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Zarah Jade
Posted - 2011.06.22 14:53:00 - [1]

i have a pretty good computer. when i load into quarters its smooth as butter with all setting set to max with high AA setting etc....except i only have 2 gigs ram installed. currently its taking 2-3 minutes to load in from space.

what are some of you with 4 gigs and a decent setup loading in at?

i really like the captain quarters but like alot of other people wish it was an option with the old / quick station load in instead.

considering in a 3 hour span of playing i might enter a station 20 or so times on average...that comes to almost a full hour just staring at the loading screen.

Ris Dnalor
Fleet of Doom
Posted - 2011.06.22 14:53:00 - [2]

I'll let you know if they ever force me to load the pos.

Samamtha Hooker
Posted - 2011.06.22 14:54:00 - [3]

15 seconds to 1 minute. with 4GB RAM.

Paramount Commerce
Posted - 2011.06.22 14:54:00 - [4]

12 sec when i just did it, better then it was on sisi for sure.

Zarah Jade
Posted - 2011.06.22 14:56:00 - [5]

Edited by: Zarah Jade on 22/06/2011 14:56:31
Originally by: Salpun
12 sec when i just did it, better then it was on sisi for sure.

wow thats encouraging. i could live with CQ just fine if it loads as quick as the old station environment or close to it. definately gonna add a couple more gigs then.

Ivan Joukov
Soviet System
Posted - 2011.06.22 14:56:00 - [6]

Not more than 10 - 15 seconds on common laptop.

Keltas Mortermain
Posted - 2011.06.22 15:00:00 - [7]

around 1 to 8 seconds

Posted - 2011.06.22 15:01:00 - [8]

to long

Eternal Frontier
Posted - 2011.06.22 15:02:00 - [9]

Edited by: Roosterton on 22/06/2011 15:02:42
Some seriously shocking results in this thread. Shocked

For me it's only 3-4 seconds at most.
(That's 3-4 seconds on the "LOADING" screen, not including the progress bar which existed pre-Incarna)

Federal Navy Academy
Posted - 2011.06.22 15:02:00 - [10]

Same time as it took me before CQ. 2-5 seconds.

Sanadras Riahn
Posted - 2011.06.22 15:03:00 - [11]

Edited by: Sanadras Riahn on 22/06/2011 15:07:08
Just tried it on three different characters, both from loading off the character screen and undocking/redocking. It takes me 3 seconds to load.

Intel Core i7 920 stock
6GB of DDR3, at 2000MHZ
ATI Radeon HD 5850 (1GB)

Settings are all maxed out.

Edit- I'm an idiot and keep quoting the 5770, when that's the card we're looking at buying my wife to replace her fossil in her tower. Mine's a 5850.

Haran Tyrus
Posted - 2011.06.22 15:04:00 - [12]

about 5-10 seconds. I haven't noticed any difference from before CQ. Station loads in about 5 seconds, same as before, and then it takes a few seconds longer to load the avatar, but by then I am already able to use the menus to do other things.

Zed Jackelope
Original Sin.
Posted - 2011.06.22 15:06:00 - [13]

at least you can hit the undock button while its still loading.

Rei Nakasone
Posted - 2011.06.22 15:07:00 - [14]

2-15 seconds with 20-35 fps

Captian Conrad
Empyrean Warriors
Posted - 2011.06.22 15:09:00 - [15]

5-10secs, 1st time u load up eve/enter is going to be slow if u have memory cache option ticked Wink

Chidori kun
Starship Operating BastardZ
Posted - 2011.06.22 15:15:00 - [16]

About 7 sec till i stand on the balcony.

AMD Phenom II X4 3000
4 Gig Geil ram
AMD HD6790 1GiG
Eve plays from a SSD HD

Posted - 2011.06.22 15:20:00 - [17]

Originally by: Jashmyne
Same time as it took me before CQ. 2-5 seconds.

same here

Reeno Coleman
Posted - 2011.06.22 15:31:00 - [18]

10 seconds, which is too long.
8gb ram, ssd

Pyx Jasta
Posted - 2011.06.22 15:35:00 - [19]

Originally by: Jashmyne
Same time as it took me before CQ. 2-5 seconds.

This. It takes a little while the first couple of times and speeds up from there. I'm guessing caching (but I'm no programmer). It's as fast or faster than the old hanger view for me.

Posted - 2011.06.22 15:40:00 - [20]

Just tested it for this thread. 4 seconds.

GTX 280
Core2Duo @ 3.6Ghz
780i Motherboard
2x 1TB Western Digital Blacks (Raid 0)

@OP: If anything I'd upgrade that 2GB of RAM to 4GB. Swapping out large files when docking to load the station environment probably slowing you down. Thats my guess.

Posted - 2011.06.22 16:05:00 - [21]

5-10 sec

it still feels longer than the old way though

Posted - 2011.06.22 16:07:00 - [22]

The first time it takes longer than any time afterwards, it seems. Also I can hand in missions and stuff while the environment is loading. Bad thing is that the CQ uses twice the CPU than the rest of the game.

Posted - 2011.06.22 16:09:00 - [23]

1 to 5, with 2 or so being the most common for me

The Red Circle Inc.
Posted - 2011.06.22 16:16:00 - [24]

About 5 seconds and I have a semiold rig

Ransom and Kill
Posted - 2011.06.22 16:24:00 - [25]

1-5 for me, much nicer than pre-CQ (both docking and undocking)

Aurelius Federation
Posted - 2011.06.22 16:26:00 - [26]

After the first time I docked on a client, every other time I dock is faster than before the expansion.

I dare say the station and CQ environment load up seamlessly almost every time, within 2-3 seconds of receiving the "Accepted" notification and the fade to black transition, Shocked

Shenna Dim're
Old Spice Syndicate
Posted - 2011.06.22 16:32:00 - [27]

about 3-5 secs.

AMD Phenom II X4 955 Processor
8gb ram
ATI HD 5750 1gb Video
Windows 7 home 64bit

Not a top of the line system what-so-ever. I built it 1.5 yrs ago. I can run 2 clients on dual monitors with settings on high with no problems.

Deviana Sevidon
Butterfly Effect Alliance
Posted - 2011.06.22 16:33:00 - [28]

Five seconds, it might be a second or longer then before the Incarna patch, but hardly noticeable.

Ana Vyr
Posted - 2011.06.22 16:33:00 - [29]

Was about 6-7 seconds here.

Ike Snicklefritz
Pink Fuzzy Dice
Posted - 2011.06.22 16:38:00 - [30]

Edited by: Ike Snicklefritz on 22/06/2011 16:39:54
Undocking takes 9 seconds, and redocking and entering CQ takes 5 seconds for me.

That's with 12 gigs of RAM, a six-core processor, and a 2GB HD6950, though, so performance usually isn't a problem for me. I believe my docking time has actually slightly improved after Incarna. Go figure.

Edit: I should add that I'm playing with all my graphics settings at high and at a very high resolution, which may very well impact my times.

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