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asteroid shooter Kado
Posted - 2011.07.02 05:14:00 - [91]

This, **** that door.

Weeble Tauri
Posted - 2011.07.02 08:15:00 - [92]

I usually have enough windows open that I can't even see the door.

However, I liked the ability to double click the background to open cargo and drag a ship to the back ground to make it active (which is still a "hint" on the choose character screen)

Stormmaster Neptunius
Posted - 2011.07.22 19:23:00 - [93]

Yes, yes, yes!

I used to like spinning ships and have always had "load station environment" checked. Now with the CQ it is all very nasty.
1. I can't make a ship active by dragging and dropping in either loaded environment or static background.
2. No "open cargo" with double-click.
3. When the damn CQ is active and I press the "undock" button, I always have a feeling that I am jumping into space without a ship, something like going out naked...
4. It's hard to tell which ship is active (in CQ you have to turn/go to the hanger, in static you have to look for highlighted ship in the ship tab).

Please, either let me have the old ship spinning interface or at least make a static picture of active ship with similar functionality in the static background.

P.S. So far I consider Incarna the worst expansion I've ever seen in Eve (I started with Quantum Rise).

Posted - 2011.07.22 23:31:00 - [94]


i love you! have my babiez!

Ice Fire Warriors
Posted - 2011.07.23 01:03:00 - [95]


Old hanger view was VASTLY more functional and easier on the computer. I don't like watching my GPU go from 35-40'C to 55-60'C.

Bayesian Motion
Knights of Tomorrow
Posted - 2011.07.23 02:03:00 - [96]


CQ was interesting for about 15 seconds and then became a burden. Even if it further developed so more features are added, I would still like the option of starting in the "classic" station environment and then having the option to enter my CQ.

Posted - 2011.07.23 02:49:00 - [97]


Posted - 2011.07.23 04:52:00 - [98]

+ over 9000

move this to the assembly hall because we're going to be restless about this one Wink

Corina's Bodyguard
Posted - 2011.07.23 04:53:00 - [99]

I would love a ship spin with upgraded visuals (such as seeing our balcony from the ship perspective, though as a static mesh rather than an interactive object).

Hounds Of War
Posted - 2011.07.24 08:12:00 - [100]


Posted - 2011.07.24 08:13:00 - [101]


datra der
Posted - 2011.07.24 08:13:00 - [102]


Posted - 2011.07.24 08:14:00 - [103]


Gustav Mannfred
Die Missionrunner von heute
Posted - 2011.07.24 08:57:00 - [104]

Edited by: Gustav Mannfred on 24/07/2011 09:00:40


the only, what i do in stations are, that i swich ship, sorting cargo looking market etc...

they is just a waste of my time, to walk trought it.

But CCP can make it optional, by add a option to Station office like exit to CQ or someting else.

And i will also be happy, when CCp makes the new Turret system optional, at least of the synchron shooting. I got in sites whit lots of Npc problems, when my PC loads the shoots.

Goonswarm Federation
Posted - 2011.07.24 15:59:00 - [105]

CCP are working on bring it back but they have to do it within their new graphics engine that the use when you dock.

Until then, Deal With It.

Goonswarm Federation
Posted - 2011.07.24 16:00:00 - [106]

Oh but they just have to uncomment some code hurf blurf

It doesn't work that way.

Goonswarm Federation
Posted - 2011.07.24 16:00:00 - [107]

Oh god I literally need ship spinning or my life isn't complete.

Goonswarm Federation
Posted - 2011.07.24 16:01:00 - [108]

Spin spin spin spin spin.

This is what I pay $15/mo for.

Goonswarm Federation
Posted - 2011.07.24 16:01:00 - [109]


Posted - 2011.07.24 16:57:00 - [110]

+ 1 month worth of mission isk

Gustav Mannfred
Die Missionrunner von heute
Posted - 2011.07.25 07:18:00 - [111]

I think, it may comes back within the next bigger patch.

Callidus Dux
Posted - 2011.07.25 08:46:00 - [112]

I support this idea!
Please implement the old hangar which was usefull and functional. No one can tell me, that this will last another few month of development. The old hangar was existing. Use it as it was 1:1 without any "you will like it very much" changes.

Feedback from any CCP employee is strongly requested.

The reason to do not make Incarna optional because it should be consistent is just a dumb and easy to rumble point. Following this argument: we shouldnt be able to dock at a station before Incarna. Because it was never intent to have a hangar. It was always the goal to have walking in stations. This is crap. We had a hangar and we should have a hangar furthermore until the end of EVE.

Robert Caldera
Posted - 2011.07.25 09:34:00 - [113]

dont bring the old hangar, fix the current one so my computer wont melt down when showing it and things will be all right.

Posted - 2011.07.27 10:49:00 - [114]

what are you all going to do when you have to walk around the station to talk to you agent, or walk to the corp office to buy something with your loyalty points. or walk from your hanger over to your corp hanger, or walk to your corp office to do corp stuff, or walk to a vendor that just sold you some missiles to pick them up and wheel the crate to your hanger?

or if they remove local channel and force you to talk private channel, or in person and only people in the same room will hear you?

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