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Posted - 2011.06.23 01:08:00 - [751]

Originally by: Ranka Mei
As I explained earlier, it was pretty clear -- to me, at least -- that CCP would never allow two concurrent 'live' variations of the same station hangar to exist. The static image is just a stopgap measure, to linger on for a while longer, until people have upgraded their hardware. Consider it a grace-period, for it will be removed eventually. They've said so repeatedly.

And don't get me wrong: I even liked the old spinning hangar. :) Having both that and CQ at the same time, though, that's just silly, immersion wise: you simply can't have 2 completely different rooms exist in the same space.

Rubbish, of course you can. You just have the old style hanger redesigned to look like the new hanger part of CQs, or vice versa. Or easier, just allow both and say the hell with perfect immersion. ****, it's not like plenty of other things don't make sense. Who's going to really care that the two hangers look a little different in the short term?

Mariusz Wisniewski
Posted - 2011.06.23 01:26:00 - [752]

Edited by: Mariusz Wisniewski on 23/06/2011 01:31:30
My views on Incarna are mixed.

I'm running the game on a laptop with a Radeon Mobility 4100, so I knew Captain's Quarters wouldn't work well for me, and no surprise, it doesn't. Fair enough, I'm not using a gaming rig.

The main complaint I have is that CCP seems to have turned their backs on people with mid to low end setups, and that's unfortunate. You need quite a good setup to run CQ on the same graphics settings as you use in space. It seems that it was a very poor decision to remove the old docking bay screen completely. I don't think that people that can't use CQ should be stuck with a static wallpaper image when the old docking bay worked just fine for them.

Also, the patch is ridiculously buggy. To the point of really being unacceptable. Either the coding is very suspect or the testing was nowhere near thorough enough. While the game is massive, so there will be more opportunity for bugs than a smaller scale game, the severity and frequency of the bugs is not good. Very poor quality control.

Now for the positive. The new turrets are a cool upgrade though again, there are a lot of bugs. Also, there seems to have been some optimization or the graphics in space. Previously I could run most settings on high except shadows, HDR, and Shaders, which were on low, and HDR off. After the update I can turn everything on max settings with my low end rig and still get about 30+ fps. I'm very happy about that.

In the end, the patch has potential, but the rampant bugs are really unacceptable. It seems a number of people have had their game flat out ruined by some of these bugs and serious resource use issues.

Hopefully some path updates are throw together quickly to make this more stable.

Things that need fixing:

1. Return of the spinning ship docking bay. Not everyone's setup can handle CQ. Throwing a bland wallpaper at these people is a cop out

2. If the old bay doesn't make a return, there needs to be a better way to access your ships cargo hold and see which ship is active in station.

3. Performance optimization of the CQ. Seems on even higher end systems to be a massive resource hog on some machines. The fact that some Crysis 2 ready systems are being brought to their knees while mid level rigs run it fine screams CODING ISSUES. If this is the future of walking in stations, CCP is limiting EVE Online to only high end systems. Bad business model.

4. Separate scalable graphics for space and CQ. I can run space on high settings, but need low settings for CQ. Many people are like this. Right now I have to choose between using CQ or having a good visual experience in space. That shouldn't be necessary. Give us the ability to separately adjust our CQ settings and space settings. It's done for character customization, why not the CQ?

Linda Shadowborn
Dark Steel Industries
Posted - 2011.06.23 01:28:00 - [753]

Seems the game is using a LOT more resources now, i cant dual box anymore where i previously could use 3 accounts no prob.

So thanks for nothing, worst patch in the history of eve. seriously, i think i am the only one i know in game that hasnt disabled CQ.. yet

Posted - 2011.06.23 01:38:00 - [754]


Movement commands take a bit of time to get use to, would be nice if you could shift the camera view around without turning your character with keyboard commands (I have only done it by using mouse and keyboard, it works but feels strange).

The news feed is great, I love that feature. I think my favorite view is from the balcony, it really adds to the sense of being in a station. New turrets I have seen look great, but I obviously haven't looked at them all yet.

Gripes (very minor) 1) Why can't the bed be interacted with? Shutting down could show us going to bed and turning off the light... 2) Where is the wet bar in my quarters? I would NOT stay in a station without one! I can't believe CCP would leave THAT out, you know you should be grabbing a beer as soon as you leave your POD. 3) Sitting on the couch is a nice touch, but WHY can't I put my feet on the Coffee Table? Sitting on my couch, feet up, beer in hand, watching the news - now that's how I envision my Captain's quarters. Razz

But seriously, if your goal was to add the immersion, you scored. Smile

Pyrrhic Corruption
Posted - 2011.06.23 01:43:00 - [755]

CCP, how long until your Macro-transaction store includes decorations for that ugly brown door. I'd like to buy some christmas lights and paint to spruce up that ugly POS lazy cop out excuse for a background. I figure that has to be why you included the god awful excuse for a station environment. Obviously, that background was a brilliant stroke of marketing to force people to buy a better station view.

Legion Reaver
Posted - 2011.06.23 02:06:00 - [756]

Edited by: Legion Reaver on 23/06/2011 02:07:09
I want a button that allows me to adjust the output sound lvl's of eve voice ...... that is all.... oh and the new background nebula's THAT is all. ugh

Rooks and Kings
Posted - 2011.06.23 02:10:00 - [757]

Yep. CPU usage goes from 10% with music and Firefox in the background to 85% with Eve running, and that's with only one client. Nice one, CCP.

Posted - 2011.06.23 02:13:00 - [758]

Quarters-9FPS with 2 online. Binned.
Noble-Overpriced rubbish. Will ignore.
Mining lasers-Can hardly see the laser beams from the hulk, and then non existent with 2 up, also sound gone completely. For the top mining ship in game it's a real shame.

Fidollah Hookar
Lookout Mountain Studios
Posted - 2011.06.23 02:23:00 - [759]

Enable Shift to run -- how am I going to get out of my pod fluid naked, get up that damned ladder, and into my quarters BEFORE the dude on the OTHER SIDE of the friggin' hangar bay sees my fine arse?

Seriously, though, unless I'm supposed to be high or doped up, I'd like the option to be in a little bit of an f'n hurry and run around my quarters.

In the meantime, and in the interest of resource management, I've turned off Captain's Quarters and am resigned to staring at the awesome door. Is that the loo, BTW, or the door to my hangar? If it's the loo -- bonus -- I needed to know where to go when I did that whole running naked and cold thing from my pod at the ass end of my quarters.


Posted - 2011.06.23 02:25:00 - [760]

I realize that the new carbon stuff will be more processor intensive, but why is it affecting the game even when I'm not in stations? starting the client takes a while now, and there is often quite a delay between being undocked, and anything, such as stations or ships actually being drawn, so all you see is a big empty space with brackets showing where stuff is, but isn't even drawn yet.

How and Why is carbon affecting this, and please fix, walking in stations isn't worth it if it becomes overly lagging.

Wokou Hareka
Posted - 2011.06.23 02:34:00 - [761]

Everything has already been said.

In this topic and everywhere else.

I am not surprised ccp did this.

I will not be surprised that ccp will continue to do this.

CCP taught me nerfing only gets better with age.

CCP are masters of nerfing.

I will still play eve only because I am crazy about space, aeronautical engineering, and other

sci-fi things.

I am not crazy about ccp.

zoltar pdp
Posted - 2011.06.23 02:47:00 - [762]

What to say, by far the worst "expansion" after 6 years playing EvE. Really sad.

Should have made this c-r-a-p optional and leave things inside station as they were before. Didn't see a single thread complaining about it for the last 3 years.

New bugs are just unbelivable, specially if there is a QA team, which is very doubtful.

To the joke QA team: let's say... after July, implement an optional client update that sends anonymous stats of who is using this new "improvement" and who isn't, then please ACT ACCORDINGLY. Thanks.

Amaldor Themodius
Psykotic Meat
Posted - 2011.06.23 02:51:00 - [763]

I have 2 issues with this patch..

1- The introduction of Aurum and the store attached is a thinly veiled money grabbing attempt by CCP. No doubt in time we will see the store offerings transtion from cosmetic goods to items designed to provide an ingame advantage. This type of dishonest and underhanded activty is pretty low, even for you guys.

2 - The station environment is unpleasant. I want my spinnning ship back the old interface was much better.. Give us the option to disable the new content and opt out. Perhaps in time the walking in stations stuff might have some merit but at present its just needless crap that does nothing to enhance gameplay.

CCP i keep hoping you will introduce an expansion that's worth having but after 3 consecutive duds.. Planetary Interaction, Sansha Incursions, and now this latest debacle i am running low on good faith. I will keep playing your game but i am not your loyal customer and when an alternative arises expect me to join the many others that rush out the door with enthusiasm.

Karl Mort
Posted - 2011.06.23 02:59:00 - [764]

Dear CCP Zymurgist,

Apparently CCP is looking to improve Eve for eye candy and micro-transactions for revenue rather than content or game dynamics improvement. Eve Incarna, although pleasing to see, does not add any additional enjoyment to my game. On the contrary, it is a nuisance to dock now. I will disable the walking around when all I need to do is change ships or check the market. If I would have been able to explore the station, interact with bar simulations and other characters, then maybe I would have left it on

Furthermore, I am having a great difficulty convincing myself not to cancel my 3 accounts. Incursion did provide new content and I was excited, but rapidly became disfavored with the rewards. Incarna offers me nothing more than a mirror on the wall to look at my character, oh and pay more money to look at shiny things on that character.

Thank you, but no thank you incarna and good luck with coming up with new content. If you do, I may not cancel my subscriptions.

Karl Mort

Damarn Price
Posted - 2011.06.23 03:10:00 - [765]

I love it all, and where it is going. But, to enter my quarters, may be best as a choice. I'd like to enter the hanger as usual, with a doorway entry to Captains' Quarters. That way, my other character, who may only get to go to quarters when my main character is not, can and will remain in hangar, to avoid bogging down my FPS's. Which happens badly now. What will this do to the war on lag. But I love it, you guys are awesome with what you are doing, you must be aliens or something, getting us all ready for some real space battles, secretly. Discreetly. Slowly. Smartly. lol. Thanks for your hard work. Can't wait to see what's next.Very Happy

Posted - 2011.06.23 03:16:00 - [766]

Edited by: XxRTEKxX on 23/06/2011 03:17:37
We need a detailed list of graphic settings for the Captain's Quarters as well as a detailed list of graphic settings for space.

If I tweak the graphics, I get better FPS in the CQ, but then when I undock, those same settings carry over. I used to run all my graphics settings at max and enjoyed a nice 60-70fps on both my running clients on 2 screens. Now with everything maxed, in space I still enjoy those fps, but in the station, I'm only getting around 30-40fps. If I had the options to reduce the shader, post processing, depth effects etc for in station only, then this would solve my fps issues in station, and I can go back to enjoying maxed out graphics in space as I have before.

Basically we need seperate settings for CQ, and for out in space.

A return of the ship spinning hangar as an option would also go along way to curving the negative feedback being shown across these forums and in game.

Posted - 2011.06.23 03:45:00 - [767]

To add real feedback as opposed to the one I gave earlier, I have many of the same complaints.

I'm not interested in pimping my toon. Pimping my ship would be much cooler, especially with one left shift to the decimal place in price.

I was given to understand that CQ would be optional. Apparently, this was a lie. I prefer a minimalist interface with little to no interference with what I wish to see. I want clean, wide open spaces to manage to my agents, my transactions, and my ships. I don't want for said operations to lag so badly, even my grandmother would complain. Just because the hardware I run is more than sufficient, doesn't mean that I want or need to have your "extras" forced on me.

Furthermore, the only bugfix that was promised and actually delivered was the jamming problem with Guristas. For that bit, Im grateful. However, I'm unhappy that other bugs were not fixed. Random jamming bars, bonuses from mods not displaying correctly in information or indeed, not actually applying to the in-game mechanics. (BCUs and the like.)

Finally, in-space performance has taken a dive, so I'm not certain that your expansion is playing cleanly with the upgrade to the new python-based engine.

Jin Labarre
Posted - 2011.06.23 03:47:00 - [768]

Captains quarters are nice, animations look good, new turrets are really cool and most of the package is taking a good direction. With one exception.

Aurum item price levels and pricing structure are just a disgrace.

It is completely pathetic how much greed radiates from the choices CCP has made with these. Not only is the stuff obscenely expensive, but the prices themselves are simply disgusting, being made not to fit at all the transfer rate between PLEX and Aurum. Having us exchange PLEX for 2500 units and then rigging the prices in a way that makes it near impossible to ever fully use what we exchanged is frivolous, especially with prices so inadequately high.

I do not object to some things being expensive, but it surprises me that you chose to sink the boat right from the get go as much as you can. Instead of giving players something to embrace and experiment with, you have proven that you either got dementedly greedy all of a sudden, or have the worst possible marketing advisers.

Rethink the prices for items, fast. If you exchange PLEX for Aurum at the 2500 rate, everything in your store should cost fractions or multiples of 2500 (250, 500, 750, 1000,...5000...10,000...) and never weird in-betweens like X200, X300 and so on. Denying us the ability to actually spend what we pay you for without adding even more to the cost is scandalous. Microsoft did it in the Zune store and everyone who understood was disgusted by it.

Maes Stryker
Posted - 2011.06.23 03:54:00 - [769]

Finally got out of my wormhole and got to test out incarna...its amazing! The scenery is incredible and really brings out a lot of what i imagine the non-flying part of eve to be like. It seems a lot of work was put into the little details which really add to the depth. I have to say though that i was most impressed with the screen. CCP really outdid themselves because this is a really impressive piece of technology providing visually appealing feeds which change the screen's functionality. Overall, I say BRAVO CCP!
Also wanted to comment on the updated turrets...this was a much appreciated overhaul on the visuals of pew pew. I approve!!

Requests in order of want priority:
1. Gallente, Amarr, Caldari CQs
2. The ability to pay aurum to re-customize your character. I think many players wouldn't mind some plastic surgery from time to time Cool
3. The new forums
4. Updated UI (as shown in a far back devblog)
5. Community station spaces

There were some issues regarding low fps and some glitches but i will post those in the issues thread.

I wanted to send a big thank you to CCP. MAny of us really appreciate the work you do and how you like to push the boundaries of modern gaming technology. Also, I'm always impressed with how you listen to your player base and put up with their often vitriolic and hateful rantings and ravings. Please don't mistake them for the voice of all of us and stop listening! Keep up the awesome work!

svarog tupan
Posted - 2011.06.23 04:05:00 - [770]

Please roll back to the older turret icons. They are difficult to see and poorly designed as icons. They are damn annoying. Now I have to stare to them and try to figure what the hell they are. Bad design, seriously !

Ranka Mei
Posted - 2011.06.23 04:07:00 - [771]

Originally by: svarog tupan
Please roll back to the older turret icons. They are difficult to see and poorly designed as icons. They are damn annoying. Now I have to stare to them and try to figure what the hell they are. Bad design, seriously !

Fully agreed! On help channel, the other day, I even asked whether they were broken or anything -- they're that awful.

Oh, and I want my mining lasers sound back, please.

Altair Mu'adh
Posted - 2011.06.23 04:23:00 - [772]

Yet again CCP fails.

I have a top of the line gaming pc. Before the patch i was able to run 5 clients just fine. Now 2 clients won't run missions without failing. I don't even wanna try pvp with this ****ty patch.

CCP, your game sucks. The only reason i keep playing is that eve attracts the best people in the gaming community.

Heinrich Dekkard
Posted - 2011.06.23 04:32:00 - [773]

Quick Feedback:

1.) Turret Graphics and Stuff are nice

2.) Blue Strip Miners with Mining Laser Sounds = Just plain awful

3.) Rest of the Update is only Graphical Fluff with no Substance (though i like the Mission Fixes and some other smaller things from the Patch Notes.)

All in all 75% of this new Features are just a waste of PC Ressources that add no new Gameplay Mechanics.

Good thing is that i can turn off that 3D Environment.

Please use all the Money we are throwing at you for something sensible next time.


That whole Aurum and Mini / Makro / whatever Transactions crap really puts me off by the way....

An Eye For An Eye
Posted - 2011.06.23 04:49:00 - [774]

This is a backwards step for eve- its a spaceship game, its why people play it.

A better time of development resources would have been to re-skin all the other ships up to the T3 standard would have made a greater impact to the game then incarna has, ccp has been on about WIS for ages and what you deliver which only appeals to a minority of players is useless should have held it back and delivered it all in one go- which should be optional for players.

The game is spent in space not in station- new station graphics would have been a better improvement along with the countless list of things that need fixing in the game- if all WIS is ment to be part of the link up with Dust 514 as shown in you're future vision of eve video is a waste of development.

Each expansion recently has been a step away in the wrong direction- their are other better mmo's out there which are better then eve at current.

Posted - 2011.06.23 05:13:00 - [775]

They nerfed my stripminers beams, now it looks like ladar system measuring distance to asteroid. I want my old asteroid ripping effects back. Ho ever came up this change should be shot (ingame) untill they realise their wrong ways and redeem themselfs.

Karia Sur
Posted - 2011.06.23 05:31:00 - [776]

Actually posted this in the wrong thread last night - excessive overheating/resource use, FPS of under 5 with everything turned down = 2 accounts cancelled.

Erefin Kalantar
Posted - 2011.06.23 05:37:00 - [777]

Been something of an MMORPG grognard for over 15 years now. You can go a long way with some simple stuff beyond eyecandy and not turning EVE into Second Life (lord forbid) or WoW ... Incarna's ok, a good start I suppose though does have a lot of annoyances yet:

. Fixed camera vertical offset while sitting is annoying.
. No zoom while sitting is irritating; can't zoom so the bigscreen is larger w/o burying my head in the wall and standing.
. Zoom-horizontal offset effect while standing should be adjustable. I should be able to look closely at my own AV and my choice of surroundings (eyecandy and for screenshots).
. Character walks "down" an invisible ramp on the 'customization' side of the couch.
. " ...has taken sovereignty from Corp X. in YYY.." Corp. ? Stray period?
. It's 2011; why can't we sit anywhere one wishes instead of only on a hot-button-seat (floor, bed-edge, etc). Annoying.
. Losing out-space fps for interior eyecandy is annoying, though I admit my computer is getting a bit long in the tooth now (AMD FX62, 4Gb, 8800GT, Win7u64). I hope there'll be more optimizations.
. Having to go into high-rez char customizer just to change a clothing item is annoying. '(re)customization' should be for body feature changes (perhaps costing something), with a simplified, faster, lower detail 'vanity' for changing clothes.
. Can't take off shoes in one's own quarters. How homey.
. All females apparently wear heels.


. Big screen is nice; would be good to have selectable vid channels or filters; displays a lot of stuff I don't care about. Even more interesting to stream avi to it as well.
. Character height isn't adjustable as far as I can tell, and looks taller than the "bed" is long.
. Emotes & animations. Star Wars Galaxies had a nice set.
. Spatialized chat.
. Variety in sit idle anims.
. Moveable furniture. Furnishing options. Desk. Chairs. Looks more like a lounge than living space.


Akemi Mai Yamada
Posted - 2011.06.23 05:53:00 - [778]

Edited by: Akemi Mai Yamada on 23/06/2011 05:58:26
CQ is killing my CPU. Uses three times more performance than Crysis and Dead Space Confused Also movement is really Clunky. Add "Strafe". The cq-Menus arent intuitive to use :/ Fells also clunky. I had to turn it off, mainly because of its clunkyness.

Donna Blitzenn
Wreckage Reclamation Enforcement Consortium
Gentlemen's Interstellar Nightclub
Posted - 2011.06.23 06:02:00 - [779]

Edited by: Donna Blitzenn on 23/06/2011 06:05:18
Originally by: Legion Reaver
Edited by: Legion Reaver on 23/06/2011 02:07:09
I want a button that allows me to adjust the output sound lvl's of eve voice ...... that is all....

Yeah, seriously. Why is there a mic input slider but no output slider? ALL VoIP applications that I have ever used have an output volume control. Except EVE Voice.

And speaking of sound volume - while you were messing with turrets, why didn't you fix the ALWAYS 100% volume and broken, staticky sound playback on certain large pulse lasers? If you're going to make turrets completely inaudible as soon as you zoom out a little bit, at least make ALL of them inaudible instead of leaving it broken for... how many expansions now? Same goes for strip miners. Stop leaving a job half-done, please. And why doesn't the "Quieter Turret Sounds" checkbox actually CHANGE anything when checked/unchecked? Rolling Eyes

Jefferson H Clay
Posted - 2011.06.23 06:05:00 - [780]

Alright, feedback & comments.

Well, the CQ looks interesting however none of my characters actually look like the ones I'd designed. In the character editor the skin & such all has the uncanny valley about it (which I quite like). In the CQ it looks cartoonish no matter what settings I fiddle with. I've also noticed some of my female characters proportions have changed.

Walking is slow, I also can not find the run key. I've tried shift, double tapping W and such but nothing works.

Turrets look... reasonable. Again, even with the settings on high (but no HDR, post processing or AA) they don't seem to match the ship they're on. Also some of the animations are, frankly, pathetic. 800mm autocannons (most AC's from what I've seen) do little more than rotate their barrels. They do this constantly, not during a firing cycle.

Turret icons are way to dark and ill defined when activated against something. A salvager is a black blob, space is black, you can see the problem.

Turret placement. This has changed but the underlying models have not. This results in things looking silly; well sillier than normal at any rate.

Sound. I've no idea if it's the drones or the guns but the level of noise comming out of my headphones is frankly obsurd. Also, again, 800mm's are no showing firing effects similar to a smaller autocannon (dakka dakka dakka if you will) but playing the old 800mm sound of a single thud. Odd. Conversley even with everything turned up to max the intro music is very quiet (this may be an issue with my machine I admit).

Which sums up Incarna 1.0 I think: Odd. Very Odd.

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