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Laura Kingsley
Imperial Academy
Posted - 2011.06.23 09:33:00 - [1201]

Originally by: AnzacPaul
Originally by: Sirta en Gravonere
Srsly CCP, WTF?!

I wont pay more than 3 times of ISK for a Shirt than I would pay for a spaceship!

I just read a leaked internal Bulletin where it states: "Second, we must sell our units of
virtual currency the AUR at appropriate rates. No pair of pants, no matter how cool, should cost
the same as a new Maserati; similarly, it would be silly to buy sunglasses for my avatar and pay the
same price that I would for a faction battleship."

But you guys are doing it right now.

Didn't you hear why the monocle was so expensive???

CCP Zinfandel > The Looking Glass Ocular Implant (right/gold) is fairly expensive. It's also a machine being installed into your eye and one would not want to buy a cheap version of something to go in your face. But you can also buy them on the...

actual quote from CCP Zinfandel in the Help channel Rolling Eyes

Conforming that IRL an eye implant costs more than an Aircraft carrier.

Livini Naship
Posted - 2011.06.23 09:35:00 - [1202]

Originally by: Spacing Cowboy
With the total silence\afk cloaking of CCP guys on the forums
I kind of have the idea that the guys themself are 'fighting'

Ive met a lot at fanfest 2011, and somehow i really think this is not working or got released 'as intended'

There current meetings would be youtube worthy atm
Is another guess


Parental Control
Posted - 2011.06.23 09:36:00 - [1203]

I think the real conspiracy is this:

CCP meeting:
xxx Dev: How on earth will we convince them to pay real money for meaningless pixels in a game so competitve and goal oriented as EvE?
xxx MarketingguyX: Simple!!!!
Step1 We will set the prices at 10x the right price on release (that's what they do themselves with new ships etc anyway).
Step 2 we will slash it to 1/10 after a few days so they feel priviledged for paying 3 euros for a loltastic v-neck, rather than the 'real price' of 30 euros.
Step 3 we will add meaningfull items (i.e. Domi with 7xdrones instead of 5) and then we will price them at 100 dollars each and see how it goes....
This is why you hired me away from my job as lead designer of [generic web based or facebook game for idiots] to put you straight you little kittens..

Basically as I explained to the CEO this is a YARRRR!! game so subscribers are used to getting YARRRR!!YARRRR!!YARRRR!!YARRRR!!YARRRR!!'d, har har harrr...


Katra Novac
Posted - 2011.06.23 09:42:00 - [1204]

Edited by: Katra Novac on 23/06/2011 09:55:41
Edited by: Katra Novac on 23/06/2011 09:52:09
Originally by: Daelorn
Originally by: Ishnadriel
I mean who is gonna buy a vanity item for 12.000 Aurum - 4 plex - 45$ dollars in real life money ?

Seriously... How bad is CCP for money ? This NEX prices are ridiculous...

Yeah my first though was they it was pretty damn expensive too, but people will buy them Neutral

Don't see cloth items as a good seller yet as there's no real place to use them atm.

People buy vanity items because:

1) They want to show everyone that they have more real life money than sense.
2) The item may have a use ingame no matter how small that advantage might be.
3) Anything else I think of keeps ending up at 1 again.

Edit: There is one other reason, they want something more exclusive. If the item looks crap then not many would buy it keeping it exclusive. On the other hand if it looks good the more people buy it the less exclusive it gets. Seen that happen in other games, it sometimes gets to the point that the item becomes quite common so people stop using it. Although this also really comes back to 1 as well.

Azia Burgi
Science and Trade Institute
Posted - 2011.06.23 09:51:00 - [1205]

Didn't T'Amber quit over the CSM and the game in protest over CCPs plans for micro-transactions?

I guess we all know why now.

jk scowling
Sane Industries Inc.
Initiative Mercenaries
Posted - 2011.06.23 09:52:00 - [1206]

CCP: How about releasing some content for Incarna. It seems like the whole thing has been rushed out as a vehicle for ridiculously overpriced M(acro)T and what we have ended up with is a resource hungry cupboard with a sofa. If I was that bothered about sofa's with games I'd by a bloody console.

Millstone Industries
Posted - 2011.06.23 10:35:00 - [1207]

Turns out they can ignore the elephant in the room for a very long time. Hopefully he uses that time to relieve himself in front of them.

Posted - 2011.06.23 10:44:00 - [1208]

If you wonder how it look...

EVE Online - Looking Glass Ocular Implant

Laine Todako
Posted - 2011.06.23 10:47:00 - [1209]

I play a couple of games with micro-transactions and over the years I have probably spent a good sum of money.

That said, no way in hell am I spending any money on in game content for EVE. Prices are stupid. Just because I am the kind of person who pays for a game subscription each month does not mean I will put up with being charged an average of $15-$20 per in-game item. I would consider $4-$7 for individual items, and at that price I would actively consider buying 1 or 2 items a month.

Further to this, if there were a few awesome items at $10-$15 I would consider it, although it would have to be something really special. Why? Because heck I can get a whole months worth of playing eve for that money. A pair of pixel pants can not compare to this in terms of real $$$'s.

Perhaps there could even be 1 or 2 items over $20 or $30 - for those who wish to do it. However there should definitely be some content available for the average person, and there is not.

Also, I am dissapoint in the lack of content available to buy, but again, with prices as they are I don't care because I am not going to buy anything anyway.

There is no way in hell I am paying $60 for a mechanical eye. I read the description, it said something about how it was a common item throughout the galaxy. Seriously? Average citizens shelling out billions of isk... lolz, CCP you crazy.

CCP I am not looking for a bargain, I am an average player and I am looking to buy something without feeling like I just got financially ****d. What a waste of effort an in game shop was, CCP you should be ashamed of yourselves for being so far away from knowing what most of your players would want.

Bruce Foresight
Posted - 2011.06.23 10:53:00 - [1210]

We play internet spaceships, not Barbie, stop whining about clothing options. There are plenty of selections to customise your avatar. I would think that the prices are high to prevent everyone just going out and buying the same kit. Otherwise it would be Monocle Wearing Online. The high prices instill exclusivity. Only the richest will sport these new clothes. The rest of us will have to aspire to them...

I dont see anyone whining that Titans are too expensive.. oh wait, everyones got one already... Exclusivity, word of Incarna.

Laine Todako
Posted - 2011.06.23 11:01:00 - [1211]

Originally by: Bruce Foresight
I would think that the prices are high to prevent everyone just going out and buying the same kit.

Perhaps, but the fact remains that an in game shop is accessible to all and should therefore cater to different people. Not everyone shares the same opinion, the shop should reflect this. Currently it does not.

Exclusivity works best when it comes in terms of having select expensive items available, not from making the entire system exclusive.

Percussive Diplomacy
Posted - 2011.06.23 11:04:00 - [1212]

Originally by: Spacing Cowboy
A real question for the eve history buffs.

Was there ever a ****storm/riot this size before?

In a nutshell, no. Sure there were major forum upsets at specific play-related alterations, but never anything quite like this. Been playing since June 04' and personally cannot recall such widespread agreement between so many disparate players - of all game-play styles.

Posted - 2011.06.23 11:07:00 - [1213]

I agree with the majority and the whole thing is a ****ing joke. Plain and Simple.

But if people really wanna see CCP do something to change it. The only solution would be to cancel all subbed accounts. Once they see there sub base drop off on that kinda scale they'll soon realise they dont have long to act on it :P I've already cancelled my subs. Have you?

Xia Kairui
Lone Star Exploration
Posted - 2011.06.23 11:09:00 - [1214]

Originally by: Bruce Foresight
We play internet spaceships, not Barbie, stop whining about clothing options.

For all I care people can throw money at monocles as much as they want if it does not affect me.

However, it does:

1) PLEX prices rise

2) Monocles do not grow on trees. A team of programmers and testers and QA folks need to design and build them. Those folks are not available to fix bugs in the game. Even if they are from different departments (for instance a 3D model designer will not really be able to fix moving bookmarks, a bug I reported a while ago) at least some programming effort is taken up that could be used to improve the game for everyone, not just a few folks with too much money.

Bad Messenger
Posted - 2011.06.23 11:30:00 - [1215]

This patch brought just all ccp promised, i do not know what you were expecting but i got all i wanted.

I am looking to future and i see lot of good things that may keep EVE running years more.

CCP may do some things in the future that i do not like, but i am not judging them before they do. I am sure that CCP is keeping micro transactions on areas that do not directly affect game balance anyway.

What comes to plex prices and vanity items, i think it is better that those are so expencive that everyone are not able to buy those. How much would plex price raise if everyone could afford to buy monocle?
High prices are not best business for CCP, i bet they could have done lot of more money by selling vanity items for everyone.

World changes and I want to change with it, do You?

Angelica Hellsing
Eye of God
Intergalactic Exports Group
Posted - 2011.06.23 11:38:00 - [1216]

Edited by: Angelica Hellsing on 23/06/2011 11:50:35
Edited by: Angelica Hellsing on 23/06/2011 11:49:55
Edited by: Angelica Hellsing on 23/06/2011 11:45:32
The nex prices are a joke but just let the dumb asses buy them
at those prices its not so much look at me iam rich its more like
see me iam dumb ccp robbed me.

In 5 years of playing eve really going downhill
bugs from new patch
being jammed icon but rats died like 30min ago
strip miners have black picture to them now so you cant see what your
mining unless you check overview really smart on CCP part

oh and cpu load 60% for one client docked CQ temp cpu 58c gpu 80c rather damm high when you look at the art work and GFX in genral for CQ and its nothing special needs optimization

Stormlord Battleforce
Shadow of xXDEATHXx
Posted - 2011.06.23 11:39:00 - [1217]

This patch brought is CQ and new turrets, and they arent finished. Missile turrets anyone? other station enviroments? nobel exchange goods(LOL)

also the icons are really bad for turrets now, difficult to distinguish appart and they look really blurred on targets.

what else has this expantion given us? appart from really expensive t-shirts? and half finished/implimented CQ/turrets

Matas Kyler
Empyrean Warriors
The Obsidian Front
Posted - 2011.06.23 11:44:00 - [1218]

I think the issue is to exchange plex for aurum. If vanity items where something to by from your account management page for real money, with no way to sell them in the market, it would be possible to sell them at a resonable price.

To think that I can build my dream ship with a pair of pants... When you look at it like that it's actually funny.

Futile Rhetoric
Posted - 2011.06.23 11:52:00 - [1219]

It's mostly just insulting. "These idiots will buy anything", it says, "and we're going to profit from it." That it isn't a particularly smart move from a business standpoint is of secondary concern.

I ain't even mad, CCP, I'm just disappointed.

Spacing Cowboy
Rule of Five
Vera Cruz Alliance
Posted - 2011.06.23 11:52:00 - [1220]

... Not to mention the borked ship bonus'es and messed up
Pirat implant atributes...

Got to give it to ccp, love the turrets!
Dont mind CQ if it wasnt such a GPU murderer
Dont mind the pimp mah toon shop... Without loony pricing..

I do mind the dead silence from ccp

Morgan Polaris
Posted - 2011.06.23 12:39:00 - [1221]

*bump* no page 3 for this thread.

Chidori kun
Starship Operating BastardZ
Posted - 2011.06.23 12:42:00 - [1222]

Edited by: Chidori kun on 23/06/2011 12:43:28
Hi all,

Well the thread is getting long so I will again tell you what I think.
Of and on I been playing EvE since 2005, I have fought up north and south.
So yeah I can say I am a PVP'r.

Peeps talking barbie space dolls and other stuff fine if that is your opinion that fine with me I respect that.

But when in 2006 rumors came about walking in stations I was like yes more immersion that's great.
But it never came and it turned in a echo in the background noise.

Not long ago I returned to EvE been away on SL, WoW and so on.
Anyways I saw the new CC en was like yes finally that looks like it more not that fake cartoon like character picture we had before.
When I was catching up on my EvE reading I learned about Incarna and was even more happy, fluffy well ya know ;)

I knew it would the first step to walking in stations but hey not everything can be done at once.

Even looked at SiSi helped with the last masstest cause I was there anyways to look how the CQ would look with my own eyes.
Saw the shop played barbie doll in front of the mirror and basically liked what I saw.
Although not all the clothing was well... top notch, I have designed and seen better in SL but it was a good enough start.

So the 21th of june came stayed up late waiting to go online creditcard ready to buy a plex to convert it to AURUM (yeah I am dutch)
After patching my client plop online headed to the shop and.... well I had to rub my eyes a few time because of the prices and the lack of goods compared
to SiSi.
Basically I put back my CC in my RL wallet half laughing half crying only thinking they must have gone mad in Iceland sniffing to much volcanic ashes.
Or some idiot made a misstake...

So when't on with my stuff in EvE after that got on the forums knowing I must not be the only one thinking they gone mad.

If I gonna buy that stuff is not the point here it's the insane prices that got me here on the forums.
Cause I am concerned about the future when we finally can get out of our CQ's meet up or walk up behind a person pointing a blaster to his/her head
Saying "Hey remember me"

There is no future for immersion with clothing and trinkets with those prices..
If it stays like that then we can better clone Jango Fett again and play clone wars in EvE... well that is really boring.

Chid hops back in the her hulk

Bei XiaoJie
Posted - 2011.06.23 12:44:00 - [1223]

Originally by: Phersephone
This patch brought is CQ and new turrets, and they arent finished. Missile turrets anyone? other station enviroments? nobel exchange goods(LOL)
also the icons are really bad for turrets now, difficult to distinguish appart and they look really blurred on targets.
what else has this expantion given us? appart from really expensive t-shirts? and half finished/implimented CQ/turrets

Have to agree on the turrets. Cool, but who really zooms in that close on any to actually see them? The icons are horrendous. Please Give me back my golden orb strip miners and Magnet Tractor beam icons. The new icons look cool, but they are very hard to distinguish on a dark background which makes them poor.

The CQ looks cool, interface is nice and runs well on my machine, so .. no probs there.

Loading CQ is a pain and locks up the system for a few seconds. Docked my mining toon whilst my mission runner was in mid combat ... big mistake. System locked up, missed several valuable seconds locking targets. If it were PVP I'd be popped and podded. I don't mind the delay loading CQ but I hate that it locks out my whole machine .. no way. Keep docking slow and in teh background rather than fast and locking up other processes.

New functionality ... is there any? I have not needed anything from CQ that I could not do before. .. check that ... Agent finder is cool.

The Bling shop.. ha ha haaa ha ha. How stupid does CCP think we are? I guess it was an attempt to make a HUGE isk sink without actually needing to add anything to the game.

So, I give CCP a B+ for coolness (lost an A over the icons), but an F for functionality. (Even Agent Finder can rescue this).

Over all .. D ... Fail. (At my school, C was a pass, D Fail, F was forced summer school)

Really CCP, this is a very poor update that has added nothing to the game. It seems like an update just for the sake of having an update. A handful of new missions, some bug fixes out, some bugs in ... no new space, no new ships, no new weapons...Turn off Station loading and you would not notice any change.

Although .... I do like the part of only 1 jump bride per system ... that is going to make Null sec very interesting over the next few weeks as the Jump Bridge networks are redesigned.

Vixxen Dawn
Posted - 2011.06.23 13:40:00 - [1224]

Any news on what CCP thinks of these gripes?


Yoruichi Chan
Posted - 2011.06.23 13:49:00 - [1225]

Originally by: Vixxen Dawn
Any news on what CCP thinks of these gripes?


didn't you hear the shirping of crickets ??

Glyken Touchon
Independent Alchemists
Posted - 2011.06.23 13:57:00 - [1226]

I've no problem with the upper price limit other than it seems to price themselves out of the market they want to break into; it's just that the lower price limit seems a bit extreme.

If there was also a variety of items at different price brackets (starting at 100aur maybe), then I don't think this storm would be anywhere near the size it has grown into.

As it is, they are quickly becoming a laughing stock, and not just among current players.

make them cheaper, make them destructible.
I suspect that the issue with destroying them when podded was with the coding & portraits.
  • pod character X who has monocle
  • med clone of X awakes (old portrait & customization no longer valid)
  • X forced to re-customize before being allowed back out to continue fighting.

Opena Ka'an
Posted - 2011.06.23 14:03:00 - [1227]

(I've only read the first few posts, so my apologies if the topic has changed somewhat over the last 40 pages)

I just wanted to add to this, briefly;


These AURUM prices are totally insane. Not that I would bother to buy any of the crap on offer anyway, unless they were in the 0-100isk range. It's, quite simply, INSANITY!!
CCP - have you lst your minds?????

Posted - 2011.06.23 14:07:00 - [1228]

i suggest that from now on instead of using "billion" as a number for the isk that we use "monocle"
then we should have now : "i sell you my thanotos for 0.60 monocle, it's a bargain"

Free Trade Corp
Posted - 2011.06.23 14:19:00 - [1229]

Originally by: Numance
i suggest that from now on instead of using "billion" as a number for the isk that we use "monocle"
then we should have now : "i sell you my thanotos for 0.60 monocle, it's a bargain"

Haha, reminds me of Diablo 2 and stone of jordan's.

Posted - 2011.06.23 14:41:00 - [1230]

I just love how the cost of the monocle is justified as it being a super-expensive and super-sophisticated implant, yet it's only connected to the eye and maybe a little of the brain. On the other hand the other 10 implants inserted directly into my brain that are significantly more advanced, and more useful, cost maybe 500m tops. Rolling Eyes

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