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Milvaine Mascaras
Posted - 2011.06.23 07:46:00 - [1]

RVB Summer Championships 2011.

GUARANTEED prize pool of 600 million+ isk value.

Hey folks, in an attempt to offer something "extra" in addition to our daily pew...we are proud to announce the RVB Summer 2011 championships. This will be a T1 Frigate class; 1 vs 1 OPEN tournament with absolutely no cost to you. RVB is looking to recruit pilots interested in PEWPEW and offer this event to show our merit.

sign-ups will run from now through downtime monday (which I believe is eve time 11:00 June 28). late entries may be allowed. All you need do is join red federation or blue republic and enjoy yourself for as long as you like

FORMAT: when you sign up, tell me the 4 hour block of time (eve time) in which you are likely to be the most active. When all entries have been received I will RANDOMLY put pilots into "groups" of 3 based on the timeblock which you have selected.
During the WEEK of June 28 to Downtime (11:00) July 5 you will be responsible for finding your 2 opponents within your "group" and engaging in 1 vs 1 combat. Send me the killmail as proof of the outcomes.
If any problems should arise, such as not being able to find your opponent, or draw situations, just send me an evemail with details and we will make a decision/figure something out.
WINNERS of each "group" will be admitted to the single elimination knock-out rounds until the SUMMER champion is crowned, these fights will be held the following week july 5 to whenever completed and in conjunction with our 3 vs 3 events. Other more specific details will be posted and mailed as needed

RULES: T1 frigate hulls, NO FLEET BOOSTING, the rest is up to you. fly what you want, fit it how you like as this is an OPEN class event.
(normal rvb rules still apply.....(no midslot jammers/no podding)).

PRIZES: 1 in 8 pilots will prize will be a 30-DAY PLEX. Full prize breakdown will be made available as it becomes finalized.

any questions or to sign up, join rvb ad/or contact columbus 69 or this forum alt.


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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