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Donatien de'Sade
Red Federation
Posted - 2011.06.22 07:46:00 - [361]


it is pointless and annoying.. Sad

Posted - 2011.06.22 07:46:00 - [362]


Rubix Cubed
Posted - 2011.06.22 07:47:00 - [363]


Merkur Avar
Kotodama Corp
Posted - 2011.06.22 07:48:00 - [364]


State Protectorate
Posted - 2011.06.22 07:48:00 - [365]

X - I don't mind CQ, it runs fine on my PC but adds no value what so ever and its simply not needed. I also wonder why CCP thought people ever wanted to walk around in stations, its a spaceship game Rolling Eyes

Jules Hermaine
Posted - 2011.06.22 07:50:00 - [366]


Blue Republic
RvB - BLUE Republic
Posted - 2011.06.22 07:50:00 - [367]

Okay I x'd, but seriously why the **** CCP, did you add that stupid wallpaper instead of the regular old station environment?

Posted - 2011.06.22 07:51:00 - [368]

X ing with all of my 3 Accounts.

Posted - 2011.06.22 07:51:00 - [369]


Anyone who was ever involved in the development of Eve should be ashamed of themselves for this ridiculous waste of resources and man hours that could have been better spent fixing the game.

Do any of you actually play this game anymore?

Posted - 2011.06.22 07:52:00 - [370]

x - Useless, resource-gobbling gimickry.

Lucilla Giulia
Posted - 2011.06.22 07:52:00 - [371]

Originally by: Adamas Anax
They have to compete with WOW somehow.

really?guess u'r either jokin or trolling
1- WOW is a cartoonish fantasy MMO(RPG), EVE is (was?)a space sandbox MMO(RPG)
2- CCP wil never compete with WOW on the same ground,no matter what they do, and it's fine i don't like WOW while i love EVE
3- you can play WOW with a badly outdated machine, atm u can't do it with EVE

there r so many other reasons, stil the main is just that, if you want to increment your playerbase in a persistent world MMO(RPG), you have to drop new patches/expansions true, but you also have to make your game accesible to the wider range of machines (mac, ATI g-cards, outdated settings etc)

X- no need for the CQ at all

Xadrian Murinar
Evolution Technologies Inc.
Posted - 2011.06.22 07:55:00 - [372]

X with all 3 accounts

The Ashen Lion Syndicate
Posted - 2011.06.22 07:55:00 - [373]

Edited by: Benilopax on 22/06/2011 07:55:26
X - 2 accounts finally gave up it seems to vary on how much it wants my GPU to heat up. Way too dodgy to continue as it currently stands.

Adria Kizama
Posted - 2011.06.22 07:56:00 - [374]


Noslan Al'ma
Posted - 2011.06.22 07:56:00 - [375]

x Silly, pointless, illogical and badly coded for real-world PCs.

Posted - 2011.06.22 07:59:00 - [376]

x CCP, your reach has well exceeded your grasp yet again.

Nova Ardour
Posted - 2011.06.22 08:00:00 - [377]

Edited by: LordInvisible on 22/06/2011 08:00:47

And now i cannot see what ship i'm boarded in either. Double click to open cargohold doesnt work either anyway..


(yes, I have four accounts)

Ice Fire Warriors
Posted - 2011.06.22 08:00:00 - [378]


CQ adds no functionality to my style of gameplay... in fact... it's hinders it. I don't care what else they add... I just want a button to bring my my old hanger view.

Tehlana Riolis
Posted - 2011.06.22 08:04:00 - [379]

Edited by: Tehlana Riolis on 22/06/2011 08:06:32
When I load CQ and I move camera I get black squares on the screen and they do not move away. Move camera enough and screen is full of black squares.
Fail CCP patch is fail. Keep up the fail work towards failure.
Did I mention the hair moves horribly wrong even with the realistic option on ?

Super Batungwaa Ninja Warriors
Posted - 2011.06.22 08:04:00 - [380]


takes far too long to change ships between fights

Mana Llanos
Posted - 2011.06.22 08:05:00 - [381]

x Ridiculous resource hog and pointless to boot.

Go away and think again, CCP. Better yet, accept that the whole walking-around-in-stations idea is really only of interest to the minority who role play and focus your efforts instead on improving the core game.

Elisha Matahari
Posted - 2011.06.22 08:05:00 - [382]

X across 3 accounts

0-resource cache enabled
0-HDR Enabled
X-Depth Effects
x-Load Station Environment (turned on for this test)
LOW-Post Processing
HIGH-Shader Quality
HIGH-Texture Quality
HIGH-LOD Quality
HIGH-Shadow Quality
HIGH-Interior Effects

60 FPS in space (Interval 1)
10-20 FPS Docked (Interval 1)

GPU Memory Usage (635 MB)
GPU Usage (93-95%)
Fan Speed (100%)
GPU Temperature (65c)

0-resource cache enabled
0-HDR Enabled
0-Depth Effects
x-Load Station Environment (turned on for this test)
NONE-Post Processing
LOW-Shader Quality
LOW-Texture Quality
LOW-LOD Quality
DISABLED-Shadow Quality
LOW-Interior Effects

60 FPS in space (Interval 1)
20-40 FPS Docked (Interval 1)

GPU Memory Usage (304 MB)
GPU Usage (40-55%)
Fan Speed (100%)
GPU Temperature (50c)

Cookie Stealer
Posted - 2011.06.22 08:05:00 - [383]


@CCP I think you have forgot we are running on PCs and not ps3 spec machines that have more powerful cpus than most computers.

I think you must have been testing on ps3s and got mixed up with Dust when developing this crap. Can now barely run a single account, wheras used to run 4 pre patch. Get it sorted!!!

Terram alWathani
Ragnarok Rising
Posted - 2011.06.22 08:06:00 - [384]

X - just echoing the sentiment for the (n+1)th time. Give us old environment option, no reason for a capsuleer to disembark every time they dock, etc. etc.

It was fun for about 10 minutes, but by then I had seen everything Incarna had to offer and the ~9fps in station was getting annoying. I'll probably only activate this for times when I know I'm going to be docked for long time and chatting with friends while watching the news scroll by on the main screen.

On the plus side, my framerate in space actually seemed to get a slight boost :P

Hannibal Ord
Noir. Mercenary Group
Posted - 2011.06.22 08:08:00 - [385]

x - my computer runs CQ absolutely fine. This version that's on TQ runs faster than it did on Sisi so well done CCP on optimising it even more.

Unfortunately the removal of the hanger view was a mistake in design. If only you had asked the players what would have been the best solution and interface. You have X number of people who come up with ideas in your office and you have X multiplied by 300,000 in EVE. The thing is we all thought that that would have been the way you would do it, because it was so simple and elegant. Instead you ignored the playerbase and you didn't design the way we play the game in as a GAMER WOULD.

So I'm x'ing up because I love the CQ but I am actually disgusted with how you put it in the game.

Tallis Lindisere
Posted - 2011.06.22 08:08:00 - [386]

<x> enough said

Florestan Bronstein
24th Imperial Crusade
Posted - 2011.06.22 08:08:00 - [387]

X - if I wanted it to be useful I would have to hide/rearrange my chat windows, also my GPU fan is annoyingly loud (temp is ok)

Von Seth
Burning Napalm
Northern Coalition.
Posted - 2011.06.22 08:09:00 - [388]


Jacob Holland
Weyland-Vulcan Industries
Posted - 2011.06.22 08:10:00 - [389]


Aina O'Sinnor
Posted - 2011.06.22 08:11:00 - [390]

x on second account, x soon on first account. this is horrible.

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