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Paramount Commerce
Posted - 2011.06.23 18:16:00 - [1]

Edited by: Salpun on 23/06/2011 18:34:38

Becouse the CSM has not done so.

Here are the links to the CSM blogs published so far.

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Two step
Aperture Harmonics
Posted - 2011.06.23 20:01:00 - [2]

Actually, many of us have posted in the various threads here on eve-o as well as on FHC or kugu. We don't currently have any sort of official response, as we are still talking to each other and CCP.

Posted - 2011.06.23 20:23:00 - [3]

Edited by: Seirkanis on 23/06/2011 20:25:02
It makes me wonder if CCP is intentionally spiralling EVE into the nearest public toilet. The AUR store prices are insane, and that's been discussed to death. I understand that people consider EVE a hobby -- I do! -- and will pay a little out of proportion for things. But when you get down to it, why would I drop $70 for PLEX to buy a monacle, when I could turn it into ISK and either make more ISK or more fun? And I'm someone, as Seleene says about herself, that can more than afford to do it. That puts me probably better off than most EVE players, and I still won't fall for this crap.

It boggles my mind how CCP thought this was a good idea. We already have PLEX that are directly convertable into ISK. You can then use that ISK to buy ships or whatever else. You might as well just sell the objects in ISK, but then it would be ridiculously obvious that the prices make no sense.

So, CCP, why not do this? Make more ships and modules. Make those have to be manufactured. People will do it. And they will sell them on the market. With more variety, the volume of the market will increase. Industrialists will be in higher demand as there are now more things to produce with all their little quirks. People also have a tendency to buy things and keep them in their hangers (how many millions in ships do you have hanging around that you've forgotten about?). So this would, strangely, actually be an ISK sink of sorts.

The only thing that I can figure regarding the AUR and NEX system is that they thought that they were going to pull thousands of PLEX out of the economy, therefore increasing the ISK cost of a PLEX, and therefore increasing the number of people who convert GTCs to PLEX and sell them.

Seriously, CCP, just admit defeat, roll back this crap a few days after deployment, and raise the subscription rate $1 a month.

White Tree
Broski Federation
Tactical Narcotics Team
Posted - 2011.06.24 13:36:00 - [4]

We're concerned that CCP isn't coming to us with specifics relating to the deployment of content. For example we knew about a lot of the content that was coming with Incarna and we responded positively to it. And truthfully anyone would have given the fine, fancy and downright cool things we saw. We had positive energy and a positive feeling about the incoming products shown to us. However, we weren't told specifics about things like pricing or exactly how powerful your gaming system would need to be to run Incarna or what sort of graphics card factory settings might interact poorly with Incarna.

But with regards to 'We viewed the content positively', that positive energy we displayed has, at times, been misremembered. We were excited about things that we didn't have specific details about and CCP remembered we were excited and then tied in 'The CSM also likes this!' with their ideas and so if the idea goes down in flames we go down with it. (See: The Golden Scorpion.)

But this also sort of provides us with a sticky situation in the sense that the current CSM and CSMs in previous history were ok with the idea of cosmetic micro-transactions so long as they were just that: Cosmetic. The reason the CSM was ok with it was because the community in general expressed that they too were fine with Micro-transactions so long as they were Cosmetic and nothing else. In fact I'm now confused about what we're all supposed to be angry about specifically. Are we angry about the PRICE of the Monacle? Are we angry that CCP has added Cosmetic micro-transactions? Are we angry about the FEARLESS newsletter? Or is it all of these things.

Realistically: The current available items in the NeX do not change the way you or I play EVE. I think the Monacle is too expensive. I don't need the Monacle to be able to play EVE. The Monacle does not make me a better pilot. I do not need the Monacle therefore I am not concerned about the price of the Monacle. I'd really love to hear someone say they need the Monacle and that's why they're outraged.

Either way these are my opinions and do not necessarily reflect those of my fellow candidates :)

Orgas Mando
Posted - 2011.06.24 15:37:00 - [5]

Edited by: Orgas Mando on 24/06/2011 17:16:00
Actually somebody put up a vote (with over 1000 participants) and after the counting was done, 75% of the voters were against ANY form of MT. 20 % said vanity only, and 5% said they were ok with MT.

I think slightly corporatey:things like those step-by step-introductions are just a way to get further and further to the point of no return.From there on out, it is "grab as much cash as you can, and can get away with" It is just sad,seeing ccp going that route.

Communication is the real problem here, not the item store, nor the Monocle.We are way beyond that.And communication had been a problem ever since, but you can see their form of "Iterating on it" firsthand. They had to install the CSM, BUT they gag it with NDA, or keep silent about vital info. So, what is the point of it, if they do not know more (or can't say more) than a devblog?

As to the Parley: The request for it, must come from somebody, who actually is in a high enough position to negotiate for his/her Party.
Poor showing from CCP to throw "CCP Pann"(Or is it Pawn?) in front of the Mob,to gain some time.

A year ago we were told by CCP Shadow, there would be "NO MT in EVE!".(But probably in Dust,or WOD).Lies.

The 99$ gate was the slap in the face of the "heroes" of the community, that (mostly) provided their services free of charge,And those tools just lack the typical"unfinished and poorly implemented"look and feeel, that CCP calls "Excellence".

The :18 month: was a slap into the face of the average player, who does not play "Lagging in stations" but wanted "Lagging in space" fixed.
And to be honest, i think 500 welped "Tornados" would have more influence on the PLEX prices, than your NEX shop."just a hint".

Don't get me wrong, i would like Incarna, if it actually works without melting my hardware.And would show my characters the way i designed them.
I never asked for DUST, or WOD,But with the "doubledipping" i pay for both too.
Wait, those Drinking Buddies from Fanfest Plan to Backstab me?The "Fearless"-leak gives me exactly this feeling.

This, along with some Unpopular changes in recent patches.Amasses to a quiet substantial amount of Rage.


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