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Korah Arnelle
Posted - 2011.06.23 11:40:00 - [1]

Dear CCP developers,

I've been a long time player of Eve since the release of the Castor expansion, but this may come to an end due to my concerns over the further introduction of micro-transaction items in Eve. My reasons for my concerns are the fact that such introductions fundamentally break the current patterns inherent to the gameplay of Eve.

First, everything in Eve can be created by players. From implants and rigs to entire ships and player-owned stations, the creation of items in Eve is as much part of the game as using them against other players in nullsec. Adding items such as the clothing lineup in the Noble Exchange breaks this pattern of gameplay. Literally, I can purchase PLEX to purchase items from the Noble Exchange to not only apply to my character's looks, but to trade with other players in ISK which in turn can be trades back for PLEX. Although, in theory such an introduction would be a minor disturbance in the economy because the items in question cannot be used to defeat/compete-with players, it still leads to an opening of the economic cycles inherent to Eve. In simple terms, you (the developers) have started what will to future imbalances in the economy which can lead to a number of persistent issues such as inflation, deflation, and speculation booms/busts.

Second, Eve's metagame will only impede any attempts to generate revenue from micro-transactions. It's clear from the 'threadnaughts' in the forums that there is a minority of players with strong feelings against even the current lineup on the Noble Exchange. This means there will be social conflicts between those who dare to purchase items from the Noble Exchange and those who refuse to purchase anything from the Noble Exchange. Initially, such conflicts may add 'flavor' to Eve, but in the long term it will mean there will be always be players who will actively ostracize those who use the Noble Exchange. And if you (CCP developers) know anything about the impacts of wide social ostracizism has on individuals and minorities, then you would realize this will lead to the underuse of the Noble Exchange.

In simple terms, you are all attempting to reshape the game into what it cannot be no matter what you all have envisioned Eve to be eight years ago. Eve is a creature altogether alien from your present intentions, and it is best foster its continued existence rather than attempting to re-engineer it for what it cannot be. Such re-engineering perverts the game. And thus, will lose you future revenue rather than gaining it.

Yours Truly,

Korah Arnelle


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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