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Templar Knightsbane
Posted - 2011.06.25 07:54:00 - [31]

i had 7300GT card and macpro, and found eve unplayable from 1.6.1 incursion patch, nvamind incarna,

its not gonna work with a 7300GT anymore, i upgraded for a ATI 5770 and is great now, i dont know how
i managed to play eve before sorted out all my hardware issues, and also get some RAM in there

still issues and im still CTD and stuff, so the code is buggy, but for the OP

upgrade your graphics card mate, ATI5770 mac upgrade is awesome for eve!

Posted - 2011.06.25 16:57:00 - [32]

Thanks for the tip mate. I was worried by just getting a new apple GC would just be cost and still no login. Still I am cross because i have waisted a week of eve fun, and I will have to wait a few more weeks while I get the £200 together for the card. I'm all so working on a quick fix in the mean time but im not likeing it.

But thanks again for letting me know the mac pro system can be updated and that card works

Vebelin Strengh
Alsadt Research Institute
Posted - 2011.06.25 21:07:00 - [33]

I have been tuning fine on a 2009 27" iMac w ATI Radeon HD 4850.

That said, the UI is a little wonky esp. in CQ. Also, I suffered through the initial daily patches from CCP. They are fixing things, it just takes a while and Incarna made it pretty clear that OS X support is not that high on their list.

Posted - 2011.06.26 01:06:00 - [34]

A few mac pilots are saying that (that have all ready managed to login). Ies really not looking forward to spending this £300 on mac updates for eve to be wonky:(
Thanks CCP can I pay another £70 for an eye peice for my avatar please larfs

Posted - 2011.06.26 01:42:00 - [35]

I do get the feeling this should be CCP EVE online Mac recuritment song

Posted - 2011.06.27 16:50:00 - [36]

OI OI Chaps
Right the good news is i have Incarna running now.
The bad news is not on my MACOSX side.
Basicly I boot camped one of my spare drives and put XP on it. Spent Hours sorting out drivers (something us mac owners normaly dont have to do).

So yes it does run on my mac with no Hardware changes. But unless your lucky like me to have a spare HD and a copy of XP lying around, this is no fix.
I think it goes to show the poor mac support CCP have. I will be getting the sugested ATI card and 6gb of ram. Total cost £300 because i dont want to play eve on windows.
But what do I do next time we get another update? Spend a week not playing it, trawlling though fourms, getting no support from CCP then putting my hand in my pocket to play it again?.......................Not the way I enjoy eve.

Myself I feel cheated about this hole update and how it was handled. A few of my friends have now left eve over this and the way it been handled. I also hear concord is getting it in jita and amarr space have turned on concord also in anger over this update. This is a bad state of affiars. In one update CCP has upset its fan base, Exculed a good portion of its fan base, and remained silent through the hole process. Except for championing its players can spend lots of money on cosmetic inhancements. Last week I was getting invites from friends to come fight with them in eve. Now im getting invites from friends to go and play another game with them.................
Not very smart CCP.

Josefine Etrange
Posted - 2011.06.27 22:25:00 - [37]

Edited by: Josefine Etrange on 27/06/2011 22:30:40
Originally by: Tug McLub
I have the new Mac Pro 12-core with 8 gigs ram and the HD 5870 ATI Radeon graphics Card. I can run Maya, After effects, photoshop, Finalcut Pro and a bunch of audio programs all at once with no problems at all....

I can run ONE eve client ok...TWO only at the lowest settings possible, and it doesn't work all the time... THREE, I get black screen and it freezes my comp.....

FIX YOUR **** CCP, i know its not my setup.

Well, well, maybe cider should start to use the windows drivers of your 5870, it would double the performance of your hardware. Not everything is the fault of ccp, half of the performance problems are caused by the bad graphic drivers of apple. Still a native client would make much less problems than this peace of windows emulator they are delivering right now as mac client. As far as I know parallels is doing a way better in its current incarnation than your "optimized" cider, I hope ccp are not wasting to much money on transgaming because if cpp still pays them, they are ripping ccp and us off.

Originally by: Wakkachu
OI OI Chaps

Just give up install bootcamp, keep the windows partition small like 500gb and you will be fine for gaming. If cider stays as crappy as it is I suggest trying parallels, as far as I know 3d support is in its newest version ok and eve should run with even slightly better performance than cider and way more stability (I hope it really does support sm3, have not updated my own because I use bootcamp). A reboot for eve ain´t that dramatic. Stability, quality, multi-monitor support and performance are all significant better on windows than on that crappy cider.

Posted - 2011.06.27 22:42:00 - [38]

oi oi Chaps

Well I logged in (after 3 atempts)
my first impressions-
Its very pretty
The BS's look cool in the hanger
thats it.
I think it sucks after all this trouble just to see re-runs of eve videos that I have all ready seen.
With a GUI that when you click on it opens the orignal GUI i.e I clicked on the ship icon to activate a new ship and the old ship window opens. What is the point?
Even with my high spec mac running windows (the prefered OS) its laggy
So more options to set before you can play. I understand that CCP wanna give us a more expansive EVE.
But this is a step backward not forward.
Its a shame I was really looking forward to this update. It's turned out to be a nightmare with no real gain except "oh look how big your space ship looks now"

Posted - 2011.07.06 18:49:00 - [39]

OI OI Chaps
Well I have been running incarna with windows XP SP3 on my mac pro quad core. Last night I got the last incarna patch. Guess what it crashed my machine and turned off one of my CPU's...........Sheeessshhh.

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