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Kaal Redrum
Posted - 2011.06.28 06:07:00 - [961]

After three continues days of crashes (and not client crash to windows, but system shutdown) - i turned it off. Lifes been fine since. Running on Alienware M17x hooked to a 28inch display.

Via Shiva
Posted - 2011.06.28 07:18:00 - [962]

after 1 day turned it off... so 1 hour of cq

Anaplian Laine
Posted - 2011.06.28 08:14:00 - [963]

had a 2 minute spin then ...turn it off

Ilene D'over
Tax Free Corporation
Posted - 2011.06.28 08:22:00 - [964]

Originally by: Hojj0
Turn it off.

Posted - 2011.06.28 08:32:00 - [965]

Originally by: Dr Zuma
Turn it off.

Posted - 2011.06.28 08:33:00 - [966]

Originally by: Dr Zuma
Turn it off.

Carmilla D'Morenta
Disciples of Night
Dominion of Darkness
Posted - 2011.06.28 08:34:00 - [967]

First thing I did with CQ was rush to the landing pad and see all my ships then spent hours bouncing around seeing all my ships for scale and even bought the ones I didn't have and then explored the rest, enjoyed the news screen and chatted with other people who also did the same and enjoyed it and then got on with playing EVELaughing

Ryea Eripmav
Posted - 2011.06.28 08:40:00 - [968]

Edited by: Ryea Eripmav on 28/06/2011 08:40:59
First thing I did, honestly, was explore:
How to move about, camera angles, what did something if I clicked on it and took screen shots as I did so. When spending a lot of time in station, I go in and have a seat on the bench in front of the displays. I watch what cycles through and sometimes find myself amused by the holographic image of my active ship on the coffee table as it rotates.

Kowaii Rabbit
Ministry of War
Posted - 2011.06.28 08:52:00 - [969]

Originally by: Wolfie276
Originally by: Dr Zuma
Turn it off.

Posted - 2011.06.28 09:11:00 - [970]

Edited by: PhantomOfAmarr on 28/06/2011 09:41:32

Turn it off

I like to be honest. I turned if off first. Then one of my other computers I forgot to turn it of and suddenly I entered to CQ. I liked the graphics. My girl toon was hot as make me want to date with her. I like character, its realistic enuf.

also I dont agree with some people complain about lightning. nice ambient light but later i noticed it changes from computer to computer. Graphic card and monitor settings too important. on one computer it was too dark other was normal. I tried 4 difrent computers.

2.8Ghz P4 with 4Gmem Gs8400 Win7 with minimal settings run very well
1.6Ghz Duo Core2 4Gmem Gs8400 WinXP run bad too lagy and and sloww
Dell Latitue D830 2.5G duo 4Gmem Vista performance not bad but loding too slow
Phenom X6 2.8G 12Gmem radeon performance was good.

I walked in room lil bit. I like design and artistic quality of the room.
Agent tool is usefull. Then I turned it Off. total 15-20mints i used it.

Im supporter of old hangar view. I want CQ as optinal. I dont think I will use CQ even it is finished and fully functional. I hate 3rd person shooters. They cause motion sickness on me.

Mentis Seorsum
Posted - 2011.06.28 09:22:00 - [971]

fired up the acts after a long break for RL issues(school + work + kids + ex-wife = long days, but I completed my schooling so)
walked around for a min, thought "It is a start"
tried to jump and 'float' to my ship... Sad
tried to ship spin SadSad
tried to dock 2nd and 3rd accts
my PC started to cry

and while not state of the art it is not exactly crap
dual core 2700+
4gigs ram(with 4 more gigs to RMA Crying or Very sad )
ATI 6770
dual 23in widescreens

went to bed, as I was already up about 20hrs when I got it installed and loaded

Turning it off when I get home in the morning

Imiarr Timshae
Funny Men In Funny Hats
Posted - 2011.06.28 09:34:00 - [972]

First time I bluescreened before I could turn it off.

Then I turned it off.

Main Malaak
Posted - 2011.06.28 12:18:00 - [973]

Walked around a bit, but my avatar looks like a zombie because of the strange lights. Then loged in my 2. acc, noticed its not playable on my machine with decent hardware (2,8ghz quad core, 4gb ram, 9800gtx).

5 mins later -->

Originally by: Dr Zuma
Turn it off.

for both accounts.

Alexandra Alt
Posted - 2011.06.28 12:22:00 - [974]

Turn it off

Joan Moldovia
Posted - 2011.06.28 12:23:00 - [975]

Well, I'm not a normal Eve player I guess, because I LIKED it. I thought it was a nice place to relax.

Posted - 2011.06.28 12:24:00 - [976]

look at my ugly jerky face, then turn off

Harry m0nk
Posted - 2011.06.28 12:25:00 - [977]

turned it off

got a door

I want to paint it black

General Paul
Atomic Heroes
The G0dfathers
Posted - 2011.06.28 12:27:00 - [978]

I left mine on =/ Did I done goof?

Seems to work well enough for me, the only thing I miss is being able to click and drag my ship from hangar to being active.

Seirei Senshi
Posted - 2011.06.28 12:37:00 - [979]

Is there an option tu turn off the space graphics to so i can only have the overview,log & icons on? Or maybe just text?

Posted - 2011.06.28 12:38:00 - [980]

Find a Lighter and can of petrol and set fire to the place, although the heat comming from my machine may have been adequate.

NQX Innovations
Posted - 2011.06.28 12:41:00 - [981]

Noticed that it looked nothing like this ... Carbon Technology, rly?

And then turned it off.

Hakaru Ishiwara
Republic Military School
Posted - 2011.06.28 12:58:00 - [982]

Checked out Incarna: CQ on one client and was underwhelmed. I turned it off and went back to interacting with mates in chat channels and voice comms while either looking at 'the door' or while in-space flying Internet Spaceships.

Why burn the power used by the graphics card and CPU to render CQ when the value derived is null? Seems like a big waste to me.

This leads me to wonder how much extra power is being collectively consumed players' computers when running CQ. CCP's "carbon" engine is literally generating more carbon in the atmosphere via power consumption(*).

(*) - assuming that a portion of the electricity consumed is generated by burning fossil fuels (oil, coal, gas).

Posted - 2011.06.28 13:02:00 - [983]

Originally by: Dr Zuma
Turn it off.

Richard Koslinsky
Posted - 2011.06.28 13:34:00 - [984]

Try to figure out how to to turn it off... You can guess the second thing I did.

Posted - 2011.06.28 14:07:00 - [985]

I left it on. I kinda like it.

(not a CPP alt).

It loads up immediately and runs fine for me, but I also have a brand new computer.

The Freighter Factory
Posted - 2011.06.28 14:46:00 - [986]

Edited by: Tekota on 28/06/2011 15:06:21
To answer the OP, looked around for a couple of minutes, turned it off.

Originally by: Hakaru Ishiwara
This leads me to wonder how much extra power is being collectively consumed players' computers when running CQ. CCP's "carbon" engine is literally generating more carbon in the atmosphere via power consumption

Excellent point. My quite modest 'puter was pulling an extra 40-60 watts running CQ.

Say 40,000 pilots online. Finger in air guess (completely) is 10% of them in station at any one time. That's 4000 people, if they're all burning an extra 40 watts - that's an extra 160MW being burnt. The Middelgrunden off-shore wind farm in Denmark is rated at 40MW.

EDIT: OOPS, nope it's not, that's an extra 160KW being burnt - still a lot but nothing like 4 wind farms worth! Confusing kilowatts and megawatts not my best start to the day.

EDIT 2: More realistic visualisation at National Semiconductor's site - 4000 devices consuming 40 watts is alleged to be equivilant to 5.5 barrels of oil per day.

Radix Salvilines
legion industries ltd
AAA Citizens
Posted - 2011.06.28 14:50:00 - [987]

turned it off

after one hour

Posted - 2011.06.28 15:02:00 - [988]

I turned it off as it tried to blow my poor comp up. I would like to see the turn off option left in and improved be returning our old hanger screen.
I miss ship spinningSad

Hups Oho
Posted - 2011.06.28 15:05:00 - [989]

I walked around and was quite dissapointed the way the ass didn't shake enough, and tittiebounce was not included either. I hope they fix these important issues soon enough.

Dok Klick
Posted - 2011.06.28 15:55:00 - [990]

Originally by: Nebula Terron
Originally by: Trsfdw 22331 Arnerette
pls pls tell me how to turn it off?

Hit ESC go to DISPLAY & GRAPHICS tab, uncheck LOAD STATION ENVIRONMENT, undock, redock.

CCP, pls add a option "Load old Station UI"
I hate 3D walking in a game.

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