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Posted - 2011.06.23 16:28:00 - [31]

Originally by: SMACK LOCAL
I almost decided to keep at least 1 of them active and training... but whats the point? I'll just be able to buy SP in the future to catch up where I left off.

Yeah. Canceled mine last night.

Posted - 2011.06.23 16:28:00 - [32]

Cancelled both my two accounts. I've seen more accounts cancelled this sh!tstorm than during any other one we've been through since I started playing, and the forum usually only reflects a minority who bother to post and say so. During last year's summer of rage, CCP lost about 35k to 40k accounts. This year they will probably lose about two to three times that.

leth ghost
Posted - 2011.06.23 16:29:00 - [33]


Legionos McGuiros
Legio Prima Victrix
Imperius Legio Victrix
Posted - 2011.06.23 16:34:00 - [34]

Please contract all items and send all isk to Legionos McGuiros please

I will make good use of your final charitable acts to countinue killing people in WH's and provide extra material for my corp.


Capital Enrichment Services
Posted - 2011.06.23 16:36:00 - [35]

Edited by: Komen on 23/06/2011 16:40:19
I'm on the yearly subscription, re-upped in April. So I'll hang through the winter expansion, and then the buildup towards next summer.

I've had seven years of good times. Thanks for the ride CCP. I disagree with your new direction, and especially with CCP Soundwave's comments in that 'leaked' document.

PLEX was tolerable because it was created to fight isk sellers, and because it allowed players with poor real life wealth to still play the game. It still allowed rich players to gain an advantage within the game, but at least the items they bought were not solely available via RMT, and could be gained via in-game methods.

RMT items create a community split between haves and have-nots. Remember why you don't charge for expansions? Because it would split up the community and so on? Yeah, that's what you've done with this. Look at the forums - there's a large rabid anti Incarna movement, and then a few Pro- posters, defending to the end.

Good job.

Cpt Syrinx
Posted - 2011.06.23 16:38:00 - [36]

stuff, hand over

man card too

Posted - 2011.06.23 16:38:00 - [37]

Im still undecided with 2 accounts on the line. Waiting to see how this plays out, hoping CCP will get a clue. Im already gonna have to get a new PC/graphics thanks to them droping ATI support. I really hope they get it together but CCP is in bed with SOE now so it isnt looking good. Ive seen this happen before with SWG. Even through all the forum outrage when the NGE hit, it feel on deaf ears. The people at the top making the decisions dident care and the game fell anyway.

Interstellar Whine Brewery
Monocle Overlords
Posted - 2011.06.23 16:41:00 - [38]

Originally by: Herping yourDerp
Originally by: Jasdemi
Guys, if you're leaving EVE anyway, why are you still afraid posting with your mains? o.O

this is my main never made a portrait? i didnt log into incarna on my main, went with my alt and it was garbage.
i might have to make an avatar now.

Federal Navy Academy from 2010.11.22 23:10 to this day
Yeah, right. Come on. Grow balls and just stop posting with alts. Not like you have something to lose or so.

Spaja Saist
The Scope
Posted - 2011.06.23 16:45:00 - [39]

Edited by: Spaja Saist on 23/06/2011 16:45:59
Canceled. I've been playing off and on since 2003 and this is by far one of the worse expansions ever. CQ is useless. MTs are a bad sign of things to come from a company that sold it's soul.

Ravelin Eb
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2011.06.23 16:51:00 - [40]

Give me all your stuff please.

Alissa Solette
Posted - 2011.06.23 16:51:00 - [41]

3/3 cancelled.

Murev Vorchilde
End Game.
Posted - 2011.06.23 16:52:00 - [42]

Edited by: Murev Vorchilde on 23/06/2011 16:53:16
cancelled main accounts 1-2 years ago when they said no new content till after incarna but my alt has like 5 years of plex :-( so ill stay till that runs out

Sterling and Cooper
Posted - 2011.06.23 20:07:00 - [43]


Originally by: Iva Posavec
To all who cancel, can I have your stuff?

Yoo've got it Prosavek, all the 3 billions of it.

Sterling and Cooper
Posted - 2011.06.23 20:09:00 - [44]

Originally by: Atakhan

Originally by: Iva Posavec
To all who cancel, can I have your stuff?

Yoo've got it Prosavek, all the 3 billions of it.

Oops, that was not your name! Ok, made at least another one happy then.

Pioneer's of the Galantic Wars
Posted - 2011.06.23 20:12:00 - [45]

Edited by: Todd4921 on 23/06/2011 20:12:31
Some cash would be nice if anyone has any spare from cancelling.

Terianna Eri
Red Federation
RvB - RED Federation
Posted - 2011.06.23 20:13:00 - [46]

one here
my alt currently lives off of PLEX; perhaps I will sell her.

Goat Holdings
Posted - 2011.06.23 20:15:00 - [47]

Canceled my only account.

Josefine Etrange
Posted - 2011.06.23 20:17:00 - [48]

Originally by: Herping yourDerp
unfortunately, the way my family is i will not be able to cancel, i wish i could but parental fear of credit card scams mean i will probably never be able to re-sub if CCP gets their act in order.
i will be quitting though short of skill queue updates. and never recommend a CCP game to one of my friends
out of my circle of friends i was the only one who talked about eve too.

Jesus, than just get a prepaid cc oder get a bank account, get paysafe at your gas station, or just order gtcs from amazon or whatever. Grow up little one and get your head out of your ...

Atlas Arnst
Posted - 2011.06.23 20:18:00 - [49]

Send your ISK directly to me I shall keep it safe, or if you wish to have everything you once-owned destroy, I can take it to nullsec in a freighter.

Tyree Jinx
Sebiestor Tribe
Posted - 2011.06.23 20:18:00 - [50]

x. hope they get this sorted. I love EVE. 2 accounts

Trinity Corporate Services
Terran United Federation
Posted - 2011.06.23 20:19:00 - [51]

I resubbed 3 more accounts out of 12 :)j/k but I am thinking about it. All depend on CCP actions on the CQ crap.

Katrina Cortez
Posted - 2011.06.23 20:19:00 - [52]

-2 accounts

Inadeptus Mechanicus
Posted - 2011.06.23 20:19:00 - [53]

Canceled my account.

Not because of CQ, i rather like that idea actually, but because of MT and what it will turn the game into.

Immortalis Inc.
Shadow Cartel
Posted - 2011.06.23 20:20:00 - [54]

You will all be back inside of a year.


Atlas Arnst
Posted - 2011.06.23 20:21:00 - [55]

Originally by: Chandaris
You will all be back inside of a year.



But if you actually are quitting, send your stuff to me and I shall dispose of it.

Ori Empress
United Systems of the Allegiance
Important Internet Spaceship League
Posted - 2011.06.23 20:21:00 - [56]

Well since you guys are all quitting...I can haz your stuffz? Redirect your entire wallets to me please. Laughing

Ghard Eleran
Posted - 2011.06.23 20:22:00 - [57]

Cancelled?? Naw, i just bought a new copy of the game its awsome!!!!!11112

Foralai Altrus
Posted - 2011.06.23 20:25:00 - [58]

nice thing about the locks slapped on the can I has your stuff topics... it's made clear asking is considered begging and not allowed on the forums.. so guess what link next to those posts I click.

If ya got to go, take'em with ya.

Posted - 2011.06.23 20:26:00 - [59]

Cancelled 3/3 today. No, my stuff will stay with my account. Might come back if things improve. If things don't improve then my stuff and my isk will just go to waste.

Malice Redeemer
Posted - 2011.06.23 20:28:00 - [60]

Will not renew my 2 accounts until they promise both

Add Old hanger function w/button for walking in stations

no MT for non vanity items ever

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