opinion about the direction of the game we've played for eight years. I know you knights might be stoic enough to simply bend over and allow services to be applied, but most of us would rather keep the game we enjoy rather than see it go without a fight.

Posted - 2011.06.24 20:43:00 - [5759]

Please add more than just vanity items to the Aur shop! The customers demand it! Add Gambling for Aur also!

Hulkageddon Orphanage
Posted - 2011.06.24 20:44:00 - [5760]

20:29:53 Info Officials have closed the stargates in Amarr due to heavy congestion. Travelers are advised to seek alternate routes.


(then RENS!)


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