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Bill Tedd
Posted - 2011.06.22 12:57:00 - [1]

...and CCP should either be feeling incredibly smug at the moment for having successfully **** on their customers as planned, or horribly embarrassed for forcing this pile of ***** out the door in the manner that they have. The only way they could not be is if their heads are collectively in the clouds, chasing visions of what EvE should/could/will be, all the while not seeing what their game actually is.

Mac issues aside (crap performance on decent machines, botched client on expansion release *again*, sudden discontinuation of GPUs that were working just fine Monday evening, etc.), what did Incarna bring to the table that was worth roasting your user base like this for?

Was it the 1-room Capatain's Quarters (available only in duct tape and rust from what I hear)? ...look around on the forums, and not just yours but the community forums outside your own. People are turning this **** off en masse.

Was it the Noble Exchange? ...who in their right mind decided virtual items should cost that much more than their real world equivalents? If anything, the money grab here explains the whole greedy motivation on CCP's part for this expansion: Incarna is simply a vehicle for Macro Transactions.

Bringing it back to the Mac, as it were. I have zero intention of upgrading in the next year... but I likely will upgrade after next spring's MacBook Pro refresh. Until that time I can't pay you to play your game because you've decided to drop support for my card. I'm currently backing up my whole damn laptop, to reinstall/restore it from Time Machine so that Bootcamp will work, so I can install XP, to run the Windows Eve Client on the same hardware, so that I can cleanly pack away my ingame assets. After that part of Incarna is thoroughly enjoyed, my accounts are cancelled.

Will I come back? I honestly don't know. I may, if I follow through with upgrading my laptop next spring... but EvE is the only thing driving a laptop upgrade at this point, and I'm far less inclined to follow through on that if there isn't something I'm actively doing which requires it. Couple that with the absolute **** support you've shown the Mac community over the years and it is difficult to say why I should. I left SWG and never came back when SOE ruined their game; fortunately CCP didn't ruin their game with this patch, they just ruined mine.

To any 'can I have your stuff' posts which follow: No.

Ian Blackbird
Posted - 2011.06.22 13:07:00 - [2]

Totally agreed!

I think it may be honest from ccp if they just drop the Mac-Client if they don't habe the resources to code a native client, which i don't think they have, because they seem to even don't have the resources to actually TEST a cider-port before they're rolling it out...


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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